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What do you really know about “your” SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER?  Is it yours?  Or does it belong to your nemesis, the STRAWMAN?  Don’t you think it might be time to figure that out before you get held as a slave for another of your few, short, precious years?  Redundancy might seem a bit bothersome, but not nearly as bad as what you experience for not knowing what the redundant messages actually mean, and how you pay for not getting up to  speed.  If you don’t know who you are, then how could you know your political status?  This information is pivotal for the direction you take in your life!  Are you free or a slave?  Let’s talk about this.

Do you pay taxes?  

Do you have a “LICENSE” to “OPERATE” a “MOTOR VEHICLE?”  

Do you pay a “MORTGAGE?”  

Do you pay property taxes?  

Did you get a “MARRIAGE LICENSE?”  

Did you “REGISTER” your car?  

Did you sign BIRTH CERTIFICATES as you abandoned your “CHILD” to the “STATE OF…?”  

Do you think the NAME in all caps on the STATEMENTS you get in the mail is you?  

Do you pay for “TRAFFIC” citations?  

Do you have a LAST NAME?  Are you a PERSON?  Did you ever check the box to indicate you’re a U.S. citizen?  

If you answered “yes” to any one or more of the questions immediately above, you’re screwed.  Yup!  You have slave mentality, and worse, you are a slave.  Hate to tell ya, but…  Now that you know you’re a slave, what to do?  Correct your status!  

“U.S. citizen”


Here’s a real killer!  If you’re not sure about whether or not your status is correct, even after the alarm clock went off, you need to pay attention!  The snooze button is there for a reason!  It’s for those who really cannot manage time.  They even set their clocks a few minutes fast!  How’s that for interesting?  It’s 2018, and still heading for DEBT failure by U.S., so I’ll ask again.  Do you want to be a U.S. citizen/DEBTOR?  Do you know that you do not own your property?  Take a look at that DEED.  Your JOHN H. DOE, the DEBTOR is the TENANT.  Are you doing the math?  


O.K.  It’s time to take a look at that SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER in your wallet.  Is there a NAME on the front in all caps?  Is that you?  Of course not!  It even says it’s not a form of I.D.  It has peculiar numbers on it, too.  The all caps JOHN H. DOE  is not you, nor could it be.  

From now on, you need to think like you’re a living, free man.  You are not to be under Statutes, Codes, Rules, or Regulations.  You must simply respect the rights of others as you would have them respect your rights.  We’re heading toward tough times, so make sure you get this straight!  You’re one of the people, not a citizen.  The citizen is a RESIDENT ALIEN.

The Article and it’s link below is critically important for you to have to comprehend the fine mess you’re in, thanks to the human waste called the Crown Temple B.A.R. from CITY OF LONDON.  These criminal pirates want you to pay their Lord and Master, Rothschild, with your lives so they can get rich.  If this isn’t clear, I’ll try again, B.A.R. Attorners/Brokers are the key players here, as they’ve captured the Territory of Columbia, a.k.a. D.C.  Every one in a black robe is a crook.  Think you know a straight one?  I’d like to see him squirm as he hears certain questions.  Really, they’re psychotic.  They enforce COMMERCIAL CODE upon their own fellow Americans.  Does the word TREASON come to mind?  When they sentence a man to jail, who never harmed anyone, so they can post BONDS against him, they’re doing something that earns them the right to wear a very tight rope around their slimy necks, to be hung from a tree.  This is human trafficking.  Prosecute them and their wives with every opportunity.  They’re stealing from Americans for the Crown.  It’s time you learned all about this.  

You do not have to have, use, give, provide, explain, or do anything with that SSN, that JOHN H. DOE, or anything related to it, to anyone.  That SSN is for a completely different purpose than you were told.  


The following is an excerpt from “SECRETS OF THE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER” and the link (below) will take you to the whole article and related pages/links.  Please learn about this so you can understand what to do next.

“The Social Security Act is a monstrous lie. It was created and devised and intended unjustly, fraudulently, and maliciously to deprive the individual of his/her birthright, good name and character, and to legally steal his wealth. Some people claim that the Social Security Act was a plot to rid the individual sovereign of his absolute rights, and, further that the underlying purpose was to render the individual subject to, and the object of, the tax laws and other related contractual obligations. The Social Security number is recognized by other nations and is prima facia evidence that:

The numbered citizen is a card-carrying and practicing member of socialism.

He has voluntarily waived his absolute right to:

a) Personal Security
b) Personal Liberty
c) Personal Property

He can now qualify and expect to receive protection, security, old age benefits, minimum wages, food stamps, and welfare benefits from the government financed by the society at large.

He is now under public policy for the good of the whole and is allowed to keep only according to his needs after all his claims and deductions.

He is a “taxpayer” within the scope of the I.R. Code.

Some of his constitutional protection (Bill of Rights) no longer apply.

He has denounced his sovereign status of a “free person” and is administered through a regional district.

He is a taxpayer and a collector of his own tax, and can be labeled a tax cheater, a tax protester, and a tax evader if he does not file.

He subjects himself to the United States Congress and can be charged criminally for willful failure to file.

He has rejected the natural laws or common law, and he has exchanged his blessings of liberty for a mess of pottage. The organic laws of contract are now in force to compel him to abide by his hidden agreements, imposed by his participation in the Social Security system.

What is a conspiracy? A “conspiracy” is a combination, usually secret, of persons for evil or unlawful ends. Blackstone further stipulates that in law, conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons, falsely and maliciously to indict, or procure to be indicted, an innocent person of felony. The most approved manner of charging the conspiracy are the words, “did conspire, combine, confederate and agree together.” The Social Security system is a conspiracy to enslave the innocent.”

Please read this Article:


© Copyright 1993 by Frederick Mann (editor), ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. I am a permanent resident residing in theUSA, born in mexico, does this apply to me. Does this happen all over the world were citizens are slaves. What are we to do, if we go against the government we will be imprisoned or worse, shot dead. If this is true, where is the way out, what is the solution, we can’t even work without any identification. Wheres the freedom, where are our lives,!

  2. How do i live without a social security Do i not drive? How will i keep my house if i dont pay taxes? Please respond back im deep into this

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