The Golden Web – Hidden Knowledge Of The Elite Language (Video Series)

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Introduction by: Mary C. Giacobbe (TLB)


When one studies civilization, to seek out the origin of our ancestry and perhaps different cultures, there is so much symbolism all around us. We pass by it daily, going back and forth, only to realize how ancient it really is, how connected it is as well. We live in a world with so many cultures spinning along, weaving the web of commerce, tradition, and with the technology of the internet, we are becoming more and more aware of the very secretive societies that have held on tightly to ceremony, shaping the lives of humanity. I must say the rituals of the past,and present have led us into more darkness and deception, than one could even try to keep up with. Many of us, born into tradition, slowly broke away, knowing something was off balance, running the rat race, taking three strides forward, only to end up two steps back.


Around the world, through hardship and inquiry, we have come to know more about these tribes, kings, queens, and spiritual practices. I found this series of videos enlightening, for language is also very interwoven. If you are interested in shadow governments, and how the elite have managed to use the masses for their gain, throughout thousands of years, you will be fascinated by the fact that our everyday lingo has so much to do with the distribution of wealth, worldwide. A good example of how the elite view the population, is very telling, and it it time to hold them to proper language. I am sure almost everyone has filled out an obligatory form at one point or another, to declare whether one is male or female. Well, it is time to start editing, for humans are masculine and feminine. Animals are male and female. Certainly the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence refer to us as people, so I am not sure to whom they think this republic belongs to. I hope Americans never forget this either, and rally to save it!


I had the luck to have been introduced to Latin, and other languages through one of my hobbies, classical vocalization, which made it a tad bit easier to read a few lines from Black’s Law Dictionary. It is most important, and we must take it upon ourselves to read between the lines more carefully. In fact, the distribution of this wealth, may have been very different today, if the oppression of these people through various technique, and writings, had not been such a blatant deception. Knowledge is power indeed. They continue to rely on ignorance to inflict tyranny. Keep up the research, each individual out there has the duty to bring something to the table. It is high time we start censoring them! MCG


Part 1: HIdden Knowledge of this Re-Ality

Part 2: From the Phoenix, to the breath, to the fountain of youth and tree of life.

Part 3:   From where we are in this galaxy, to the enormous implications of commerce, to the remedy of awareness, and much more.

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