The Real Revolution is Won With Your Mind



By: Lucille Femine

A revolution, no matter how ghastly and horrible the images are that come to mind, is still a game, like any other. If life is a game, then war and revolution are games within that overall game. That does not imply they are GOOD games, just to clarify.

But what kind of revolution are we faced with now, in this time of overriding suppression on all fronts, with almost literal monsters reaching out to strangle us any way they can?

We’ve done the guns and bombs bit for thousands of years. What did that produce? Millions of dead bodies and new dictators. Really, think about it. None of them ended wars or solved any of humanity’s problems. They just piled on more sorrow, instability, fear and desperation. Not to mention a whole lot of beautiful buildings and houses destroyed – of course those are not as important as killing people but still, it’s an un-mocking of our culture and our aesthetics, things that add life to life. After all, a being’s home is beauty and order.

Now, to play a game, how can you win if you don’t know the rules or who your opponent is? How can you win at baseball if you don’t have a clue what a homerun is or why that guy is throwing a ball at a bat? Obviously, you can’t. You would sit on the sidelines or get smashed because your crosshairs were not directed at the right target.

In the bigger game of world domination, we may thrash around, accusing this guy, that woman, groups, sign all kinds of petitions, judge political parties, ad infinitum. All these things are good and necessary but the closer we get to the real enemy and the true goals – theirs and ours – the more effective we will be in taking them out. It can be done without shedding blood, or at least a minimum of it.

If you feel you are willing to fight for your country, then you need to know we don’t have a country. We are commodities in a corporation, set up on Feb 21, 1871 in Washington, D.C. Since then, the actual Constitution became a piece of paper,  your freedom discarded and replaced with this article of incorporation – a thorough and evil act of treason. Make no mistake about it. You’ve never read about this in school and your children won’t either. But you can read it now, in the link below.

This is why your social security number is put up on the stock exchange and you are traded as a commodity, just like soy, oil, corn, etc. You exist to make money for this corporation; your human rights are of no use to them, only the body you were born with – to work and die for them.

What an utter tragedy, born of ignorance and misdirected patriotism, for young men and women to go to war to “protect” us when they are merely serving these corporations who support both sides of every war in order to maximize their profits. This is after they have instigated the war between two or more parties through government agencies such as the CIA and other clandestine groups – strictly murder for hire.

See this video which explains it all in detail – how we are owned by the International Monetary Fund. (IMF)

We can salute the American flag, call ourselves a republic, vote for our favorite people and shoot fireworks on the 4th of July but this is all illusion or, at best, distractions from the truth. We may consider the enemy is “the economy,” that vague generality that never leads to a solution except to contract – spend less, give up pleasures and even necessities, use credit cards till we are overwhelmed with debt. That’s not the game you really enjoy, is it? You will merely go to your grave owing thousands which your children and grandchildren will inherit. And death goes on.

This is by design when you consider we have become commodities. If we work like slaves, running on a treadmill as we struggle endlessly to pay debts, then our attention is socked into that game while the International bankers take the money you have earned, using the IRS as its collection agency.

Where does your tax money go, you may wonder. They go to Bank of England which gets 40 percent and the Vatican gets 60 percent. That’s 100%, yes. How does the government get money, if not from our taxes, then? They borrow from the Federal Reserve and we, as hard-working citizens, pay the interest on those loans. So you see, we are paying debts that don’t even belong to us.

Now you know the game they are playing against us and who the enemies are. This is not an easy pill to swallow when you see how far they have come and how much wool they’ve put over our eyes. But through awareness and spreading what you know, we can win.

“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.”~ Sun Tzu

Yes, know yourself: you are not a slave; you are a powerful, spiritual being, capable of ANYTHING – especially if you know the game and the players.


L. Femine is a Staff Writer and Executive Director of Media for The Liberty Beacon project.



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