“The Great Reset Is What Globalists Want… But The Great Reject Is What They’ll Get”

“The Great Reset Is What Globalists Want… But The Great Reject Is What They’ll Get”

By Greg Hunter | USAWatchdog.com

Economic analyst and financial writer David Morgan went against the majority of financial gurus and predicted at the end of 2022 that there was no way the Fed was going to cut interest rates.

He said on USAWatchdiog.com in December, “Cut Interest Rates & Dollar is Done, Toast, It’s Over.”  Fed Head Jay Powell said this past week the Fed was raising interest rates at least two more times to “fight inflation.”  This was a direct hit by Morgan.  Morgan sees a coming currency crisis and a war crisis.  Morgan explains,“Yes, we have both a currency crisis and a war crisis.  “

“Let’s start with the currency crisis.  My favorite phrase for what is going on is ‘All fiat currency fails.’  We have never seen a time in all of recorded history that an unbacked currency does not go basically and effectively to zero.  When you say that ‘All fiat fails,’ there is a subgroup that says, yeah, but not the U.S. dollar. . . .I don’t know how many people have given me pushback on that statement from all over the world. . . . When I say fail, I don’t mean it goes to absolute zero.  What it means is a currency fails and a new system is implemented. . . . History is on my side

The precursor to this is what takes place.  Substitution.  What is substitution?  Crypto currency and gold and silver, of course. . . . and things like people going off grid. 

All of these are indicators of how to mitigate the end of the U.S. dollar or the end of the currency crisis.  We have this all over the place. . . . Sooner or later, there will be a run for the exits.  Where are the exits?  Crypto currencies, gold and silver, barter clubs or the BRICS currency.

Morgan contends you just cannot run into an alternative to the U.S. dollar because there are going to be supply disruptions for everything.  You might not be able to get what you need no matter how much money you have.  So, be prepared in every way you can.

Morgan also says,

The Great Reset is what the bankers want, but the Great Reject…will come from many who will not want to go down that way. 

That’s what is going to be the most interesting because anyone who is awake, and there are more people waking up all the time, they will understand that you cannot go from one fiat phony currency, lie-based system into another one that is digital only.”

On the war crisis, the dark powers running the world want war.  Why?  Morgan says,

“It covers up all the things that are wrong, and it also takes them off the hook.  It was the war.  The war did it.  All wars are bankers’ wars, and they are on both sides.  They make money regardless

The main things are profit, but it also is mitigating their responsibilities.  They can get most people to think that it was the war that caused all this poverty, and, of course, the war will do that…

They don’t have a real conflict with Ukraine and Russia.  They just need a way out, and it is the most profitable way out.  They are going to default on all this debt, and this is how they are going to do it.

There is much more in the 40-minute interview.

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