The Overblown “Right Wing Extremist Terrorism” Narrative…

The overblown “Right Wing Extremist Terrorism” narrative, the Lefts LIES about the Political paradigm all-together, as well as other Left false-narratives…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Welcome to my now 6th article with #TheLibertyBeacon. Hang in with me as I’m going to connect some dots you may not think connect in advance, all having to do with those wanting or holding power and control through instilling fear (like I do in my book “Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you!” storyline about Leftism and Terrorism intersecting) …

In an Article from “Prof Dr. Emeritus Rik Coolsaet, Thomas Renard” titled “What the Zeitgeist can Tell us About the Future of Terrorism” the Professor states:

“In the United States and across Europe, there is a broad recognition that right-wing extremism has become either the main terrorist threat, or at the very least a seriously growing concern. The racially motivated attack by an 18-year-old in May 2022 in Buffalo (NY), deliberately targeting African Americans and killing ten people before being arrested, was but the latest in a long series of lethal right-wing plots and attacks in the West. In parallel, a relative decline of jihadi activities in Western countries has been noted, resulting in a new balance of (perceived) terrorist threats.”

First, we have to dismiss the FALLACY of the Right-wing vs Left-wing paradigm (rather, the falsehoods surrounding them as defined by the Left in order to distort facts/reality of the dichotomy) …

(image source initial origination unknown)

And CINOs/RINOs allowing (joining) Overton Window ever Leftward

Before I go further, we have to dismiss yet another lark: NATIONALISM when/where associated with the other forms of the Left, fits, however in the usual form of the Left attempts to falsely label things, a more modern form of Nationalism is emerging. Such as “America First” (a Right-wing twist on Nationalism (Pride and Patriotism vs Leftist self-loathers that Hate America)) with Trump, but as he says many times NOT America alone or America only – Nationalism forsaking all else (not what it is, but the Left uses it as derogatory term). Also, we see the demonization of Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy Party for running on “God, Family, and Country” Nationalism (many just call modern “Populism” (which is not all equal, you cannot compare supposed “Populist” Bernie Sanders with the “Populism” of a Donald Trump) and anti-EU (perhaps a coming ITexit in the BRexit tradition).

As easily seen in the chart above, it makes it easy and simple to dismiss the RIGHT-WING EXTREMISM narratives in that the #ENEMEdia (as I call them, and regularly use tag on Social-Media) label most Domestic Terrorists as “ANARCHISTS” and there-fore if true, RIGHT-WINGERS, however it is NOT TRUE. While these groups may USE TACTICS priorly/often associated with Anarchists (and may use the “so-called” guidelines from the “Anarchists cook-book” of old) they are mostly stated Communists / Fascists / Marxists / Socialists wanting to destroy our current system in (again, stated desires) to reign in a full-on LEFT-WING FASCIST FULL CONTROL OF THE PEOPLES style Government (by definition, that then means they are NOT RIGHT-WING ANARCHISTS)!

Now that we have dismissed the Historically inaccurate narratives those who wish to re-write History (including that the NAZI Party that had Socialists right in their name (NSocialistDAP), just as the Left today via Psychological Projection attempt to claim their opponents are FASCISTS, when they literally have Hitlerian Brown-Shirts engaging in the same actions/activities Hitler did against his opponents in Germany, here in the United States, are/were somehow “Right-wing” groups. Which can be backed up by direct comparison of facts not feelings.

So too, like we called NSDAP “Nazis” (actually coined by Josef Goebbels in Germany (his full term was “NAZI SOZI” and we dropped the Socialist part), we should call “Islamic Fundamentalist Radicals” by “GIJIA” Global Islamic Jihad Interim Army.

None of this is to say/claim – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RIGHT-WING TERRORISM, as there is, just that it is an overblown Left-wing false-narrative to claim it a larger threat than it is to peddle a left-wing agenda; as outlined above. Just IF it existed on such a grand-scale as they like to claim – why do the have to MAKE UP FALSE CLAIMS of it (like the FBI hatched supposed “Whitmer Kidnapping plot” false-flag operation they managed to dupe some clowns into)? IF Right-wing was indeed so dangerous, there would be easily evidenced, beyond a reasonable doubt, ability to expose it. Again, the Left has to redefine terms (as with everything, to Orwellian Newspeak) and rewrite history to claim it.

NEO-NAZI groups do indeed exist/operate, in very small fringe groups, in America too (and several Western Nations, and Lefty loon groups like to paint as RIGHT-WING (right is anarchy, complete government control (communism, fascism, socialism, and yes even an Islamic theocracy caliphate, et al) are all LEFT-WING organizations) … Even in Germany where the NAZI PARTY IS OUTLAWED, there are likely still more Neo-Nazi’s than in Ukraine, is Putin planning to invade Germany under this ridiculous pretense that 0.0000000000001% of the population may be NAZI sympathizers, as just one of his invasion pretenses he has used there? Anyone who has gone to Gun and Knife shows here in the United States has likely seen historical items from WWII but more-so for the point here some CA NEO-NAZI material ablaze with the swastika and words “California Uber Alles” (I myself, at one time, had purchased such a piece just to prove a point to some others, which was thrown in the trash long ago) which then begs the question given Putin rhetoric – when will the Russian Navy send ships to launch amphibius assaults begin on California for denazification?

Giving what I said above, I’m not going into the whole Ukraine thing, that is a whole long article in and of itself. Just going to add here that ALL INVOLVED Biden, Putin, Zelensky, ALL CORRUPT, all engaging in propaganda (and at times ALL using way too-hyperbolic, over-the-top, and outright dangerous verbiage potential escalations, at times) to favor their given position at any given time, so spare me any of the three have any virtuous positioning. All Nations engage in some degree of their own versions of propaganda to shape perceived righteousness during war-time.

I (Joseph M Lenard) more agree with The Washington Post piece titled: “Beware the data on American right-wing violence” by Megan McArdle which states:

“But just how big a problem is it? Bigger than other kinds of political violence? You might think the answer is clearly yes, but the data often cited to support this conclusion don’t say what most people think.”

VIDEO (11m22s): Mainstream Media Outlet Admits Right-Wing Terrorism Threat is Overblown:

Related too, Marco Rubio called out Left-wing Pro-Baby-Killing groups Terrorism (threats, fire-bombings, violence, etc.) in a Press-Release dated June 17th of this year.

All of which, and more, is discussed in my book “Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you!

Next, Was January 6th 2021 a “White Nationalists Insurrection?”

January 6th facts vs left-wing fiction (aka: lies) – an HONEST (something the Left can never be) analysis…

1st, NO Trump did NOT incite an “Insurrection” (let alone a riot) …
The “incidents” (each needing its own examination at the Capitol…
… started BEFORE Trump had ended his speech
… started BEFORE Trump’s “march to the Capitol in PEACEFUL protest” line
… absolutely BEFORE any of those at Trumps speech could have “MARCHED” to the Capitol The crowd at the Capitol, was mostly those looking to create “issues” regardless of what Trump said
… where is any investigation to who unlocked the magnetic-lock-system from inside (and likely on Orders from whom?)
… investigation of Security (varying types) all holding doors open (not pushing people out, trying to re-seal the doors) and waving in “protestors”

The Left will, of course, now claim what I’m about to say as “What-about-ism” but so-be-it. Indeed, what about Presley: “There needs to be unrest in the Streets,” Watters “…push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome anymore anywhere,” Pelosi “I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over this Country. Maybe there should be,” Harris “Protestors (which the #ENEMEdia spin called “mostly peaceful as buildings burned behind them) should not let up,” et al, constant actual incitements that did let to arson, looting, rioting? Where are those investigations? Where are those Congressional hearings?

Bottom line, why has none of the thousands of hours of VIDEO EVIDENCE showing that the Capitol Police took down most of the Barricades, held open the Capitol doors and waved people in, etc., been/being shown? (Obvious Answer, like all these Questions – doesn’t fit the Left narrative) Who planted the Pipe-bombs (at other DC locations and didn’t go off)? and to what end?, no arrests! Where is the FBI instigator (Epps) these days and why wasn’t he arrested for incitement? Why haven’t the known ANTIFA plants who did the broken window damage been arrested? and on and on, the real CRIMINALS were not arrested, but others held on trumped up charges.

So tell me where has any coverage and comparison gone to/with when Left-Wing INSURRECTIONISTS agitators that occupied the US Capitol before? Left-wing “protestors” (by Jan 6 definition: “Insurrectionists”) stormed the US Capitol in 2018, took over the US Senate building, and tried to get into the US Supreme Court building DURING the Kavanaugh hearings. Democrat legislators and the ENEMEdia cheered it on. And what of when Left-Wing INSURRECTIONISTS occupied the Wisconsin Capitol for weeks preventing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and GOP controlled Legislature from doing the Wisconsin’s Peoples’ business?? You know, the usual Leftist double-standards (the only standards they have) as they have zero core principles or values; just whatever is Politically expedient at any given moment.

What of in my own home of Michigan, our current Governor (Gretchen Whitmer) during Campaign speeches running up to her 2018 election spoke how “proud” she was of Leftist over-run of our Capital in Lansing years prior by Leftist mobs. Which, of course, has been scrubbed from YouTube, and while INFOWARS can get loony at times, is only video left that can be found reporting on it. And, also, of course, when anti-Lockdown protesters peacefully protest her in Lansing, received wide-spread coverage.

VIDEO (7m33s): America Forgot About The Democrat “Insurrection” Led By Gretchen Whitmer (during “Freedom To Work” legislation session) Workers Freedom of Association (you know how Left claims to be for Workers Rights, NOT only for Forced Unionization to collect dues that are laundered back to DNC) session:

Remember too when the Black Power Racist Group New Black Panthers stood out front of a Pennsylvania Election Precinct brandishing weapons, A FELONY, to intimidate Whites from going in to Vote? Little coverage. NO ARRESTS! The usual double-standards, need we bother to have to speculate what would have happened if that were the other way around? What of all the Streets that were literally taken over and controlled for weeks by Leftist mobs, literal counter-governances created poking finger in the eyes of FASCICRATS stronghold jurisdictions, and still no hearings, few arrests.

VIDEO (12m41s): Honest Jan 6 Review vs Left-Wing Lies vlog:

Remember that LAST TIME that the Left/Democrats didn’t get their way about people they considered LESS THAN HUMAN (Slaves)?? THEY MURDERED A PRESIDENT (the first Republican President: Abraham Lincoln), so why would Left-Wingers getting violent and murderous again be a surprise to anyone)? In my home State of Michigan in September a Pro Life advocate was out to deliver “information” (facts) door-to-door, on the upcoming November 8th Proposal-3 ballot initiative, and an unhinged Leftist husband of a Liberal wife – shot her (covered very little by even supposed “Conservative” FOXNEWS, NEWSMAX, NEWSNATION, and OAN, channels, and certainly nowhere to be seen/heard in/on any Liberal Activist supposed “News” platforms).

They continue their same discredited “NOT HUMAN” arguments toward their BABY KILLER position today. They still cling to their same JIM CROW LAWS (yes, passed by Democrats and over-turned by SCOTUS’ past), SEGREGATION Codes, etc… Remember when they got upset over DRED SCOTT and BrownVBoard and other PRECEDENCE’S of their Jim Crow and ANTI-BLACK Laws being over-turned?!?!

VIDEO (12m34s): How is the 2022 “Dr. Strange and Multiverse of Madness” a ProLife film:

Certainly, mercy and grace can be shown to one so potentially young, scared, and desperate, to have undergone one Abortion – then came to regret it. There are plenty of such cases of those lacking enough positive support structure that decided it was their only real option (no-one to help encourage, birth, and adoption outcome) that the ENEMEdia just will not have on-air as it does not fit the Leftist narratives and support for the money-laundering operation to Democrat Candidates that Planned Slaughterhood has become. But for those that discourage birth-control mechanisms, cheaply and readily available in our times, to prevent a child so-as to then murder it well later (often multiple times), certainly other immorality, depravity, and violence toward others, should not be a surprise; and why we see arson or other vandalism of Pro-Life centers that dare care for a girl or woman looking for support rather than the murder option has been rampant since the Dobbs case.

It is also worthy to note verbal assaults (you know, the crowd that claims “Words are Violence” if you use wrong pronouns – yet they twist language and use them ((false accusations, and old “when did you stop beating your Wife” type traps) as weapons to try silence others) and bullying of/by/from the Left. Multi-Billionaire Kanye West was recently on with Tucker Carlson after a controversial event with Candace Owens where they both wore “White Lives Matter” clothing that the Left freaked out over. It was, of course, to make the “All Lives Matter” point in the bolder manner of putting the inverse of the “Black Lives Matters” (aka: “Black Lying Marxists”) blatant racist movement. Kanye went into detail how he was “bullied” and threatened by the Left to STAY SILENT about his support for Trump before he got elected in 2016, and Kanye’s staunch Christian Faith and therefore Pro-Life stances, after which Kanye decided he could no longer allow them to manipulate and control him (through constant badgering) and his need to BE HONEST with everyone – knowing the Left backlash it would (and did) bring. He was inspired by the courage of Candace Owens and her beginning the BLEXIT movement calling out Leftist Hate and what she deems “the new DemoKKKrat Plantation,” as well as the courage he saw despite endless attacks successful election of Black Legal-Immigrant Winsome Sears as LG in Virginia on ticket with Glenn Youngkin (and others in off-year 2021 (GOP Black and Hispanic Candidates victories) Special-elections wave), and that he could be silent no longer knowing many would be counting on him to set an example so others could break the Left’s bonds too – as many in the community show Pro Life, Pro Family, Pro Freedom (not Socialist bondage), support for Rule Of Law (and want more Police to keep their communities safe, not less) the converse of Democrat positions of #DefundThePolice and No Bail schemes making the Streets less safe with Criminals allowed to just keep reoffending, etc., tendencies; same too for Hispanic community (and why so many Hispanics are being elected of late on GOP tickets).

Lastly, while a bit of an aside, important to note, regarding twisting of language and history (using Orwell’s 1984 not as a warning, but a guidebook, and remain incredulous to reality) to peddle their narratives as they call the Right Racist. The Confederate Southern Democrats clearly believed in LEFTIST Governance, and dictates, full power/control over “some” in Slavery (maintained by Terrorism of its own kind of that day, threats of Lynchings), that allowed continuance of one human to own another under full force of Government edicts, versus Constitution “All created equal and Free” Abolitionists were finally working toward granting that promise (and Abolitionists today strive to assure the RIGHT TO LIFE, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, Equal not Special Rights (the scam of Equity), protections of all Human Life, of/to/for all as promised). All the time they cry Racism today – claiming the fake “Big Switch Lie” line:

VIDEO: Did Racist DemoKKKrats Switch Parties:


[NOTE: adapted from original Terror Strikes book site blog “The overblown “Right Wing Extremist Terrorism” narrative…” from June 9, 2022 and Terror Strikes book site blog “Was January 6th a White Nationalists Insurrection” from June 9, 2022 and portions inspired by Ed Bradow ”WITNESS: A Massive Indictment of the Democrat Party” from October 8, 2022 and Roger Landry “EPI TOWN CRIER: TERROR STRIKES – Author Interview” from October 5, 2022 TLB pieces]


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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  1. Now, of course, the Left will have ZERO INTEREST in Jan 6 – well, after we hit Jan 2023 that is. We thought you all wanted a FULL INVESTIGATION?? Once the #GOP takes control of the #USHouse and the Committees, ALL THE #EVIDENCE AND #FACTS will start being examined, and the Left isn’t interested in that, they are only interested in having their sham #DogAndPonyShow complete Committee of #Trump hater #propaganda driven clowns false-narratives to fit their #agenda version continue through the FASCICRATS controlled LAME DUCK session then want it dropped!

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