The Shadow Has Always Been at the Service of Light



By: Zine Larbaoui, TLB Staff

This sentence from Benjamin Franklin, more than ever, symbolizes the predicament we’re actually in. Whenever governments have offered their protection, we have lost more freedom. To protect ourselves from the truth, thought and speech were increasingly censored. To protect us from terrorists, our thoughts and movements were increasingly monitored. To protect us from starvation, our food was increasingly polluted and genetically manipulated. And now, to protect us from viruses, our freedom to refuse vaccination is seriously jeopardized. If we do not wake up in soon, we will all be chipped as our pets. The technology is ready.

Given this situation, we might feel helpless, lost and undone. But never forget that the shadow has always been at the service of light, if we are able to transform our voluntary servitude into a source of personal power, because we are not born to be anyone’s slaves. We are born to express the glory of our humanity

Ernst Jünger wrote that slavery may assume grave proportions if allowed to resemble freedom.

We know that feeling. Our credit card statement gets your heart to skip a beat, we glance at it furtively, imagining the figures are lighter but it is in vain. We do live beyond our means.

We are compulsive consumers. We drive gas guzzling tanks, dress like stars, eat almost exclusively out, collect trinkets and objects that usually end up in a storage, we want to fit in, impress our neighbors in adopting this all permeating culture of materialism. Yet, we still feel miserable as we lose touch with our self esteem and individualism; we seem unable to mask the void that even traditional religions are failing to address. We have turned into “sheeple”, incurably dependent on this universal matrix.

SLAVEThe truth is that we are no longer masters of our desires. Our desires are designed from scratch by brilliant marketing strategists then implanted in our skulls in small doses, from the earliest childhood.

You see what kind of slavery, I am referring to? We are fully addicted to consumerism, impulse purchasing and the doping effect they provide us for a moment. This is akin to a Religion. We are slaves and our master is not a man, it is an economic system that plays its game thoroughly. Trapped as we are, our addiction slowly leads us to work 40, 50 or 60 hours and more a week in order to maintain our lifestyles with incalculable consequences to the harm it does to the family unit, our individual sanity and the environmental impact on Nature.

This is a new type of slavery because our body is free – if you do not work – but our spirit is not. A large part of our spirit has been captured by our Masters, and it will only be returned when we make the choice to love and respect ourselves and entourage, to stop mortgaging the future, squander it in the present and realize this as a step in the right direction…

Please, watch this rich in perspective and excellent video presentation of our insidious enslavement and how it came about in historical and philosophical terms.

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2 Comments on The Shadow Has Always Been at the Service of Light

  1. The shadow has always been at the service of the Light.
    We are as GNOMON (Definition of)1: an object that by the position or length of its shadow serves as an indicator especially of the hour of the day: as . a: the pin of a sundial

    see it wwNeighbors ~
    OUR “positions” set the shadows
    our Free Will sets our Position
    as within, so without

    our Position is valuable
    it has been stalked & hunted by the corrupt(ors)but, they shall not “take” it

    many have allowed Corruption, forgiven the intolerable, sold their “position” to the highest bidder AND recruited others

    this is how we came to, Now

    All ways, WE the People cast the shadow: Lightness or Darkness
    Always our choice

    Truth helps right the balance toward our ability to apply Free Will and take said, position.

    TY Liberty Beacon

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