The New Media War Zone

The New Media War Zone

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

In the past few weeks, I have posted several Liberty Beacon articles I wrote that have gone unliked, uncommented on and, presumably, unread. This while my more “social” posts get many responses. So then, I decided to post the text and put the link in the comments. Voila! I had response!

Is this due primarily to the accusations many make of Facebook suppressing these more world-conscious, “conspiracy” ones? Judging from my own stats on which of mine are read and which not, it seems so.

It appears to be that truth has become synonymous with being banned on Facebook or YouTube. Maybe the trend has become – OK, that guy I can trust! He’s been banned! However, that shouldn’t be held up as a standard. Videos are banned for all kinds of reasons.

But more concretely, there’s data about YouTube removing videos for no other reason than to suppress freedom of speech. Here’s someone’s personal experience:

Full article: YouTube’s Concerning Suppression of Conservative Speech

Here’s a quote from Politico, citing the American Civil Liberties Union’s caution regarding restricting those seeking to combat the spread of harmful content.

“Every time Facebook makes the choice to remove content, a single company is exercising an unchecked power to silence individuals and remove them from what has become an indispensable platform for the speech of billions,” American Civil Liberties Union staff attorney Vera Eidelman told POLITICO in March. “When speech is censored by private parties based on the content of that speech, there’s nothing stopping Facebook — or YouTube or Twitter — from using that same power to censor organizations fighting to protect abortion rights or individuals fighting against climate change tomorrow.”

I don’t agree with either of these – we don’t need to fight climate change, it’s a naturally occurring weather process over thousands of years nor do I believe in abortion other than in exceptional cases but viewpoints need not be banned…

Full article here: facebook bans far right Alex Jones

Facebook wades deeper into censorship debate as it bans ‘dangerous’ accounts…

I found this pretty alarming – a video by Dr. Buttar where every time he said 5G, it was bleeped out. I’ve never seen anything like it. A sign of the fascism we need to expose more and more.

I can understand Youtube blocking out curse words, although anyone, even a child, can figure out what was said. But this was outright suppression, a fine example of violation of freedom of speech, dressed in fascism. In a later video, he referred to 5G as “ a number and a letter”.

I haven’t been able to locate the video where 5G was bleeped. Possibly it was banned. He does say here and there some of his videos have been banned. Could be Youtube felt they were being too benevolent just bleeping the word? However, I believe the one below proves it pretty well.

Watch here:

Is this another sign that we are going more underground? We should stay above ground, be very visible as we make these globalists visible enough to pack them away to prison.

Woven into this scene is the developing conflicts among Facebook friends (at least mine) who fall into two camps: those who don’t want to know all that “bad news” and trust the government who want to keep us closed down until the not foreseeable future when they find a vaccine and those who post alternative news labeled by the first group as “conspiracy theories”.

Yesterday, I was attacked to the point of unfriending. This was not over political views but downright slander of my character. Some people may excuse this and say that Facebook is not the platform to post world views of conflict and exposure of the bad guys. Maybe so but I see that is changing as people wake up to the true scene and threats to our very lives. This is fantastic. But I’m not doom and gloom, I welcome and promote happy news – except for ridiculous, distracting videos attempting humor by making fun of isolation. Call me a crab but they annoy me. They prove to me that too many people are accepting it as “the new way of life.”

A problem I see is that this fake, orchestrated pandemic has driven many over the world into such a state of chronic worry, despair, isolation, loss of livelihood and fear of the future that people are turning against each other. When people are not happy, they tend to make others unhappy and create conflicts. And they get ill for the same reason. Then these illnesses can conveniently be diagnosed as COVID-19 by well-meaning yet cowardly doctors who were bullied into such labeling.

This fear and despair is the true virus, created by those who fear us.

In a state of peace, affluence and safety, people rally to each other and we create the world as it should be. And we tend more to tolerate each other’s differences. This is a state of happiness that has existed in pockets in rare times but has never been the norm. As well, these times have been shot down because, apparently, we could not be “controlled”. This is really the main reason why true freedom has never gone mainstream. This is a prison planet.

So how do we break out of prison?

Well, there have been many solutions – from pure anarchy to peaceful marches and signing petitions to our government leaders. All well and good and I support them all – accept anarchy. That’s just chaos, nothing truly creative about that. Only war, imprisonment and death. It’s an act of desperation. No, we need to keep cool heads above the violent tides of destruction. That’s the only way we can see the truth.

I’ll be honest, after that attack on me yesterday, I was tempted to “back down”. My enthusiasm for writing articles here was tainted with a bit of anxiety about being further attacked. But this is the time to push through and put more coals on the fire, especially when you know your heart is in the right place and you believe certain things you read and see as reputable. Engage with others of like minds to reinforce the truth without shooting anyone down.

What are those coals made of? Exposure. I’ve said this before and others have as well. This is the only effective weapon we have. Find the right targets and peacefully shed the light.

There are many who are simply waiting for it all to blow over and they can return to their lives as they were before. I don’t believe this is going to occur. Call it an inner perception; I have no solid proof, although there are many references to a period of severe unrest and disaster. I prefer to interpret this as the storm before the calm (to reverse the famous line)

No, it won’t be as it was before. But do we really want that? Under the surface, all that is happening now was brewing, being carefully planned over many years, all with the illusion of freedom – all the while living with violations of our civil rights and oppression from the likes of Big Pharma, Monsanto, vaccines, bullies like the IRS, CIA, etc plus serious threats like a possible Hillary for president. It’s merely nostalgic compared to today’s events.

We can have a world far better than it ever was. But we need a lot more than Trump’s promises. We need each other as well as to support that goal by envisioning it.

Whatever religion you believe in, most proclaim us as spiritual beings. But that doesn’t mean we don’t kick ass; please don’t get images of praying on mountaintops – that is just a glorified escape from reality. On the other hand, don’t take it so seriously either, even though the scene is serious. Attitude is everything. Treat it as the game it is. Not a football game or checkers but still a game. We just need to grow into it.

Even though we may not have created this world-wide oppression, we are still responsible for it. Sitting at home in tedious isolation or feeling helpless as we view the biggest act of treason we have ever experienced is not the way out.

We are not helpless, only made to think that way. Stand up and expose.


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3 Comments on The New Media War Zone

  1. We have to take aggressive actions. I do not mean violent actions. I have heard of someone in Our Community who had a friend who hung himself over the pressures of the shut down, leading to financial ruin and other issues. I am for loud and frequent protests, encouraging people to not obey laws that are illegal. Having people open their businesses. This was all one big scam. The numbers tell the story. WE need to stick together to make sure to protect anyone who is arrested , and have them given legal help. If we do not take small aggressive actions, much more damage will be done. There are a lot of angry red blooded Americans out there. I see their posts, and I cannot blame them. We need an outlet for real action, and not just discussions in echo chambers. What else are we going to put up with? I was in bed a month depressed, watched my fave Patriotic YouTubers, and now I know that this was a gift from God. I jumped up, and am now very fired up. Complacency will get us nowhere. These people , like Cuomo. DeBlasio,Pelosi other Deep State Players have got to be protested against, and loudly. It will be too late , if we sit around and listen to them blabbering anymore.

  2. Television journalist Edward R. Murrow warned in a 1958 speech:

    “We are currently wealthy, fat, comfortable and complacent. We have currently a built-in allergy to unpleasant or disturbing information. Our mass media reflect this. But unless we get up off our fat surpluses and recognize that television in the main is being used to distract, delude, amuse, and insulate us, then television and those who finance it, those who look at it, and those who work at it, may see a totally different picture too late.”

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