The Progressive Bastardization of Modern American Presidential Integrity

The Progressive Bastardization of Modern American Presidential Integrity

Roger LandryCommentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

I have been on this earth for over three generations, or for fifteen Presidential election cycles. While I was not aware of politics or the need to be involved in most of the first twenty years of my life, I was at least aware on some level of any issues or scandals associated with the candidates or sitting Presidents.

Earlier in my life if a candidate was embroiled in any controversy it was huge news splashed across radio, television, and print media with gusto. The press were like wolves attracted to the blood sent of a wounded animal, and a feeding frenzy ensued. Every candidate or sitting President, be it Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, was held accountable for even the slightest hiccup in their lives to their dismay, and to the benefit of We The People. The press was doing their job as the fourth branch, intended to hold our representative leaders accountable, and keep them honest … or at lease they made serious and honest attempts to.

Something changed drastically as we approached the twenty first century …

Now I wont say that controversy didn’t exist in campaigns, or with sitting presidents, prior to our approach to the century mark (Nixon immediately comes to mind), but those occurrences were far rarer in comparison to the recent fiasco’s we have witnessed in growing abundance and severity … and almost on a daily or weekly basis.

Understand what follows are merely the highlights or bullet points, and in no way represents a complete telling in any fashion.


Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton 1
Sexual Deviant

Starting with the election of Bill Clinton in 1992, the Clinton years were rife with one scandal after another. From accusations of heinous corruption during his reign as Arkansas’s Governor, to the many controversies and scandals that popped up on a regular basis while occupying the White House.

These scandals include sexual misconduct, Travelgate, the suicide (???) of Vince Foster, Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm, pay for play, selling the Lincoln Bedroom, a growing body count in his wake, and so many more I would be hard pressed to mention them all. So in an attempt to keep this commentary under the size of a large book I will leave it to you to research the TONS of available relevant material on-line.

All this set the stage for the absolute and final destruction of the (perceived) Lilly White reputation of Presidential politics going forward. And regardless of what your memories may be of this puppet and purveyor of graft, corruption, and destruction …

This is Not the most shining example of Presidential Integrity our history has to offer by a huge margin.


George W. Bush


Next we progress to the second round of the Bush dynasty in America starting in 2000. To this day many say G.W. Bush Jr. and his elitist puppet masters (including Daddy Bush) stole the election in 2000. How many still remember “Hanging Chads” and the massive controversy surrounding his entry into the White House!

And so many of us today will never forget that baby Bush presided over the biggest false flag incident in this countries history …. 9/11. This was the day America was thrown under the bus by a caste of elites who used almost 3,000 American lives to initiate “The War on Terror”, a plan to bring American Imperialism (massive death and destruction) under the guise of Democracy to the Middle East in spades. Today Baby Bush and select members of his cabinet are wanted in several countries as convicted war criminals, and they are under indictment in several more, this is so real that he and his ex-cronies must restrict their international travels. Chalk up another first for American Presidential Integrity.

And we finish with his introduction or support of freedom and rights robbing legislation such as the Patriot act, and Executive Orders disguised as mechanisms for our (We The People) protection and the security of America.

Again this is light-years from being the most shining example of Presidential Integrity, and in fact quite the contrary.


Barack H. Obama


Now we advance to the last occupier of the oval office, President Barack H. Obama elected in 2008. The closest thing to a self proclaimed Dictator in modern American history. This mans ‘Reign’ (yes that is the most descriptive and accurate term) is fraught with controversy including (but not limited to) … Is he actually qualified via the Constitution to sit in the oval office? Was he born in America? Is he a closet Communist due to the massive influence of his parents and mentors? Is he secretly a practicing Muslim? Is he a homosexual? And this is merely the tip of the proverbial and controversial iceberg!

Picking up right where baby Bush left off, his tenure is responsible for more freedom and rights robbing legislation and executive orders than all other modern era Presidents combined, including, reconfirming and strengthening the Patriot Act, and passing the NDAA rider which allows the ‘Indefinite Detention of Americans Without Due Process’, the arming of federal civilian agencies (DHS, NASA, IRS, etc…) for use against Americans, and the federalization and massive militarization of local police forces. He had also given himself (and his designated representatives) the power to ‘Assassinate Americans Without Due Process’ … and you dare balk when I say “Self proclaimed Dictator”! And that is just the short list … the VERY short list.

Now add to this Obamacare which is easily the biggest middle class wrecking piece of legislating ever passed in history, instituted via massive lies and the coercion of congress (not hard to do these days) against the will of the people. We must also consider in this light his oversight of the destruction of the American industrial base via his staunch support of trade agreements such as TPP and TPPIP. All of this leading to the biggest decline in American productivity by that very destruction of our once world beating manufacturing base, and the biggest rise in unemployment since the great depression. And top it off with the insanely massive increase in our national debt … MUCH more than all other sitting Presidents combined.

This so called Democrat is also directly responsible for the huge increase of conflicts the US is involved in on a global scale. Yet he was simultaneously decimating our military by firing or forcing into retirement almost three hundred command level officers because they did not agree with his insane foreign policy (even though they would and did follow orders), or because of their refusal to fire on American citizens if ordered to (???). This is by NO means everything,

Once again, certainly not a shining example of Presidential Integrity by ANY stretch of the imagination.

Are you seeing a trend developing here … ???


Again there is so much more here that I could mention …

What you should be seeing clearly by now is a government with an agenda that is contrary to the benefit and will of We The People. As we walk up through the administrations since the early 1990’s and the Clinton Presidency, the incidences of corruption, complicity, and actions contrary to the continued health and strength of this nation become more numerous and blatant. Today it should be readily apparent that this government, whether it be Congress, the Executive branch, or even the Supreme Court no longer serve our interest, but instead serve the interest of their owners and puppet masters … the elite caste … the one percent. But the entity most in the spotlight, the one we give a celebrity status to and observe the most is, and has always been, our President. I have attempted to use this as a gauge to show an accelerating trend of tyranny.

But it doesn’t end there …

I started this commentary off with the role of the press or media as the fourth branch who’s purpose is to hold our leaders accountable and in doing so keep them honest in their duty to represent the American people. Today that is the biggest line of BULL in existence!

Owned by the very same elitist caste that owns these politicians, presidential candidates, and sitting Presidents, this so called forth branch has transformed over basically the same time frame from a champion of the rights and freedoms of the people, into an agent or tool of those destroying our birthright for the monetary and power gains of their masters.

As is clearly shown above the corruption, tyranny, and in some cases the treasonous actions of the presidents discussed has accelerated in the presented time-frame, only to be more sanctioned or heralded as necessary by said media parroting their masters talking points. Corruption or tyranny is now hidden, covered over by misdirection or redirection by the very same entity we used to rely on for honesty and integrity in reporting. It is only through the advent of independent or alternative media such as The Liberty Beacon Project, made possible by the Internet that we even have a clue of what is truly transpiring in America today. Today the Mainstream Media must truly be considered the Judas to We The People … may they forever choke on their thirty pieces of silver.

So lets get on to the final chapters in this saga of corruption, complicity, tyranny and treason …


Hillary Clinton

Hillary-Clinton. 1

As I have more that adequately shown in the above scenario, with the passage of time the level of treachery perpetrated on the American people has accelerated until we now live in a country were we no longer trust our leadership to represent us. And the crescendo was … the possible (and most even said probable) election of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Let me start this off by stating I have no love loss for Donald Trump or his colorful history of failures and scandals, but he is an extremely minor player in this scenario of lying, deceit, greed and complicity. Hillary is the unchallenged queen of tyranny far surpassing all of those already stated in this commentary!

Whether we are talking about all the controversy attached to her (rightfully so) via her dealings in Arkansas, or due to her convoluted role in her husbands eight years as President, or the scandals, corruption, and tyranny perpetrated by her during her time as a New York Senator or Secretary of State, what we are presented with is the absolute purveyor of heinous controversy.

The Clinton body count, Whitewater, Vince Foster, Travelgate, Rose Law Firm, Stealing priceless heirlooms from the White House, Pay for Play, Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation, Her illegal and unsecured email server, Major breaches of National security, hiding her health records, and so much more! The fact is all this is known and most of this has been a matter of  public record for decades or longer. Yet this is a woman who ran for President with the almost absolute backing of said Mainstream Media … REALLY … ??? … !!! Any one of these scandals would have lead to the utter ruination or destruction of a candidate back when the press was truly the “Fourth Branch”, but today it was all overlooked, misrepresented or blatantly swept under the rug. Try to explain that … if you possibly can.

Tainted Hillary could NEVER have been a shining example of Presidential Integrity!


Donald Trump

Attempted Coup

And finally we end up with our current President.

Trump is not an angel with a pure soul and all good intentions, because if he did in fact not belong to the same club (or a chapter of) as those above … he would NEVER have gotten elected President in America … FACT! Yet he is continuously and constantly lied about, persecuted, demonized, excoriated, back-stabbed, etc…, Trump is actually attempting to accomplish his (and in many cases our) goals in the midst of an ongoing and quite public Coupe Attempt … again FACT … and actually accomplishing a considerable amount.

The chapter covering Trumps contributions to the failing perception of American Presidential Integrity has not been written yet … but it will surely contain a chapter on the destruction of Presidential Integrity via the Deep State or Shadow Government …


So with all that has been said, and all we have seen, can you truthfully tell me we have not in fact witnessed “The Progressive Bastardization of Modern American Presidential Integrity” over the last three decades?

What we all need to take away from this is that the office of President in this country used to be the most respected and admired on this planet. Today via what we have just discussed or you have heard, it is either ridiculed or totally distrusted not only in America but again … globally.

Stop to consider that neither the Executive branch, the Congress, nor the Supreme Court have done anything to bring Hillary to justice, nor did they even step in to disqualify her from running for, and maybe even serving as our next President. This is because they are all owned by the same caste who seems to have as their goal the destruction of America, the prime speed bump in their path of instituting a Communist New World Order.

The only path We The People have to prevent what I see as the total destruction of the vaunted office of President, and quite possibly this nation, is in fact us! Yet we are the weak link in the chain of democratic governance in this country, eagerly acquiescing our supreme authority to those we mistakenly trust to represent us, without ever ensuring they do, or in the rare case we do … without ever holding them accountable.


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