The Left’s Blackmail of Biden Unleashed Chaos, Stagflation & Uncertainty

The Left’s Blackmailing of Biden has Unleashed National Chaos, Stagflation and Systemic Uncertainty

By: Steve McCann

There have been forty-six presidents of the United States. Among them have been the grossly incompetent (James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson), the unabashed racists (Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson), the scandal-ridden (Warren Harding, Richard Nixon) and a duplicitous Marxist ideologue (Barack Obama). But none has been as susceptible and acquiescent to political blackmail as has Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

It has often been speculated just what would happen to this nation if a truly compromised president who calculatingly succumbed to extortion from both domestic and foreign interests was elected. The USA is presently experiencing that never expected and devastating eventuality.

In the spring/early summer of 2020, it appeared that once again Bernie Sanders would seize the Democrat party nomination for president. Panic among the ruling elites set in as they rightly feared that Donald Trump would easily defeat the radical left-wing Bernie Sanders regardless of the unconstitutional voting changes they imposed in various swing states.

There was no other candidate to turn to except Joe Biden whom they knew was perhaps the most corrupt and compromised politician of his generation. Nonetheless, the nation be damned as nothing was more important than defeating Trump. Thus, a malleable Joe Biden served the purpose of someone they could endlessly promote as a so-called “moderate”.

They were aware that the litany of allegations swirling around Joe Biden and his family and his long history of fabrications and corruption made him susceptible to political blackmail. Yet, in their profound arrogance in believing they could control the American Marxists, they chose him anyway.

The majority of the ruling elites would not classify themselves as “very liberal” or “left-wing”. Nonetheless, they flung open the door for the Marxists to set the agenda by making certain an egregiously compromised Joe Biden was fraudulently elected president, and they allowed the same radical left to choose the vapid, easily manipulated and credulous Kamala Harris as vice-president.

Biden and those around him knew that the radical left, while helpful, wasn’t needed to win the pandemic-transformed 2020 election as the media could cover for Biden. However, his 48 years of grossly unethical and potentially illegal behavior and the Marxist century-old penchant for using political blackmail would determine his fate and that of the country during his presidency.

Less than seven percent of American voters identify as being “very liberal”. Yet, thanks to the unbridled use of political blackmail, and by employing their dominance and control of social media as a cudgel to either intimidate or extort, the Marxists have set the agenda and are in de facto control not only of the Democrat party but the legacy media, the education and entertainment establishments, and the universities. In 2021 they achieved a major milestone: absolute dominion over Joe Biden and the Office of President of the United States.

In July of 2020 Biden signed on to a unity platform with Bernie Sanders that would seal his fate. He could never deviate from it and he would have to agree to any and all further demands for fear of being not only exposed but abandoned by the American Marxists, which would end his life-long narcissistic ambition to be another Franklin Roosevelt. Among the commitments made and kept in the unity platform:

  • The repeal, by executive order, of all of Trump’s border policies including the stoppage of the wall construction, the elimination of the “Remain in Mexico” policy, a moratorium of deportations, and an immigration reform package that includes amnesty and a path to citizenship. In essence an open and uncontrolled border to allow millions to pour in illegally and enter the electorate.

  • The elimination of fossil fuels by 2030. Using executive orders: to stop the construction of new pipelines, to curtail leases on public lands, to force financial institutions to stop investing in fossil fuel companies and to promote limitless government investment in so-called “renewable energy” and impractical electric vehicles.

  • Unlimited spending on new and existing social programs, which included housing, infrastructure, welfare, as well as the left-wing’s wish list of funding for left-wing non-government organizations and unions, the nationalization of K thru 12 education, the elimination of charter schools and private school vouchers, and higher taxes on business and the nebulously defined wealthy.

Once these commitments were made and Biden elected, the left’s radical cultural and societal agenda was presented to Biden as a fait accompli. As he did with keeping the commitments in the unity platform, Biden has dutifully promoted the censorship of speech, unlimited abortion rights, universal gun control and the entirety of the LGBTQIA+ agenda.

Additionally, he backed proposed legislation to set-up a national voting regime that would eliminate the role of the individual states in holding elections. He eagerly signed legislation demanded by the left resulting in over $3 trillion dollars in new spending, thus greatly exacerbating inflation. And he instructed the Justice Department to unethically prosecute political adversaries and denigrate as well as threaten the Supreme Court.The venality on the part of Joe Biden has placed the United States in the position of being extorted by those nations who have long utilized blackmail against domestic and foreign opponents and who, not coincidentally, bribed his son, family and ultimately him.

The devastating and dangerous state of America’s foreign policy, the dependence on unfriendly countries for oil, the unabashed obeisance to Iran, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the exponentially increasing belligerence by China raises the question: to what degree has Biden’s acquiescence to being blackmailed precipitated these actions? The answer: virtually all of it.

Joe Biden is a man without character or any core beliefs as at some point in his political career he has taken the opposite position on virtually every policy he is currently pursing. He will continue to unabashedly push the American Marxist agenda regardless of the long-term damage to the country.

As long as he does so, all the stories about his and his family’s duplicitous behavior will continue to be suppressed and investigations muted. Thus, he will never reverse course as long as he is allowed to remain in the White House.

The mad scramble by the legacy and social media to obfuscate and hide the egregious contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop for nearly two years, while continuously downplaying Joe Biden’s obvious mental incapacity and personal failings, confirms not only their complicity but the reality of the radical left’s ongoing political blackmail.

As long the American Marxists are in de facto control of Congress, the Justice Department and have a death grip on corporate and social media, they can continue their transformation of America and the charade of propping up their ventriloquist dummy. They are also secure in the knowledge that there is another ventriloquist dummy, Kamala Harris, waiting in the wings who will also never stray from their reservation, thus thwarting any attempt by the ruling establishment to replace Biden.

The ruling elites, in particular the “journalists” as well the corporate hierarchy at the legacy and social media conglomerates, are responsible for not only unleashing the American Marxists to implement their political blackmail but the subsequent societal, economic, cultural and international turmoil this nation is presently experiencing.

Americans need never wonder again what would happen with a chief executive egregiously susceptible and willingly acquiescent to political blackmail. Biden has done virtually everything he has been told to do, and in the process created national chaos, stagflation and systemic uncertainty. The threat of unleashing the wolves (i.e., the legacy and social media) against the most unprincipled and corrupt political figure in American history has succeeded far beyond what the American Marxists could ever achieve through the American political process.


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