By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Because of the global COVID-19 P(l)andemic … are we looking at the endgame of over a century of elitist preparation for total subjugation and control over humanity? Have you ever seen humanity is such a pathetic and chaotic state? Why is America so slow in waking up to this tyranny, while other countries are moving beyond this travesty as you read this?

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Why are so many Americans unattached from these issues and problems we face with a, “I can’t be bothered” or “It doesn’t effect me” or “If I don’t do what they are, this wont happen to me” attitude, or what is these days labeled sheeple? To this question I have a very clear and defined answer …

What results do you expect when you:

  • Start out by assaulting their tiny (fetal) bodies (pregnant women getting vaccines) with brain destroying heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum, at levels known to be very harmful and/or toxic to full grown adults, never-mind a fetus or a newborn. And continue the assault for a lifetime of doubling as a pin cushion with many vaccines including the hyper-rushed COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Raise them on genetically modified food (GMO) containing ‘many’ toxic (cancerous) substances (glyphosate, preservatives and flavoring such as aspartame), never tested for long term affects on humans (or this info is just not available to JQ Public).

  • Encourage them (with blatant lies) from birth to bathe, cook and consume water that is purposefully contaminated with the ‘known’ neurotoxic and cancerous fluoride (proven to be unsafe at any level).

  • Spend a lifetime breathing air burdened with toxic metals (mainly neurotoxic aluminum) as a result of atmospheric spraying (chem-trails/geoengineering) that our own government wont even admit is taking place (are we blind). Yet Monsanto applies for seed patents to grow GMO crops in aluminum saturated soil (does not exist naturally … ???).

  • Teach them through their most formative years (Common Core) in pathetic liberal institutions designed to create good followers … NOT leaders. Destroy just about any positive perception of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Then send them to Universities run by Socialists and Marxist professors with a top down mentality.

  • Now top it off by deliberately numbing what ever intellect survives this massive life altering assault with a constant bombardment of pathetic drivel called entertainment provided and programed by the bought and paid for Lame Stream Media. So-called entertainment saturated with the message relax, stay calm, trust us, don’t get upset because all is as it should be (or just the opposite if needed).

What you get is what you intended to create in the first place, mindless, apathetic, complacent, SHEEPLE! And the COVID-19 Scamdemic is the perfect mechanism to bring this tyranny global …

But WHY Dumb us Down ???

Because an intelligent, knowledgeable and free thinking population is almost impossible to control or subjugate!

The above has been a lesson on Sheeple 101, No test will follow, they probably couldn’t pass it anyway!

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  1. Bingo again Roger! We saw it coming and I am just glad that we at least warned and continue to warn people of who the enemy really is . America needs to stop fighting each other and fight the enemy destroying all of us . Hence the riots, FFs , etc. oh Textbook color revolution our deep state does so well, I am afraid is here now . At least we know the playbook ! Great interview !

  2. Not only dumbing down, also LGBTPQize our children and military (by Obama). Having TV shows which glorify serial killers, criminals, illegal drug making and shipping, …. even commercials are pushing this stuff.

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