Facets: The Liberty Movement & the New Millennium

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Author’s note: Every day I thank God for The Liberty Beacon, and the untiring work of my friend Roger Landry, its founder. I have watched his dreams take shape, and the good it has produced all around the world, and I am so very proud to have been a small part of what it has become. It is a light of truth in a world of violent and evil extremism on many fronts… A world manipulated by dark, powerful, and selfish agendas that strangle the dreams of men by what can only be described as slavery of the spirit… a form of slavery too horrible to comprehend… Too horrible to accept.

The Liberty Beacon is a candle that curses the darkness; a beacon of hope for the entire human race, and a canticle for Truth.

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 The Liberty movement defined…

First and foremost, the foundation of the Liberty movement are based on truthful and accurate definitions…

Words we will consider: Liberty, Freedom, a Constitutional Republic based on Law, Democracy, slavery of the spirit, truth, Communism, totalitarianism, Oligarchy, Bill of Rights, Tyranny, and human nature…

Let us consider the idea of Liberty and freedom first. Liberty from tyranny is not the same as freedom. Yes, we need a degree of freedom, but there is another element, something we call human nature, that continually thwarts unfettered freedom. I will attempt to express these ideas in the few paragraphs below.

Without a liberal portion of freedom, we could never unite, work together for a common cause, be responsible for self or even respect others… Freedom must at times be put in check, however, and so we initiated laws. When freedom is allowed to go unrestrained, some men will attempt to take the Liberty of another, tread on their God-given inalienable rights, and even attempt to control and manipulate the masses for their own selfish concerns… That, is human nature, and something we must collectively understand as We the People.

It is the very nature of being a human being to push the envelope, to test the waters, to bend and to build, to travel into the unknown, and this has given us many great and wonderful things in science, art, and our very society as well. Without pushing forward into the unknown, little or nothing could be learned, or explored. Yes, freedom is a promoter of all this…

But there is a flip side to freedom that must be considered, as freedom uncurbed can be a real danger to everything we hold dear. A danger so great it can undermine the fabric of our society, and destroy the very framework of morals and ethics that have kept us civil, and empathetically loving.

Let us look at a minor example, before a broader picture can be formulated…

Here in Lafayette, Louisiana, we have a beautiful and relatively new avenue that crosses a new bridge, Camellia. Since it is traveling through what is considered a park, with a sidewalk just feet from the road, it was determined that the speed limit would be 35mph. 

A small but very vocal part of our society vied to increase this speed limit to be 45mph. It was argued that the road was built to move traffic fast in its design, in an already very congested metropolis. Opposite points were given… that lights were already timed to keep traffic subdued, that children ride their bikes there along with women and their baby carriages, and joggers, skate boarders, and many various kinds of pedestrian recreation would travel that sidewalk day and night. It was determined by both debate and revisited considerations to remain 35mph. And so, freedom to travel above 35mph was thwarted, for the good of the whole. 

It is human nature to push the envelope… But society must have just and fair rules and regulations for the common good. This is a hard thing to admit as a libertarian, who fights against an overpowering tyranny choking civil liberty at every turn.

We are not in a freedom movement, but a Liberty Movement, and yet we continually have writers, very intelligent writers, juxtapose the idea of Liberty and Freedom to have an interchangeable meaning. They are not the same animal. Freedom has always been curbed, thwarted, because of our human nature, and that is why we have never had a viable democracy in the history of the world. Democracy always becomes totalitarian, starting by what can only be considered to be mob rule, just as Socialism always morphs into Communism to survive, and then again morphs into to a totalitarian oligarchy, where one powerful group imposes their will on a reluctant and unwilling group without the power to resist. This is why our founders gave us our Bill of Rights, and the right to bear arms and speak our minds without reprisal. This is protected by our Constitution, and we must read and understand these precious words, as without them we would be considered enslaved. 

A good example of this might be the use of tax money to perform an abortion. Statistics like one out of every five black babies are aborted, is in stark contrast to our overt moral and scientific inability to pinpoint just where life begins, and it becomes a very heated debate. When one group forces another to do something considered immoral, great social strife can occur. What comes between this as arbiter, is the standard called Constitutional Law. 

One more time…

This is why our founding fathers spoke of Liberty from Tyranny, and gave us a unique and special form of government, A Republic based on Constitutional Law. We are not in a freedom movement, but a Liberty movement, and we do not have a Democratic form of government, but a Constitutional Republic based on law. If you do not understand this, you can never fight for it. You see, this is not something that will remain yours. You must fight every generation to keep it. 

The Millennium Movement joins the fight…

And then, a rose by any other name will smell as sweet… a new name in the folds of the Liberty Movement is taking form in universities all across our nation, and infiltrating into countries around the world as well. It is called the Millennium Movement, and it is so powerful in its message, it promises to finally unite our diversity for a common cause.

This movement is addressing students, the future leaders of our precious America, under the umbrella of the Liberty movement that has been pushing and pulling since 1776. God bless them, and give them the clarity and fortitude to undertake this formidable challenge, to wrest power from an institution that can print money out of thin air, and use it to protect its selfish designs without a moral compass. Never in the history of humanity has a population taken back Liberty without bloodshed, and only with a powerful trust in God welded by truth, can it be won back. Yes, all patriots abhor violence and the loss of innocent life… And yet, what is being yelled by the American Youth, who have inherited this fine mess.: “Give me Liberty, or give me death.” 

Perhaps, just by feigning, those who control our lives from cradle to grave will resend peacefully, but that is not human nature. A human, in power and without ethics, would rather see all of it burned to white ashes then to give up dominion, and this is a frightful revelation when we consider the standard of Liberty is now held in the hands of righteous youth. Yes, there will be hell to pay, unless the powers that be have the ability to see the writing on the wall. It is their manifest destiny to fall, as our civil Liberty is given by God, and not granted by tyranny. Once this idea takes form in the hearts and minds of men, nothing in this life can hold any value without it, and no true movement is without a leader…

These Patriots back Rand Paul.


Ken LaRive: Facets

Ken LaRiveIt’s a simple but beautiful metaphor. Our soul is likened to an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Each learned experience cleaves a facet on its face, and leaves it changed forever. Through this facet, this clear window, new light, new questions and ideas take shape and form. This process is our reason for being…



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