The “Great Resist” in Italy: Against NATO, the EU and Vaccine Pass

ER Editor: An Italian journalist we can’t recommend highly enough, Cesare Sacchetti, believes Italy, above all EU countries, has been the biggest European target by the NWO (remember how Italy seemed to get special attention for Covid after China?) for civilizational and cultural reasons. He believes that it will be from Italy where the biggest pushback against globalist forces (including of course the European Union structure itself) comes from.

This short video on some of the military capacity that Italy houses, AGAINST ITS WILL AND CONSTITUTION, is interesting:


The “Great Resist” in Italy: towards a common anti-passport, EU and NATO platform


TRIBUNE – “We want Italy to fight for Italy.” Whether in music, mathematics, architecture, physics or even and especially in poetics, the majority of the achievements of what is called “European” civilization derive from discoveries made in Italy, since the 12th or 13th century.

Since 1945, Italy has been sovereign in name only.

This country of artists and scientific geniuses, de facto occupied by the United States, is now a mere militarized platform of NATO, a model of what Europe is supposed to become.

Fearful since the assassination of the statesman Enrico Mattei (1904-1962), who had concluded gigantic agreements with the oil-producing countries, including the USSR, followed by the years of lead and accompanied by the murmur of the Gladio networks (ER: stay-behind, extreme right paramilitary networks under the control of Kissinger, formed after WWII to fight communism in Europe, which killed many Italians including prominent ones such as PM Aldo Mori in 1978. Their attacks on citizens, such as the Bologna train station bombing, were ‘false flag’ attacks because they were intended to blame the far-left of the day even though the left were not the perpetrators. As with the Covid scam, they were intended to make Italians fearful and look to the authority of the government. See the BBC documentary.), the average Italian citizen refrains from even dreaming of contesting these American bases. Because Italy is a country “where it is easy to die of accidents”.

Now, with the conflict in Ukraine, the security threat posed by Italy to its neighbors, with its American bases containing nuclear weapons, is coming to light. This is not a figment of the imagination or of some radical opinion, but a proven fact. Once decried as “ideological”, Manlio Dinlucci’s analyses are proven. (ER: also find him here on this site, and here on the Global Research site.)

Italy, reserve and therefore target of atomic weapons

At the end of April, Lazio Councillor Davide Barillari published on his website an inflammatory text by other authors: “Enough of the lies! Italy must leave NATO”. If Mr. Barillari is known as the white wolf for his opposition to the vaccine pass and experimental injections, he is also one of Italy’s outspoken opponents of NATO and the US military presence in Italy.

The press release, although it is marred by a few errors, nevertheless presents elements in the public domain to which the average citizen prefers to prudently turn a blind eye: in addition to the admitted NATO bases, there are 20 secret bases, for a total (the number being in constant flux, it is impossible to know the exact number) of 13,000 American soldiers. And these bases are extraterritorial, which is of paramount importance. No Italian knows what is going on there.

The U.S. Navy has a huge airfield in Sicily, in Sigonella, from which, among other things, the drones that prowl the Ukrainian-Russian border take off, as well as the Triton and Reaper drones. At Camp Darby, near Pisa, a bomb and weapons depot, 125 bunkers; at Gaeta, the flagship and command of the US 6th Fleet; at Ghedi, near Brescia, an atomic weapons depot; at Aviano, the largest US air base in the Mediterranean, a nuclear warhead depot; In Vicenza, where more than 90% of the population voted against the doubling of the American base, there is the American command for southern Europe, with thousands of soldiers; in Naples, the NATO Allied Joint Force Command, the command of the American Navy’s “Security Force”, the American submarine base, the air force command for the Mediterranean; in Mondragone, near Caserta, the anti-atomic underground for the American and NATO command.

According to the same press release, a total of 70 nuclear warheads are stored on Italian soil.

The list could go on for dozens of pages without ever being updated, as new American weapons, buildings and units are constantly arriving and leaving in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Let’s go back to Camp Darby. This American base near Pisa is the object of a gigantic investment plan that is supposed to devour part of the Rossore National Park, with the felling of 1,000 trees, but above all, it is supposed to allow a multi-lane connection to the Port of Livorno. The project, apparently financed by the U.S. Department of Defense, is giving rise to rallies on May 14 and 15, under the acronym “The Economic Causes of War: Neoliberalism”, organized by the “No Camp Darby” committee. Among the topics: the fate of Julien Assange and “war journalism”, as well as “The militarization of the territory – cause and consequence of war”, with the economist Matteo Bortolon.

While its workers are among the lowest paid on the continent, Italy has recently increased its military budget from 25 to 38 billion euros annually.

In addition, the consumer association CODACONS has filed an appeal with the Lazio Administrative Court for abuse of power, which will be argued on May 25. According to Carlo Rienzi, president of CODACONS, the decree-law N°14-2022, by which the Italian government supplies arms to Ukraine, disregards articles 11 and 78 of the Italian Constitution.

CODACONS challenges not only the mechanism by which Italy is sending arms to Ukraine, but also the fact that the government has imposed secrecy on the categories of arms involved, presumably obscuring the fact that they may be offensive and not defensive weapons. Italy “is therefore in a state of war that has not been formally declared, in violation of Article 78 of the Constitution. This aid,” says CODACONS, “is not marginal, but decisive. Italy has thus exposed itself to all the consequences for what can be the retaliation from the Russian armies.”

Article 11 of the Constitution states, among other things, that “Italy repudiates war as a means of resolving international disputes”, while the law requires that any warlike operation be debated by Parliament. On his blog, Carlo Rienzi points out that the Italian taxpayer (and consumer), who has often been hostile to any Italian participation in the conflict, is financing these weapons, explosives and ammunition through taxes, without having been consulted.

Hidden shipments of arms to Pisa

Already in mid-March, workers at the Galilei airport in Pisa revolted when they discovered that the boxes they were loading at Cargo Village near the civilian airport, supposed to contain medical and humanitarian supplies, were in fact filled with arms and ammunition destined for Ukraine, via the American/NATO bases in Poland. Pointing out that the Ukrainians responsible for receiving the military cargo would be killed in the Russian bombing, the Italian handlers refused to handle the loads and demanded that air traffic controllers block the flights. This led to a demonstration in mid-March outside the airport.

The most accurate analyses of the danger of extinction posed by the American presence in Italy have come from the pens of very “left” strategists, such as Manlio Dinucci. This does not detract from their scientific accuracy, nor does it discredit the message that is now agitating the Italian Parliament. It has even seemed to reach the strange Atlanticist and Council President Mario Draghi.

Now, to everyone’s surprise, at the very moment when the Financial Times announced that “Italy has finally decided to play hardball with Russia”, Mario Draghi declared, at the end of his meeting with Joe Biden on May 10 in Washington:

“At the beginning of the war, some people said that Italy should play a role, to which I replied: it is not useful to seek a role. We must seek peace. It doesn’t matter who the parties involved are, what is needed is a peace initiative, not a partisan initiative.”

ER: Draghi also gave a very weird response over EU energy companies paying in rubles for gas, basically saying that it doesn’t break sanctions (eh?) and that many countries are doing it. See European Sanctions Blown To Bits: Draghi Says “Most Gas Importers” Have Opened Ruble Accounts With Gazprom.

The “Great Resist” in Italy: towards a common platform against the pass, the EU and NATO

Should we look for this apparent turning point in the declarations of Pope Francis, or rather in the meeting between the opponents of the pass and the Italian “Gaullist” movement?

On May 1, a congress was held in Padua that will perhaps be seen as historic in scope. It brought together all the opposition movements: Ancora Italia, Alternativa, Federazione Terza Repubblica, Italexit, Liberiamo l’Italia, Movimento 3V and Riconquistare l’Italia, to discuss a common platform. The event was covered by the new Byoblu news channel, which like several Italian channels run by mostly non-professional journalists (Cento Giorni da Leoni, Lugocomune by Massimo Mazzuco, Visione tv), is self-financed and now broadcasts several times a day.

“In the name of Peace, Work and Freedom, we want Italy to fight for Italy,” said a young woman who attended the Congress. A word of the end… or of a new beginning?



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