The President of Honduras Has a Dirty Little Secret

The President of Honduras Has a Dirty Little Secret

by Steve Straub

We just learned that the President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez (Pictured here/Getty file) from which country the migrant caravan springs, has been hiding a dirty little secret.

Turns out his brother has been accused of conspiring to bring tons of cocaine into the United States, as Fox News reports:

A brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez was charged by federal prosecutors Monday with conspiring to import tons of cocaine to the United States, as well as weapons offenses and lying to federal agents.

Juan Antonio Hernandez Alvarado, aka Tony Hernandez, was arrested Friday in Miami and was due to appear in federal court there on Monday.

Federal prosecutors in New York described the suspect, a former Honduran congressman, as “a large-scale drug trafficker” who worked for more than a decade with compatriots as well as traffickers based in Mexico, Colombia and other countries to receive, process and distribute cocaine making its way through Honduras en route to the United States.

Hernandez used cocaine laboratories in Honduras and Colombia, where some drug packages were stamped with the initials “TH,” according to investigators.

Prosecutors also said Hernandez coordinated and occasionally provided security for drug shipments within Honduras, even using members of the country’s national police force for the job.

The drug-related corruption allegations that swirled around Tony Hernandez have cast a shadow over his brother’s government in a Central American country that is a major transit hub for cocaine.

This could explain why so many criminals are part of the caravan and why the cartels have been so involved.

[Hernandez is pictured left from a Facebook grab. ~(TLB) ed]

NBC News has more on Tony Hernandez’s alleged drug career:

According to prosecutors in New York, from around 2004 to 2016, multiple drug-trafficking organizations in Honduras allegedly worked together in conjunction with prominent public and private individuals, including Honduran politicians and law enforcement officials to receive cocaine sent to Honduras from, among other places, Colombia, and to transport the drugs toward the border with Guatemala and eventually the United States.

Allegedly, the drug traffickers paid bribes to public officials, including members of the National Congress of Honduras, of which Hernandez is a former member.

Prosecutors say Hernandez is a large-scale drug trafficker who worked with others to import cocaine into the United States and was involved in processing, receiving, transporting and distributing drug shipments that arrived in Honduras.

Additionally, according to court documents, the cocaine Hernandez allegedly trafficked was sometimes stamped with his initials, “TJ.”

Who could have ever predicted this connection to the migrant caravan?


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