The Political World of Puppet Control and Power In a New World Order

Mardi Gras Puppets                                                       Photo by Ken LaRive

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Ambiguity is an amazing political tool.

Vagueness is used with success on both sides of the fence, like promoting change without a game plan, or using racial issues already tackled and subdued for fifty years. A broken record, it’s the same old issues that divide us…

It’s hard to make a decision based on truth when information is bogus. It takes an effort to uncover a fact, and politicians bet you won’t have what it takes to find it. In the razzle-dazzle there is an amazing opportunity to control a situation, promote an agenda, gain power, and make lots of money.

It was learned early on in civilization that once you command control, usually by force, to remain in authority one of two things had to take place. One is that you completely eradicate every semblance of opposition, like what happened in several African countries the last few decades, including Equatorial Guinea. But in America’s visible due process of law and litigation another political agenda is being played, and right under our noses.

It is the stimulation of both sides of a coin. The ensuing fight is the primary strategy of the political art, and a sure-fire formula for success. Do you actually think the right and left are so evenly separated by chance?

Humanity is divided

Remember when Bill Clinton first got into office? Sorry Bill, but your first six months as president is surely a case in point. The concept of gays in the military tore the US apart with bogus-ambiguity. Bless their hearts but some even came out of the closet with the hope of finally not living a lie, while Bill and his pals cleaned house and became entrenched. It worked and helped get him elected for a second term while incredulous wide-eyed gays were left sitting on the proverbial fence.

What we learned was don’t kiss and tell, but what really went on under the White House covers was mostly lost to the masses.

Mr. Clinton is not alone in these tactics. Our Government uses many psychological wherewithals’s to keep us confused and at each others throats. They are so good at it that we sometimes actually think we are having an original thought! The media, sworn to be unbiased in their news reporting, couldn’t be further in left field if they climbed the cogent fence and sat on our laps. After all, it isn’t who we are as a nation that seems to matter most to politicians, but the puppets they want us to be.

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