The Jesuits (NWO) and the new Inquisition



A great little video about the Jesuits and their Pope Francis. Some good interviews, one especially with Mathew Fox former Dominican Theologian and author of the book The Pope’s War. The video exposes Pope Francis role in the Argentine dirty war including how he turned two of his own order (the Jesuits) over to be tortured. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that these people are the power behind the NWO. The Inquisition is here, for Terrorists just substitute the word Heretics and you will begin to understand what is really going on. This insidious organization has been after world domination for centuries and now they believe it is in the palm of their hands. Their arrogance will lead to their downfall.

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Update 6-23-2015  Pope Francis Says You’re NOT Christian if You Support Gun Manufactures



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  1. This article even hits home with Sandy Hook! The St. Rose of Lima church/school had a major role in the hoax. Their principal’s face, albeit much younger, was used for Dawn Hochsprung! The kids and parents that were videotaped walking down the street came from St. Rose, most of whom were not interviewed and not stopped or didn’t want to be interviewed. Some of the kids were borrowed from other families at St. Rose or the Synagogue the lying Pozner family attended. St. Rose even received huge cash donations, of which the father that was the face of St. Rose at the time (acting like a hero) said at a conference that he couldn’t say who donated the money! HELLO!?! If they are a 501c3, they better well say where it came from! What man of god would say that? It’s a joke, when you look at all of the interviews this so-called “Father” has given on the events that day! Just this past year, he now claims that the police asked him to come into the crime scene and bless the dead! Seriously? They wouldn’t let in a single EMT, but they let this guy with a stiff collar come in and bless the jews, the baptists, etc. at the largest mass killing event of young babies in our nation’s history? Who cares about gathering and preserving evidence! Who cares about saving lives and attempt to help one of the babies, because they need to preserve them to get cold and stiff on a hard concrete floor for Dr. Carver pickup the next day! This is just as insane of a story as the Waco Biker Shooting! Go listen to the 13 minute Waco Police press conference, and your jaw should drop to the floor! The cop admits they KNEW! The cop Admits that at least 2 or 3 police agencies were there BEFORE any bikers arrived! The cop admits a SWAT team was there before the bikers arrived, and that police were staged like military snipers to pick off bikers that may get rowdy! HUH!?! This isn’t Iraq~ it’s God Dammn America! Police didn’t think about warning the patrons, or should I say “CIVILIANS” as the Waco police stated! Another military style reference to this whole waco event! The bikers were criminal and ex-military, but the cops knew all of the innnocent were “CIVILIANS”! Whoa! Why would a cop refer to innocent by-stander as Civilians, but the bikers aren’t!?! That’s just odd! Then, you go on to look at the evidence! The security camera CCTV footage is not coming out to help the cops prove their case, yet there are 2 nearby restaraunts and multiple stores and POLICE car dash cams that were all there and could backup the police version of events! Just a few days ago, a couple articles were released saying Twin Peaks was nearly empty and the CCTV inside shows police running inside with AR-(whatever) and a guy with blood (likely fake blood) running in seconds prior and nobody inside with a clue what just happened! Why that doesn’t sound like a fight that started inside and went outside! That sounds like a fight that police staged all to make it look like bikers are dangerous and should be watched (like the ATF, feds, and police haven’t embedded undercover agents in every rough biker group that ever was). The Waco story looked staged, just like Sandy Hoax. There was never a photo of the dead bodies up close, and only with a blurry distant picture can you see what appears to be a dummy laying on the ground and a couple real guys that are pretending to be dead because dead people can’t hold their knee bent and up in the air! Hopefully TLB looks into the Waco event! The Conservative Treehouse website has some GREAT news on it!

  2. You’re absolutely correct about the Jesuits as the innermost circle of the NWO. And they alligned with apostate Jewish banking houses, to finance their projects, and with the Illuminati and Freemasons all in the mid-1500s. Those then expanded to include many other “fron” groups, eventually, to include the Bilderbergers (Club of Rome), CFR, UN, Trilateral Commission, and many others around the globe. The only personcloser to the heart of that is Satan himself. And according to Catholic prophecies, Francis is to be the last Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Interestingly enough, Islam is expecting the return of their 12th Imam (Mahdi), and the Jews believe the last Jubilee is also on us in the foreseeable future, while we Christians see the truly imminent return of Jesus, all converging right now. No coincidences here;God has His timetable and the rest have no choice but to fit into it!

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