The Hidden History of How the U S Was Used to Create Israel

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Friends…[posted below is] possibly one of the most IMPORTANT presentations you will hear.

I do not like the term antisemitic… I know I bash Apartheid Israel…however I do know some good Jews and have met  many.  But, I am increasingly becoming angry at the racial supremacist, ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

So I am sorry if I offend some but I do not care any more. This is absolutely intolerable…it is time for more good Jews to condemn the Apartheid state of Israel and everyone else must also speak out.  If I get called antisemitic, so what, I do not care about racial supremacists.

Here is a truly inspiring and stirring presentation from Alison Weir.  Please take the time to LISTEN. The TIME is NOW to make a difference, BE the CHANGE you want to SEE and share this presentation and wake people up.  Lift the veil of mass deception.  PEACE4 ALL

About Max Bliss:

Max Bliss is a long time anti-geoengineering activist, but he is foremost at activist for humanity.  He recognizes the dangers we face in environmental issues as well as the dangers faced from the Tyranny of the Power Elite and the Military Industrial complex.

See Max Bliss here testifying before the EPA in Washington D.C.

Listen as Max Bliss joins Radio show host Richard Sacks, along with Patrick Roddie and Russ Tanner as they discuss what  happened at the Paris Climate Conference.

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