The Monsanto tipping point has been reached: We shall overcome global food injustice (GMO)

monsanto_scarecrowMonsanto is now in full retreat against a global grassroots rejection of its poisons and lies. The company is backpedaling on every front now, even admitting defeat in Europe and now trying to focus its last, desperate efforts on the United States and Brazil.

But even in the Americas, Monsanto is losing on every front: GMO labeling legislation is cropping up in over a dozen states, the global March Against Monsanto demonstrated global grassroots unity against GMOs, and even the so-called “science” behind the “safety” GMOs is revealed as utter hogwash now that GMOs have escaped Monsanto’s experimental wheat fields and contaminated commercial wheat crops in America.

Japan has halted U.S. wheat imports and South Korea joined in as well. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company has announced it is going 100% GMO-free, and massive boycotts are under way against brands that tried to block the GMO labeling ballot measure in California (Prop 37).

We’ve reached the tipping point against Monsanto Jeffrey Smith of has always talked about a “tipping point” being reached on GMOs, after which the flood of consumer awareness and demand would force food manufacturers and retailers to begin the process of ditching GMOs. I believe that tipping point has now been reached. In fact, I believe the March Against Monsanto was the final push over the fulcrum of the tipping point, and I am ecstatic that so many people all around the world marched in the streets to protest global food injustice while the wholly-discredited mainstream media sat back and pretended the march never even took place!

In one fell sweep, the tipping point against Monsanto was triggered and the whole world realized the mainstream media has zero credibility. I’ll call that a victory any day!

Next steps: Commands from headquarters?

If you’re waiting for “commands from headquarters” to figure out what’s next in the war for food justice and farming justice — the war against Monsanto and GMOs — you don’t really understand this movement. The beauty of everything that’s happening today is that there IS no headquarters!

Activists against Monsanto are simply making this up as we go along. There is no “leader.” There is no secret strategy meeting. There are no talking points. There is no overarching set of milestones being discussed. There is no one person that makes all this happen.

The anti-GMO movement is all just large numbers of courageous individuals waking up and doing what needs to be done, whether that’s organizing a march, posting videos online, boycotting food brands that use GMOs, or holding home viewing parties of DVDs that educate people on the truth about GMOs.

This is the movement’s strength. This is why nobody can be intimidated, sued or shut down by Monsanto. Behind every activist there are a thousand more carrying the torch for food justice. The anti-GMO grassroots movement absolutely will not stop until GMOs are banned from the global food supply, and that bold statement is just as true in Venezuela and Portugal as the United States. Everywhere that people eat food and grow food, everyone who is informed supports the idea of outlawing GMOs entirely.

This goal will be achieved. I can see it now with clarity. The grassroots energy behind this movement is unstoppable. And while everyone in the grassroots anti-GMO movement may come from slightly different viewpoints on other social, political and economic issues, they all agree that GMOs have no place in the food supply, period!

As I recently said in my speech at the March Against Monsanto in Austin:

The fact that you are here, in all your beautiful diversity… is proof that they cannot divide us! They can only unite us with their insanity!

If you are part of the effort to stop Monsanto and outlaw GMOs, you are winning. You are making a measurable, effective difference in the world, and the positive shockwaves of your efforts will be felt for generations to come.

Keep up the good work. :-)

By: Mike Adams


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5 Comments on The Monsanto tipping point has been reached: We shall overcome global food injustice (GMO)

  1. Both are inextricably linked, surprised anyone, would divide the focus. Of course organic pest repellent or naturally repellent plants, which discourage insects, can be planted.

  2. Trying to enter Africa, with UK, don’t be deceived, GMO comes back to markets, stock markets, when heat is off. What are ten year moratoriums about?, only futures priced into the GMO market, hazarding a guess on this but might be correct.

  3. While this may be true, what about Roundup and all the other chemicals used on our food supply? They’re just as damaging as GMOs. We should be promoting pro-organic rather than protesting GMOs, in my opinion.

  4. I would not claim victory yet. This company is evil to the core and has spent a lifetime building it’s network of connections. We need to further shake them up to get them dislodged from the teet of the government.

  5. This is great news. As the ousting of Monsteranto proceeds, we must all remember that “haulting future GMO production should be considered only a starting point. The fact is that GMO plants are able to cross pollinate with non-GMO plants, and quickly contaminate every variety, world wide.

    Governments around the world should take action to assure Monsanto haults all forms of further contamination of non-GMO Gene pools. This process will likely bankrupt the corporation, and have some CEO’s behind bars if proper actios are not taken.

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