Farming Hemp in the United States


By: Gary-Mialocq

In 1938, Popular Mechanics Magazine declared that Hemp was the next billion dollar industry and a boon for farmers across America. However, the corporate influence of men like Hearst and DuPont stepped in. The Marijuana Tax Act is passed and forbids hemp farming in the US. Dupont files a patent for nylon.

In 1991, Willie Nelson issued a plea to America to come to its senses and legalize Industrial Hemp, a product that was mandatory for the farmers of the Colonies, and for which the United States Government made a movie entitled, “Hemp for Victory”. Why is it illegal? To protect the financial corporate interests of the textile, petrochemical, and lumber (paper) industries. How long will America stand for corporate America sticking it to the little guy?


Hemp, Natures Perfect Plant

Industrial hemp is an incredible resource. Hemp is harvested for its fibers for hemp clothing and seeds for hemp oil. With a relatively short growth cycle of 100-120 days, it is an efficient and economical crop for farmers to grow, however, industrial hemp cannot be commercially grown in the United States because it is erroneously confounded with marijuana. In fact, industrial hemp and marijuana are different breeds of Cannabis sativa. Smoking large amounts of hemp flowers can produce a headache but not a high!


England, France and Spain have all legalized low THC varieties of hemp for an agricultural crop. England planted 1,500 acres of hemp as a first year crop. Reports from England state that farmers are receiving in excess of 3,000$ per acre for their hemp crop.

Low THC hemp is not suitable as a psychoactive drug.

A Canadian report from the late 1800’s demonstrated that hemp works very well in rotation with bean and corn crops.

In 1991 Ontario farmers received $290 and $240 per acre for grain corn and soya bean respectively.

Hemp was grown successfully in Canada for over 100 years. For a period in the late 1800’s Canada produced most of all England’s hemp requirements. At kite time, England was the largest hemp consumer in the world.

In the 1930’s, a South Western Ontario newspaper reported that Canadian grown hemp was among the best in the world and far superior to tropical hemp.

The hemp plant will reach a height of up to 5m (16ft.) and sink a main tap root down 1 ft. This tap root will draw nutrients from deep in the soil and make them available to subsequent crops when the hemp leaves are shed on the soil. This extensive root system also helps to alleviate the problem of soil compaction.

Hemp is very easy on the soil and returns up to 60% of the nutrients it takes from the soil, when dried in the field.

A report from Kentucky states that hemp was grown on the same land for 14 consecutive years without soil depletion or reduction in yield.

Hemp is very economical crop to grow since it requires virtually no pesticide applications.

Hemp is also relatively drought-resistant and has been relied upon several times during drought-induced famine for its high protein seed.

Hemp is very resistant to increased UV radiation and should not suffer decreased yields, unlike soya bean and corn.
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I would like to see this younger generation, the same one that elected Barack Obama, to get off its collective apathetic duff and turn its incredible talent to the legalization of hemp in this country for food, fuel, paper, etc. This will create a whole new industry and many jobs at a time when we need boosts of all kinds. At the same time, decriminalization of marijuana would release the over 750,000 people who are imprisoned each year for mere possession of this medicinal herb. The only thing criminal is keeping those people in jail any longer. Let’s return them to their jobs and families and let them live on their own, freeing the taxpayers from the additional burden. IT HAS BEEN 18 YEARS . . . WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.

Hemp History:

The first and second drafts of the constitution were written on Hemp paper as were all books and bibles.

Betsy Ross made our American Flag, Old Glory, from cannabis fibers.

Canvas is the Dutch pronunciation of the Greek Word Cannabis. Cannabis covered wagons went west. Cannabis outfitted ships… the sails, ropes, paints and varnishes, sealants, lamp oils and 50,000 other clean products.

Henry Ford ran 40,000 vehicles on hemp fuel from only 10,000 acres. The emissions are what you exhale, and next year’s crop is reconverting it back to oxygen. That’s a natural cycle fuel! Best of all… the money stays home.

Video source: Willie Nelson called me one day and asked if he could appear as a guest in our Time 4 Hemp Studios. To discuss how hemp can help the family farm. On 6/6/91 we taped live. I later went on the 91’hemp tour and we were able to get all ten shows into 99 cities in 44 states. Check out my other hemp related videos and music at Time 4 Hemp cable access ©1991michaelm producer 13.2mb 5:52

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