The Kavanaugh setup becomes clear

The Kavanaugh setup becomes clear

By Patricia McCarthy

With each passing day and with each bit of information that seeps out about Christine Blasey Ford, it is clearer and clearer that what the Democrats have done to Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been a setup from the outset.

Most of us are relatively naïve, ready to believe what our news outlets put forth.  We have open minds and were ready and willing to listen to Ford’s testimony and consider for ourselves if it was believable.  It was not.  Her testimony was obviously scripted, practiced, massaged, and fabricated out of whole cloth.

Ford may have seemed like a victim, not of Kavanaugh, but perhaps of her Democrat operatives.  Over the past days, however, what is nearer to the truth is that she was and is part of a faction of anti-Trump activists bent upon destroying Kavanaugh in order to deny Trump another nominee to the Supreme Court.

They have badly misjudged the wisdom and sentiment of the American people.  These Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are so deluded by their belief in their own intellectual superiority that they felt comfortable publicly, derisively attacking a man with a reputation finer than any of those who sat in judgment.  This was like Salieri sitting in judgment over the music of Mozart – preposterous.

At first, those of us paying attention were anxious to hear Ford’s story.  The bits of news that preceded her appearance before the Judiciary Committee were titillating.  Was it possible that this man, Brett Kavanaugh, with a thirty-years-plus record of impeccable judicial service to his country, had a dark side?  Then we heard Blasey Ford “testify.”  How anyone who listened to her practiced, phony childish act could believe that this was not calculated is a mystery.  She was obviously scripted, coached, and performing.

Perhaps she did not expect to have to appear before the committee.  She and her handlers may have assumed that the taint of her accusation would bring about his withdrawal from the nomination or that Trump would withdraw it.  Guess they have not been paying attention to how Trump operates or who Kavanaugh is.  They guessed wrong.

Given the numerous falsehoods of the FBI and DOJ we now are aware of – the “two front doors” lie, the fear of flying lie, the claustrophobia lie, her polygraph lies – what seems credible now is that this was a manufactured, orchestrated setup at the outset.  They used Mark Judge’s book as a template and contrived a tall tale.

Trump nominated Kavanaugh, and the left shifted into overdrive; he would be defeated by any means necessary.  Schumer said as much twenty minutes after Trump announced his nomination.  From that moment on, they would dig down deep into the reservoir of radicals willing to go to the mattresses.  Schumer likely began the plan with Feinstein.  They knew that Katz and Bromwich would come aboard.  Blasey Ford most likely volunteered her services.  Ford’s lifetime friend, retired FBI agent Monica McLean, may have been on board to help write that ridiculous letter that ended up in Feinstein’s hands.  Schooled, allegedly, in psychology, hypnosis, and all the attending versions of mind manipulation, Ford probably felt confident she could pull off the charade; she would use her baby voice to appear fragile and vulnerable.  But she did not pull it off.  There is a mighty chorus of Americans who pay attention to these issues and events.  They were not fooled.

The “narrative” of her alleged groping was vague enough to provoke doubt but wholly without corroboration.  That the persons involved in this farce thought she would be convincing without a shred of evidence is comical.  They really do think all of us outside their bubble of leftist groupthink are imbeciles.  They actually thought we would all fall for Ford’s absurd performance.  Sure, the dupes on the left loved every moment of it.  They don’t need evidence or witnesses.  They believe survivors.  Survivors of what?  Nothing.

Ford now looks like a liar and a fraud.  There is most likely a real journalist out there right now who will dig deep and write the book about this travesty a few radical leftists perpetrated on all of us.  It was all a lie.

These people feel so entitled to force their agenda upon all of us that they have lost all moral sense.  They will lie, cheat, and steal to win in the end.  That is exactly what they did.  They lied, cheated, and stole Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation, his life’s work, his love of teaching and coaching girls’ basketball.  They did it without a moment’s thought for what it meant to him or to those of us out here in this great nation.

What we saw at that hearing Thursday last week was an abomination.  It was Kafkaesque, the shameful, purposeful attempted destruction of a fine man without a kernel of evidence.  And they knew what they were doing.  Our left today is monstrous.  Leftists learned well from the Clintons’ politics of personal destruction.  It has always worked before; why not now?  Not now because of Trump.  He fights back.  And Kavanaugh stands tall.


Feinstein is a menace, as are Schumer, Blumenthal, Harris, Booker, Whitehouse, and Klobuchar.  They need to be voted out of office; they do not seem to have this nation’s best interests at heart.  That should be clear to everyone by now.  It is but for those hordes of paid-by-Soros protesters [that were] haranguing Republicans to vote against Kavanaugh.

If there were ever in the last forty-one years, since they kept Robert Bork off the Court, a man who should be confirmed as a justice, it is this man, Kavanaugh.  Anyone the left is this viscerally frightened of belongs on the Court.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are indeed at a crossroads. [..] Conservative mortals, join the mighty chorus. [..]vote Republican on November 6.


(TLB) published this article from American Thinker.

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[TLB made minor editorial changes near and at the end of this article to make it timely. It was written before the confirmation vote.]


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