The Top 10 Things a Real U.S. President Would Be Doing on the Brink of War with Syria Instead of Golfing

Rothchild 04By: Jock Doubleday, TLB Contributor.

The warship of Facebook – our warship, the warship of truth, the humming, buzzing hive-engine of millions of data-points posted moment-by-moment across Gaia’s scintillating cyber-sphere, truths steering and driving the vessel of humanity relentlessly back across the ocean of time toward the primal cause of war, endless war – the Facebook warship, originally a warship sent by the House of Rothschild to crush its remaining enemies, is steering straight back toward England, where the Rothschilds squat like insatiate Grendels over the bloody, half-eaten carcasses of men.

Meanwhile, in the high seats of government across the globe, the bankers’ puppets sit well-dressed and prim. The puppets await the questions of the Rothschild media with cue cards and teleprompters ready.

All puppets but one: the U.S. president (sic), Kenyan-born Obama/Soetoro/whatever-his-name-is. He’s gone golfing. After all, it’s only World War III hanging in the balance.

We know, with Dr. Steve Pieczenik, that Kenyan-born Obama/Soetoro/whatever-his-name-is, is a CIA creation. We also know that the CIA is an arm (and an army) of the House of Rothschild. Thus, as we know from Algebra I, specifically the transitive principle, Kenyan-born Obama/Soetoro/whatever-his-name-is is a child of the bankers and must do their bidding or be sent to his room.

Because Kenyan-born Obama/Soetoro/whatever-his-name-is is a child of the bankers, he cannot perform the duties of a real president because he is not beholden to the Constitution, to the People, or even to a vague sense of loyalty to the People, but only to his Rothschild parents/owners. So when the Rothschilds tell their child to go golfing, he goes golfing.

Here are the Top 10 Things a Real U.S. President Would Be Doing on the Brink of War with Syria instead of Golfing:

1. Silencing the war drums that the House of Rothschild asked their puppet-politicians worldwide to beat so that the Rothschilds could get one more nation’s central bank under their belt (only four to go: Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and Iran).

2. Sending hemp seeds and saplings and fungi to Japan, as well as workers to help plant them, to remediate the soil and detoxify the entire landscape.

3. Meeting with heads of state around the world to mitigate the Fukushima crisis worldwide in oceans, air, and soil.

4. Dismantling immediately all nuclear power plants in the U.S. and meeting with heads of state around the world to agree to dismantle and contain all nuclear power plants worldwide.

5. Providing aid to refugees from civil wars incited and funded by the CIA at the behest of the House of Rothschild. In the past week, Syrian refugees have fled their country by the tens of thousands.

6. Dismantling the CIA.

7. Dismantling any and all relationships with the Rothschild banking dynasty/family/lineage/industry.

8. Returning to sound money – that is, ditching Rothschild debt-based currency brought into existence by fraud in the U.S. in 1913.

9. Supporting, by word and deed, cost-conscious and enviro-conscious passive and active solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, and other “alternative” (fundamental) forms of energy.

10. Not talking about terrorists – unless it’s in the context of dismantling the greatest menace to humanity in human history: the Rothschild-controlled U.S. military, über-terrorist.

A real U.S. president would ask the Rothschilds to cease their gory carnage. But the U.S. president (sic) golfs while the Rothschilds feast.

Jock Doubleday is an independent researcher who writes about politics, natural health, and ancient civilizations. He is presently writing a book and producing a documentary on the mysterious Mima Mounds of the North American continent.

9 Comments on The Top 10 Things a Real U.S. President Would Be Doing on the Brink of War with Syria Instead of Golfing

  1. Both sides are controlled by the Rothchild’s. They own the Republicans AND the Democrats. The only chance of not getting a puppet, is to get someone outside of the system like Ron Paul, otherwise it doesn’t really matter which “side” wins.

  2. David I wish I could say your input was appreciated … but it is not. Nothing you said is constructive or even pertinent to the subject, just trollish banter and furher snide quips will be treated as spam. If you have something pertinent or constructive to add it will be appreciated. I wish you a pleasant day my friend !!!

  3. Lose the silly sod looking Paul Revere logo………..’tis no more…..get with the 21st Century and quit trying to go back in time…………you’re not Michael J. Fox. Flog the Tea Baggers and Libertarians, they are door mats for Fascism and Nazism.

  4. REALLY?? You are kidding right? Oh and by the way, there is no difference between Bush and Obama. Both are puppets of the Rothchild’s aka illuminati, aka New World Order. Until you realize that, we are are in deep doodoo.

  5. I think that any human being needs to be able to have some moments of relaxation. Especially when he or she has their finger on nuclear weapons. As for sorting out the Syrian mess I sure as heck don’t think that a middle strike is the answer. I tried to figure out the various alliances of who supports what and it’s a tangled mess with some of our typical allies supporting one side and others supporting another.

  6. Do you think that any leaders should be doing anything but sorting out this whole mess. It beggars belief.

  7. Obama has taken far less vacation than Bush. Are you trying to imply that President Bush wasn’t a real president?

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