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I was surprised to discover the other day that for all that America has a very fine Constitution, it isn’t taught in her schools!

As a Brit this surprised me. Coming from a country that does not have a written Constitution (which means that ANY Act of Parliament, no matter how daft, is by the mere act of being passed constitutional and completely legal) I kind of thought the Americans would treasure theirs, especially as their forebears fought my forebears so hard for it. I certainly thought they would value it enough to have it taught to their children for heaven’s sake! Children are not born having assimilated it through their genes, so not teaching it to them is a guaranteed way to lose it and with it all the freedoms it was designed to protect.

So I thought – to put it in Facebookese – OMG! Or even, WTF?

But then the penny dropped:  many Americans DO value their Constitution – but their government and its puppet masters sure don’t. The so-called banking/corporate “Elite” that has hijacked America and seeks to bring her to ruin spit on it daily so I guess they must despise that pesky document with a vengeance. After all, it proscribes most of the things they would like to do to the people, so it has to be nullified, eroded and rendered invalid as if it were an expired warranty on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

This begs another question: why is it being left to the State to ensure children are taught the basic principles of Freedom? I would have thought that the State, being what it is, would be the LAST thing to which one would entrust such a task. So, why are America’s parents not taking responsibility for this sacred trust? These are THEIR children after all, not the State’s.

The degree of “governing” to which the people are subjected and the power assumed by the State are directly proportional to the degree of irresponsibility of the people. So if there is little willingness among the people to take responsibility for the education of their children, the State will be only too pleased to take the task off their hands. But the state and its puppet masters have different designs upon and priorities for your children than you do. It wouldn’t if it was run by decent, honest men with the benefit of all the people at heart but it isn’t, so it does. So don’t be surprised that the State “forgets” to include in your child’s education comprehension of one of the most important civil documents ever devised by civilized men and which derives its power from every citizen knowing what it is and what it says, while its application or non-application will have a direct bearing on your child’s future.

This is not meant as a criticism of Americans, but intended as a general statement of principle. Many Americans at least are kicking up a fuss and speaking out in defense of their Constitution. When was the last time we heard Russians or Frenchmen, for example, speaking out for theirs or Brits even demanding to HAVE one?

In any case, there’s an easy way to raise a middle digit to the State and its efforts to disenfranchise you and your kids: take action. Get hold of a copy of the Constitution.  Then have your kids read it as soon as their reading skills are up to the task. Make sure they understand the meaning of all the words in it. Then let them draw their own conclusions. Kids are smart if you give them a chance and if you can prevent the State and those orchestrating its machinery – who have not a shred of personal interest in your children’s development unless it is in the direction of supine malleability – from interfering with their innate capacity to think for themselves.


Who knows? This might be a useful campaign for someone to get their teeth into. Instead of expending futile effort on trying to get the State to do something it is likely to resist until hell freezes over, perhaps some enterprising group will take matters into their own hands by ensuring a copy of the Constitution reaches every household in the land, with encouragement to read it, make sure all the words are understood, and then sit down together and discuss it. I have a feeling that that campaign alone would change America.

It is an inescapable fact that freedom requires on the part of those who desire it pro-activity and the readiness to put oneself out and take charge of one’s own life. Those unwilling to make such effort and who wait for the State to take benign action on their behalf, are doomed to wait forever. And while they are waiting, they are exactly where the State wants them to be. So customs of self-reliance are eroded and in their place we have quick-fix, least-effort consumerism, and spectatorism. These are perfect attitudes for the totalitarian-minded elite who desire a supine population and they are inculcated into the culture with malice aforethought.

But what of nations like the UK that have no written constitution or the majority of countries that have one but hardly anybody has read it?  Luckily all is not lost. Constitutions are rooted in the mores and customs of the people. They derive their strength from those mores and customs and a good constitution enshrines them.

So even in a country like the UK that has no written constitution, it is still a risky business for any government foolhardy enough to try to enforce laws that violate our mores and customs. Any government that tries it usually ends up despised and undermined by increasing resentment, disaffection or simmering revolt. And even the government of the UK, probably the most skilled and subtle manipulator of its citizenry on the planet, is inching in that direction.

Mores and customs boil down to an even more basic issue: what people regard as right and wrong. Concepts of right and wrong derive ultimately from collective experience handed down from generation to generation – or perhaps even instinctive recognition – as to what acts are pro-survival and what acts are counter-survival respectively. In the end, some government shenanigans or other can be perceived as just plain wrong and it is quite remarkable how basic values of right and wrong are shared by almost all cultures.

So any “elite” group with totalitarian designs upon a population must, if they wish to achieve the goals dreamed up in the dark recesses of their blackened souls, nullify not only any constitution that gets in their way, but also the mores and customs of the people and their basic sense of right and wrong, or even that there is such a thing as right and wrong.

And surprise, surprise! They sure have been working on it!

constit-ethics1The drug epidemic; the decline of education; the loss of moral sense; the nullification of religion; the denigration of our heroes; the if-it-feels-good-do-it psychobabble; the we-are-just-matter-so-nothing-matters soulless materialism; let’s drug the kids and have a quiet life; the applauding of the bombers or drones that blow the legs off children; the toleration of injustice and cruelty; the erosion of national pride on the one hand and the sense natural kinship of man with his fellow man on the other are all symptoms of a direct assault upon the human psyche.

The erosion of people’s sense of right and wrong, for example, is a declared agendum of the elite’s satanic priest-cult, psychiatry.  In the words of psychiatrist Brock Chisholm, co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health: “The re-interpretation and eventually (sic) eradication of the concept of right and wrong . . . are the belated objectives of practically all effective psychotherapy. The fact is, most psychiatrists and psychologists and other respectable people have escaped from these moral chains and are able to observe and think freely”

So they want to eradicate morality and our sense of right and wrong, do they? I bet they do! These are men with blood on their hands, with crimes that would make your hair curl. So, of course they don’t want us to have the idea that some things are just plain wrong.

This codification of man’s sense of right and wrong provides a set of values that are internalized and by which a human being can regulate HIS OWN behavior. By all means have those codified values improve and evolve and approach closer to reason and the optimum resolution of survival problems but don’t just chuck them away as if they are unwanted junk from the attic! If you take those values away, a man no longer has any internal, volitional regulation.

At least, that is what the psychiatrists think. Man does actually have a deeper spiritual sense of right and wrong, justice and affinity for his fellow man and my guess is that, even without the ready certainties of moral compass to live by, most men would still not act like beasts. Some, the less sane, would but a great many wouldn’t; yet that loss of compass would throw a good deal more turmoil into the proceedings and give everybody a hard time.

But psychiatry starts from the false premise that man is a beast (in fact psychiatrists very well may be beasts but that doesn’t mean they can assume the rest of us are) and what they are hoping for is that once morals are wiped out, man will then be wide open to exclusive regulation of his behavior by external stimuli: by threat of pain or drugs, the various cattle prods administered by the State and the would-be totalitarians at its helm. Amorality – they hope – will strengthen the State and set in concrete the citizen’s subservience to it.

Now, there is something superior to moral codes: reason. The correct direction to go in, the right thing to do is to promote, encourage, nourish and nurture, the ability to reason, IF you wish to elevate man and his communities to higher levels. So if you are going to nullify the moral codes that perfectly or imperfectly enshrine agreements as to what is considered “good” (survival) or “bad” (contra survival) conduct, you must elevate reason, you must expand people’s ability to make survival decisions, not just for themselves but for the human community because the survival of every human being is dependent on the health of the human community with which he co-depends.

Otherwise you leave Man rudderless and confused and in comes the totalitarian with his guns and whips and drugs, only too happy to take on the task of minutely regulating all human conduct. This is a dreadful power to be placed in the hands of self-appointed “Very Best People” who have, themselves, abandoned all morality or constraints of right and wrong as Chisholm points out: “The fact is, that most psychiatrists and psychologists and other respectable people have escaped from these moral chains and are able to observe and think freely.”

I bet they have. It “frees” them to commit crime after crime against entire populations without losing any sleep over it, doesn’t it? I don’t know about you but the last person I would want to have any power over me is a man who has no sense or right or wrong. Isn’t one of the legal criteria for insanity an inability to distinguish right from wrong? For sure, a difficulty telling right from wrong is a trait of most of the criminals and drug dealers I’ve met (and I’ve met a few in my time). So essentially, the ideal state of mind so far as these psychiatric brain-washing quacks and loons are concerned is that of the criminal or nut case.

You’ll notice there is NOTHING in their agendum about elevating man’s ability to reason. That’s because they don’t know how to do it, for one thing, and for another they have no interest whatever in elevating the human community to a higher state.

But elevating human civilization to a higher state is not their job in any case.

It’s ours.



Steve Cook

 Steve Cook is an author of several works of fiction and non-fiction and a freelance copywriter. His website is at


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