The Mom’s Revolution Will Not Be Televised – But It Is Kicking Booty

09.01.15 Womens revolution

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By TLB Media Director: Leslie Carol Botha
Exclusive to The Liberty Beacon

Zen Honeycutt, mom, activist, writer, public speaker, mother of three boys and founder of Moms Across America is leading the Mom’s Revolution. For generations, women have had their bodies, poked, prodded, medicalized; have had our organs taken out, surgery on our vaginas – for whose pleasure…? We’ve had to endure the “It’s all in your head – take two Valium and go home, honey” syndrome. We have suffered… and we have fought for every human right inherited by man. We have endured sexism, abuse in the form of gendercide, infanticide, and eldercide.

But damage our children and you will see the beast come out in the most passive of women. Such is Zen’s story – like so many other women. They were homemakers, pursued careers or jobs to supplement the family’s income. Shuttled kids to and from school. Shopped, cleaned and led satisfying lives. That is until their kid’s became sick – and not getting medical answers that made sense, these mothers took research into their own hands.

Zen was one of these Mom’s – and there are so many more – we have seen them rallying in California over the summer to protest legislation that can and did eliminate vaccine exemptions in the state. They will be going to Atlanta in August. They stand on street corners with signs – telling people that “no shots – no school – not true.” They are holding garage sales to fund their efforts and the costs they are incurring by printing flyers, writing articles – in other words they are starting the Mom’s Revolution.

Women-led uprisings

This is not the first revolution started by women – and it will not be the last. Women-led uprisings are mass protests that are initiated, organized and successfully implemented by women seeking justice for their families. The revolutions ranged from village food riots to the protests that initiated the Russian revolution. It was one of these uprisings that gave women the right to vote in the U.S. less than 100 years ago.

In just three years, Zen has organized an uprising called Moms Across America, with over 400 leaders and organized over 600 events in its first two years. One of Zen’s boys, suffered from life-threatening allergies; another son had autism. Then Zen found out about GMOs and changed her family’s diet and lifestyle to help her sons to avoid them. And lo-and behold, her sons with allergies and autism symptoms got better when they eliminated GMOs and pesticides from their diet and began eating organic foods.

09.01.15 Zen Honeycutt

My radio interview with Zen on August, 26 was explosive… two warrior mothers venting their rage and indignation at the corporations who are poisoning our children. Listen to the interview at the bottom of this article. Much of what is written below is excerpted from the interview.

Everybody loves somebody in America who is sick –
1 in 2 children and 1 in 3 adults are suffering from chronic illness. ~ Zen Honeycutt

According to Zen, we are consuming larger amounts of chemicals than ever before. Not just in our foods, but our environment, clothes and furniture with fire retardant, plastic toys, new homes fuming with chemicals from flooring, curtains, bedding, in addition used to the chemicals used to construct the home. We all love the smell of a new car – but what we are really smelling are toxic chemicals.

Add to that vaccines and drugs and the combination overwhelms our children’s developing immune system.

Zen firmly believes that glyphosate is harmful to all life on this planet. The studies on the safety and efficacy of this chemical cocktail have once again been conducted by the very companies invested in the profit.

Now more and more independent studies are coming out showing the link between infertility and sterility to GMO’s. And we cannot forget the 57.7 million people, according to Zen that suffer from mental illness.

We have to get away from saying “what is wrong with me?” and change the conversation to “what the hell have I been exposed to this time?” as we look to the skies, to the water we drink, to the foods we eat, the exhaust from factories and cars; playgrounds laden with bio-sludge, our household solvents and Febreeze air fresheners and medicine chests filled with chemical cocktails. All of that my friend, plus the body burden that is in your genes is what ails you.

Zen has done her research on glyphosate. She states it is a chelator – it holds on to or makes unavailable vital nutrient in any living thing it touches. “Applying glyphosate is like giving a plant AIDS,” states Zen; “it weakens the immune system.”

When this happens to a child – who is already immune-compromised due to epigenetics and their inability to absorb vital micronutrients is making them more susceptible to cancer.

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Poisoning of America

Sadly, this insidious chemical time bomb of death and destruction has been found in breast milk. Zen organized a small study of lactating women and all of them tested positive for glyphosate. She marched right into the EPA – after being told she would never make it through the front door – showed her results to the sheeple in charge – and now, reluctantly, because they can no longer avoid the poisoned Pandora’s Box the EPA is doing their own study. The results will be out this fall and the revolution will be in full force. No one has the right to poison our children.

The Dark Act

Legislation introduced in 2014 by Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) would block any federal or state action to require labeling of foods made with genetically engineered ingredients.

Pompeo’s bill – christened the “Deny Americans the Right-to-Know” or DARK act by critics prevents states from adopting labeling laws that have gained widespread support over the last two years. The proposal would also prevent states from making it illegal for food companies to label products that contain GE ingredients as “natural,” as Connecticut has already done. And who does that harm the most? American consumers unaware that their foods contain the very toxins that are making them ill.

Zen is urging everyone to take a moment to write or fax or email or Tweet their representatives to demand that we have the right to know what is on our foods.

Being sick is not the new normal, yet it is the pizza, soda, cereal, and confections that we attribute to family holidays and celebrations that are causing us to become chronically ill.

Craving the Foods that are making you Ill?

Zen’s research has also shown that glyphosate is an antibiotic and destroys gut bacteria – while promoting the proliferation of unknown pathogens known as ‘bad bacteria.’ News of their presence in the body reaches the brain which turns on a switch to signal an attack – creating glutamate which is an excite-toxin – attacking brain neurons and becomes a neurotoxin. Zen attributes tics, stammering, and erratic and aggressive behaviors to this cascade of events.

Meanwhile back in the gut, with the good bacteria out of the way, the “bad” bacteria need fuel to keep proliferating and they signal the brain to crave the very food – the pizza, ice cream, wheat, soda that is slowing eroding our neurological health first, and then our physical health.

In other words, the antibacterial actions of the glyphosate kills off Tryptophan (an amino acid) in the gut – which makes serotonin which regulates insulin affecting diabetes, sleep patterns, depression and bipolar disorder. If you do not have enough serotonin (neurotransmitter) your appetite will never be satiated and you will keep craving, and craving foods – eventually overeating and gaining a significant amount of weight. Yes, obesity is an epidemic –due to the chemicals we are ingesting.

Doctors who are working in poor sections of cities across America are sharing data that 90& of these children are obese, autistic, have allergies and are diabetic. We are all paying dearly for this epidemic in America. How will our healthcare system and our economy hold up?

There is a revolution to save our children and our planet. It is being led by “Moms Across America” and it will not be thwarted, waylaid our stopped until our children’s lives are protected and our planet becomes an environmental haven once again.

If you believe in the mother’s of America – hell if you believe in the women of the world, then it is your time to step up to the plate. We are warriors standing before Goliath. Listen to Zen’s plea for funding.  Take her up on it. Let the moms across America save our country from demise.


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