The Positive Impact Of High Influence Figures

By TLB Contributing writer: Boris Dzhingarov

It’s not really disputed that many believe those in a position of high influence or power should use said influence or power to do good for the communities around them. As the years progress, more and more celebrity, political, and popular figures are doing that, and the impact can be seen across the globe.

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of a person having influence is the fact that they have a large audience and a wide reach. The things that they talk about and the problems that they bring attention to are more likely to become buzzwords and hot topics. The Me Too Movement is a perfect example, in which the issue of sexual harassment was brought to light once more this year within the United States. The number of celebrities who continued to bring it front and center pressed it into such fame that it became viral across global social media networks and even sparked an equal rights amendment movement within the American government. Big change can be brought about when enough people notice a problem, and having these voices pointing those problems out can be a huge help.

Most people like to donate what they can, when they can. Figures of high influence tend to have a little more to donate. When they choose to do so, they’re able to contribute large amounts of funds, money, property, services, and more to people who need a little bit of extra help sometimes. Whether it’s in the form of free cars given away to an audience member or enough funds being donated to a developing country to allow for them to build a school or hospital, these donations can bring joy to the lives of those they touch and can vastly improve the quality of life for many.

Everyone tends to view the world through a lens of those who they look up to and idolize. High influence figures are looked up to by many people of different ages, races, and backgrounds. Because of that, their behavior and actions are constantly under scrutiny. Many high influence figures use this as an opportunity to be a role model for those who might need one. They try to uphold high standards, exemplary behavior, and kind principles that benefit those around them. Many demonstrate this through their aid to those less fortunate. They can also demonstrate it by calling out bad behavior when they see it, like the show of celebrities or political figures who speak their mind about hot-button issues. They set an example for those who watch them, and aim to be their best.

Those with influence are also able to help out others who don’t have as much in this world, whether it’s due to poverty, crime, or natural disasters that wreak havoc all across the world. When one has wealth, power and influence to work with, they are able to start fixing problems that need to be addressed in addition to bringing attention to those problems in the first place. A good example is Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, who has worked to improve the living condition in orphanages across Uzbekistan and dedicates her time to helping the lives of children who have lost everything. The devotion of people like Lola to helping those in need can be seen in many figures of influence across the globe. Many are able to help fix or restore buildings, provide electricity, help clean up water, or work on housing situations to elevate living conditions from rock bottom to something more livable. The process is long and difficult, but every little bit counts.

Along similar lines to being a good role model, celebrities and other high influence figures can also have a big positive impact on how people view themselves. They can positively impact someone’s self-esteem, and even change how they look at their own actions, thoughts, and emotions. A celebrity or figure of high influence that promotes self-love and kindness will often be able to show the people who watch them what a difference these mentalities can make in someone’s life. Many people who look up to positive influential figures will state that their lives have indeed been changed by them, and that they understand more about themselves because of the actions and words of those figures.

Being a figure of influence can be somewhat stressful, as all eyes are constantly on everything said or done. It’s also undoubtedly true that there are some negatives to influential figures, and that they can have a darker impact. However, those who choose to use their influence for the good of others tend to stand out above the bad. Those are the people that should be watched, as their positive impact on society can’t be missed.


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