The Radical Left Can’t Understand Why Normal People Are Angry…

The Radical Left Can’t Understand Why Normal People Are Angry…

Hint: When the Venezuelans are fleeing, it means we’re in trouble.

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A few nights ago, I received a long email from an acquaintance I’ve known for a very long time – twenty years or more. We’ve never hung out in person – all our interactions were online. Hadn’t heard from them in years.

As I was about to turn in for the night, I noticed an email from him, the subject line was simply, “Life”.

Over the years I have read a great deal of what you have written, but that became less of a habit in recent years.

Trying to locate your email address, I ended up today on your X account. After all those early years of reading you as a positive writer about technology I was completely taken back by what you endorsed on X.

It was so full of hate and anger. Against the WEFagainst scientists working for governmentabout people who worry about global warmingregardless of who caused it, against Liberals and leftists and a whole bunch of name calling.

By this point, I honestly thought this might be sarcasm, but as I kept reading, it became clearer that this was not the case:

I do not for the life of me understand how a person in your position, intelligent, informed, successful, money in the bank, living in the best country in the world is so full of vitriol.  The anger leaps off the page.

You are not alone.  In my working circle I have a lawyer colleague who writes exactly like you.  My cousin who runs a successful insurance company uses exactly the same language.

Let’s ponder this for a moment. What he’s saying is that many high-functioning, thoughtful people, who hold professional positions or run successful businesses are all seemingly sounding the same and they’re all pissed.

Has it occurred to this person to wonder why this is the case?

After ranting about the #FreedomConvoy and the “J6 Insurrection” and extolling the benefits of the vaccine that saved his life (I’m genuinely happy for him, at least it worked for somebody), he poses the question:

“What could be wrong with the people we elect to set the rules for our social contract reacting as quickly as they can with whatever measures experts advise.  It may be too much, it may turn out to be wrong, it may have forced all of us to behave in a certain way to control the harm.  Why does that produce such anger?  What are you really mad about?”

Before putting forth a carefully crafted hypothetical:

The dam upstream from your town has just shown a crack and the engineers say it is under serious risk of failure. The army will move your village to high ground. If it turns out that the crack was repairable and the dam did not break, and your town was not wiped out with flooding water, should that become a heavy duty political ideological issue?

Screw your hypothetical construct, how about this:

(Stop me if you’ve heard this one before).

A bunch of unaccountable technocrats were carrying out gain-of-function experiments on bat viruses and were barred from continuing this line of research by the Obama administration. Even the Department of Defense, whom they later pitched the project to, rejected the program as too dangerous.

So instead of ceasing their work, they farmed out the research that Congress has forbidden and the military rejected, to a  Chinese lab in Wuhan via private contractors, and then they deleted emails and paper trails to cover their tracks.

After a pathogen related to that work (a highly contagious one, because they made it that way) leaked from said lab, setting off a global pandemic that kills (by official tallies) over four million people, they manufactured a peer reviewed paper that dismissed any idea of a lab leak as “conspiracy theory”.

For the next two years anybody who publicly observes that circumstantial evidence and detailed analysis of the virus itself are highly indicative of a lab leak have their careers destroyed. People are kicked off social media for even talking about it.

In fact, people are deplatformed and canceled for questioning anything about this pandemic:

  • That the lockdowns were pointless and destructive – causing untold harm to children, who were low-risk, that it led to an increase in depression, suicide, domestic violence and bankrupted innumerable small businesses while accomplishing nothing.
  • That alternative pharmaceutical mitigation techniques like exercise, sunlight, vitamin D were dismissed as New Age Woo Woo – while any discourse or content relating to them were deplatformed by Big Tech
  • That effective pharmaceutical interventions like Ivermectin already existed but were subjected to government sponsored gaslighting campaigns

That’s just the warm up – then the MRNA vaccines come out and the narrative goes into overdrive:

And if that wasn’t enough, after the smoke cleared (and the pandemic was largely over anyway), excess mortality rates accelerated globally, including instances of myocardis and strokes in young children and middle aged people who were in the prime of their lives.

For the next year, athletes and on-air personalities were dropping like flies on live TV – nothing to see here…

Further, this new plateau of “suddenly and unexpected” didn’t coincide with the pandemic, – perhaps it was climate changeVideo games? Nobody could know for sure (but it did match bang-on with the deployment of the vaccines).

Via Edward Dowd’s “Cause Unknown”

Odd that.

In the meantime here in Canada anybody who was asking questions about all this, or objected to their civil rights being violated, who were being compelled to take these shots, were demonized by our own Prime Minister as “misogynists”, “racists” and “fringe”.

(Then he, and many others – when the extent of their wrongness became undeniable, tried claiming “nobody forced you” or they called for “amnesty” for their behaviour).

When a popular revolt in the #FreedomConvoy erupted, whose sole stated purpose was to end the vaccine mandates (despite the MSM agitprop to the contrary)  the Canadian government enacted martial law, seized bank accounts of participants and contributors and violently suppressed the demonstrators.

Later inquiries showed that practically no aspect of the Freedom Convoy reporting by the MSM were neither accurate nor truthful.

Everything I’ve outlined above is now established as either circumstantially or documented fact.

Remembering everything we witnessed from the government, from the bureaucrats and especially the corporate media during the pandemic, we are now seeing the same playbooks of ineptitudedeceit and authoritarianism being run on the citizenry worldwide in the form of a so-called “climate crisis”.


What exactly are people angry about?

If the pandemic taught us anything, it was that:

And now the same playbook is about to be run in the name of “climate”, “inclusion”, “fairness” and any other benevolent sounding rubric these authoritarians can dream up to brainwash the public that it’s in their best interests to submit to technocratic serfdom.

There is this one-sidedness to the entire ideology:

What you believe – especially if it doesn’t conform with The Current Thing, is just a belief – landing somewhere on the spectrum between infantile superstition and far-right conspiracy theory.

What they believe is the truth (more accurately – what they espouse is the truth, their actions often belie something different).

While the crux of my grievances center around just wanting to be left alone, leftists demand that you conform to their worldview, and then without a hint of irony or self-awareness proclaim:

Sometimes I think that the world is divided in to two camps: Those who believe that we are on this tiny speck of dust in an amazing universe together, and those who believe its all about them.

Yes – the universe is an amazing marvel. And Canada is a wonderful country – for whom immigrants like my parents, my wife and my child have found safe haven and opportunity to prosper and thrive.

And the reason the successful productive citizens – immigrants and native born alike – that make this country great are so angry is because the place is being turned into a socialist shithole by far-left lunatics who want to impose their own ideations of Neo-Marxist collectivism on everybody else.

The Punch Line…

The reality is that it is exclusively the left who believes they are immune or exempt from moral questions – that everything is fair game so long as it serves “the greater good” as they define it.

It is only the left who will demonize you, cancel you, and deplatform you for disagreeing with them.

It is primarily the left who will deny you services and abrogate civility on the basis of your divergent beliefs.

It is exclusively the left who will try to ruin your life for something as innocuous as a tweet – and then with a straight face explain why some crime they’ve just been caught red-handed at committing, is irrelevant, or lacks the proper context to have any consequences for themselves.

Even the rule of law must be set aside for them, if they’re embroiled in a situation that they feel is unjust.

And for some inexplicable reason – people who aren’t far-left, woketard, cultural Marxists are palpably angry.

Wonder why.

After attacking my worldview, equating it with racism and basically calling me a far-right lunatic (not to mention asking me to participate in his planned act of criminality), the email concluded by imploring me to use my voice to further his cause and his belief system:

I had to write this email because you are a leading voice and you will move minds. I hope that I might be able to encourage you to moderate the anger, to reduce the dealing with people by categories, to promote what is so great about where you and I live and to realize that as citizens of Canada, we are a very small minority in the world because we are citizens of a country where balance and fairness has a chance of surviving but only if we work on keeping it.

Yes, he’s right  – except it is beyond his ability to grasp that people could be in complete agreement with this exact sentence, yet hold values that are diametrically opposed to his.

I wrestled with whether to write this piece at all – I’ve been trying to make it a point to be more positive in my articles. But the one thing I regret about the pandemic was that I don’t think I was as vocal as I should have been. 

While true that I did speak up, against the lockdowns, against compulsory vaccinations – I pulled my punches and it’s not my proudest moment.

If I do have a voice that can move minds, then I also have to bear the responsibility for using it:

In July 2021 I wrote about my own vaccine hesitancy over on AxisOfEasy and that after looking into it a bit decided it would probably be ok (while still being on record as being against the way we were all more or less being forced to take it).

I have also since come to regret it and it pains me that perhaps my voice did sway people to take the jab. My only consolation is that, I too, took two doses of the Pfizer shot: whatever the long-term fate awaits those who took this experimental vaccine, I face it with you (to that end, I have been taking Peter McCullough’s Spike Support supplement over a year now).

So if possessing a voice that moves people comes with both responsibility and the obligation to use it – here’s what I have to say now:

  • It is OK to oppose the collectivist, radical-left agenda – in your workplace, in your school, among your neighbours and in your politics.
  • My suspicion is that, ironically, there are far more people opposed to this drift toward collectivism than than in favour of it. Those who were on the fence are coming down on the oppositional side.
  • Collectivism in all its forms – has never worked, it is a fraud, perpetuated by oligarchs on the many that will always bring about misery and poverty, and Canada is headed there.

When the Venezuelan Refugees are Pulling Up Stakes, We’re In Trouble

It is with great reluctance that I publish this, I actually had to pull it out of the trash folder.

What changed my mind was a recent meeting I had with a Venezuelan who fled to Canada in order to escape communism in his home country.

As I noted over on The Daily Bell (which we just acquired), this Venezuelan told me:

In a progressive, collectivist society, “What gets incentivized is mediocrity”.

He is now in the process of leaving Canada by June 24th – the day the new capital gains and exit tax regime kicks in, to the delight of the pundits who see this as “the rich getting their due”.

He’s moving his family to the Cayman Islands.

“I’ve seen this movie before”.

While Canada is still a long way off from being Venezuela – (the proles aren’t eating the zoo animals, yet) – he told me “all the pieces are in place”. 

We have federal ministers declaring themselves to be “proud socialists” on the floor of the House of Commons, while federal departments publish official reports equating capitalism with white supremacy and explicitly calling for collectivism.

My friend, Dr. Kristian Niemtiez once wrote a book “Socialism: The Failed Idea Never Dies”, unfortunately it seems the fate of civilizations to not learn that lesson without trying it for themselves.

I would advise reading Eugen Richter’s “Pictures of a Socialistic Future”, from 1883, which posited a fictional slide of Germany into communism: from the initial euphoric, highs to the inevitable despair and poverty socialism brings. If you sign up for the Bombthrower mailing list, I’ll send you a free ebook copy of it.

So despite my misgivings about writing negative or angry pieces – sometimes anger is necessary and the time to get angry about this is now – before Canada descends into full-on collectivism.

The choice is basically: get angry now and put a stop to this, or get out of dodge later.


My next e-book The CBDC Survival Guide: Navigating Monetary Apartheid will be out soon (honest), sign up for The Bombthrower mailing list and I’ll let you know when it drops – and get a copy of the venerable classic Pictures Of The Socialistic Future in the meantimeFollow me on Twitter or Nostr. npub1elwpzsul8d9k4tgxqdjuzxp0wa94ysr4zu9xeudrcxe2h3sazqkq5mehan


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