Activist Alert – The Rabbit Hole You will Never Crawl Out of – Video Report

by Ralph Ely | TLB Staff

“There is somehow a short in our psyche that causes us to watch an Impending Disaster, such as an automobile accident, when you would think we would want to look away and not be a witness to the carnage.

It is too bad that is not the scenario for Humanity when it comes to looking at the Impending Disaster brought to us through the ‘courtesy’ of the 1% Power Elite. Far too many people are willing to “look the other way” to avoid being taken out of their “comfort zone.” There are even some Page Owners/Admin on FB and the Web that do not want others to discuss issues outside that pages stated “reason for being,” even though those issues are related and part of the overall “take down” of the world as we know it. One can only surmise they are “censoring” content because they are:  1) Uninformed about other issues and do not want to do the research to be informed. 2) Feel their ‘power base‘ (ego) is being threatened by others. 3) Are paid psyops put in place to confuse (muddy the water) and control the narrative. 4) Are there to keep groups and movements from coming together. (Cross Pollinate)

There are hours of video, stacks of written commentary and research along with countless FB pages and Websites pointing to the “Divide and Conquer” tactics used by the 1% and the resulting  “Coming Crash”… and still there are those who want to believe “Denial is some river in Egypt.”

We at TLB ask that you take the time to View the following Video no matter what your Activism… Anti-GeoEngineering/EMF, Vaccinations/Big Pharma, GMOs, Tyranny, War, Economic Collapse, B.A.R. (legal)… as we all face the Same Enemy.” (RE)

This video was just released this month with Dr. Leuren Moret & Dr. Darrell Hamamoto. WARNING: Be prepared to go down a Rabbit Hole You will Never Crawl Out of.

Video Credit: Alfred Lambremont Webre



2 Comments on Activist Alert – The Rabbit Hole You will Never Crawl Out of – Video Report

  1. Excellent video, so informative. We are so deep in the rabbit hole, I hope we can find our way out.

  2. Dr. Moret isone of the few people I would love to meet. She is one of the most brilliant women alive today.

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