The Largest Dairy Farm Animal Abuse Reported in History, tied to Coca Cola & Fair Oaks Farms

In the life and times of this 21st century, Americans have had more light shed upon some of the most disturbing issues of our time involving the ramifications of a political, social, and economic nature.

What’s happened to humanity; has violence, greed and lack of moral decency replaced all that we hold sacred? Has man become so corrupted that he has to prey upon innocent and defenseless animals?

Recently, there’s been a disturbing report by (ARM) Animal Recovery Mission which includes a three month investigation conducted at the historical landmark of the Fair Oaks Dairy Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana, one of the largest dairies in the U.S. and produces dairy products for the Fairlife milk brand produced, marketed and distributed by the Coca Cola Corporation.

This has to be the largest undercover dairy investigation in history and a recent groundbreaking video proves evidence of the abuses committed by drug induced migrant workers against these dairy calves and cows at Fair Oaks Farms and they are not only disturbing and cruel yet widespread and systemic.


According to the Founder of (ARM) Animal Recovery Mission, Richard “Kudo” Couto, states ” The only way to fix the animal abuse problem at Fair Oaks Farm is to shut it down.”

Between February and April of 2019, an (ARM) embedded Investigator who was hired as an employee by Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana to milk cows on a rotary system noted that on a daily basis, he witnessed employees kicking, punching, slapping, slamming, throwing, pushing calves, some were stabbed and beaten with steel rebars and broomsticks, they were also hit in the mouth and face with hard plastic bottles, stepped on, kneed in the spine, subjected to extreme temperatures, burned in the face with hot branding irons, neglected by improper nutrition and denied medical attention and it that’s not enough, when cows in the milking line did not cooperate, these monster employees would bend and break the cows tail bones as punishment.

Mother cows who had their baby calves ripped away from them lost their voices as they desperately and intensely cried out for them for hours and merciless pain and suffering was inflicted upon these calves, causing permanent injury or death from these bully employees who tortured and brutalized these creatures on a daily basis.

The investigator also reported that newborn calves, immediately separated from their mother and just hours after birth, were violently thrown into small sheds where they would be alone in temperatures falling below minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ARM Investigator also witnessed calves dying from extreme freezing conditions with upper management’s knowledge. During this period hundreds of newborn calves died of starvation, dehydration, and hypothermia.

There were cows with infected eyes, broken bleeding tails, infected udders and afterbirth placentas hanging out from their bodies were seen being forced on the rotary system.

The investigator did not witness any of the cows at this Fair Oaks Farms Fairlife dairy receiving medical attention, but did witness multiple downer cows and many cows falling while on the rotary system from poor health, untreated injuries, inability to walk and overall weakness.

It’s important to note the entire milking carousel has surveillance cameras and actions are video recorded and overseen by management. Yet management did not step in to stop the abuse suffered by the dairy cows.

The training supervisor instructed that workers make sure they take the back roads when they had dead cows in transport so farm visitors would not see them. These animals were thrusted and discarded into piles on the farm property.

Investigators confirmed that male calves from Fair Oaks Farms are in fact transported to veal farms (Midwest Veal and Calf Start), despite the corporation’s claims that it does not send its male calves to veal farms. These male calves were kept in crates with no room to move. Fair Oaks male dairy calves are housed in hundreds of these types of locations through the United States.

Discovered by following the male calf transport because the investigator did not trust or believe anyone or anything that was said to him at Fair Oaks Farm as he noticed one egregious act after another. According to ARM Founder, Richard “Kudo” Couto, “Fair Oaks Farms has been deceiving the public, and the correlation between the dairy industry intersects the veal industry via Operation Fair Oaks Farms.”

Yet over and over again the Fair Oaks Farms and the Fairlife Corporation have stated multiple times in writing “Fair Oaks Farms again…we do not sell our bull calves to the veal market. Richard Williams is correct. This is a calf nursery that you see in person on the bus tour of the dairy. Our doors are open!

In addition, the ARM investigator captured footage of drug use and illegal marijuana cultivation by Fair Oaks employees and supervisors. Drugs were very apparent and widespread, with a matter of fact attitude by workers and supervisors.

Marijuana was grown on the farm property. and when asked about the Marijuana plants growing over there by the embedded investigator to the immigrant supervisor, the supervisor replied, “Yeah.. it’s good.”

Animal Recovery Mission calls on the Coca-Cola Corporation, which claims to have a progressive stance on animal welfare, to end their relationship with Fairlife Corporation and cut their ties with the veal industry.

This company employs about 700, and they say they were not aware of any abuses until recently. My question to them would be, how do they not know about the dead calves and cows are they not numbered and tagged? Fact remains, they’ve been brutally branded.

Furthermore, how does a company claim they have no knowledge of their employees using drugs on work property as there are Managers to manage?

“The calf abuse is by far the worst baby abuse we’ve seen…anywhere in the world,” ARM founder Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto said. “Nothing is worse than Fair Oaks Farms.”

Some 30,000 cows live (and die) at Fair Oaks, a facility the size of 56,000 football fields. Most live inside 10 airplane-hangar-sized barns, and are milked three times a day, every day of the year. Fair Oaks supplies milk to Fairlife, which is owned, marketed, and distributed by the Coca-Cola company.

ARM is calling on Coca-Cola to end its relationship with Fairlife Corporation. The world is watching and will not support or condone the mistreatment of innocent animals.

Concerned consumers are out in masses protesting in front of Coca Cola and the Fairlife Corporation, while phone calls and emails are constantly flooding their channels, be sure, the collective consciousness is on the rise.

These vile and unethical acts performed by all the employees towards these animals is a reflection upon the business owners of Fair Oaks Farms, Fairlife Corporation and Cocoa Cola. Not only do we witness the heartbreaking and brutal treatment by mostly migrant men as well as the blatant disregard of drug abuse, I question the moral and ethics of these companies and wonder how and why they would allow their employees to commit such criminal acts and get away with it.

Truly these people need to be held accountable.

Investigators need your support to continue to expose the abusive and criminal activities hidden in the dairy industry.

Story update: 1 arrested in Fair Oaks Farms animal abuse case; Fairlife, farm owners hit with lawsuit as activists release new video

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