By: TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges:


Congratulations to everyone that turned out yesterday to awaken the broader public to the impact of the Frogs & Toads listing that affects an additional 2 million acres of California’s forests and recreational sites spanning 14 counties!!! read more


o Public lands belong to the people, not the federal government.

o States have legislative authority over all lands within state boundaries, not the federal government. read more

o Endangered Species listings–based on fraudulent science and false premises–are being used to bring about the abolition of the People’s lands, private and public. The result of these closures is more and more deadly fires; more air and water pollution; reduced water for agriculture; the blowtorching of tens of millions of deer, elk, bear, wolves, and other animals including endangered species; the destruction of habitat; the implosion of jobs, services, and property values; and the denial of access to miners, sports fishermen, hunters, hikers, bikers, campers, pack horses, kayakers, and all other recreational uses. read more about neo-environmentalism

Hopefully, the people of California can help lead the way to the Restoration of constitutional government. If people in the most socialist state in our federation can stand up, then surely the people of every rural county and state and must rise up in support of the original dream.

The assault of federal tyranny continues. If this goes through and you have toads and frogs on your property, you could lose your home to these environmental terrorists. This is all about depopulating the rural areas of America and forcing residents into Agenda 21 stack and pack cities. Watch the video.

For more information go to Defend Rural America

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