The V710 Vaccine and Your “Robust Immunologic Response” Might Just Be Death

01bad1f2ceb4136908738d9136a40889[1]When is the last time you heard on the NEWS that someone got a vaccine and died from it? Did you miss the CNN coverage? No, you didn’t. They don’t ever cover those stories. They can’t. The producers would be “droned.”

And just when is the last time you saw in the NEWSPAPER that someone went into a coma after receiving a vaccine, like the HPV or Swine Flu Jab in the arm?

Are you following the court cases?

Do you know what happened in Texas, the whole HPV scandal with Merck and clown who ran for Republican President, Rick the prick Perry? That’s why they call him a prick, because he’s in bed with Merck. See for yourself:

“Reports are still streaming in of girls in Texas as young as 9 years old having outbreaks of genital warts, going into convulsions, becoming paralyzed, slipping into comas, and even dying after being force-vaccinated by the highly controversial HPV vaccine Gardasil.”

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And this news just two years ago:

“The last few times that experimental vaccines for MRSA were tested in humans, the results were disastrous. Back in 2011, for instance, a Merck & Co. trial involving an experimental vaccine for MRSA led to such high rates of multi-organ dysfunction and death that the drug giant flat-out cancelled the trial, declaring that the vaccine, known as V710, was “unlikely to show a significant clinical benefit.”

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Now it’s time to get that ROBUST IMMUNE RESPONSE out of every American! Bill Gates would have it no other way! Shoot up everyone with “anti-cancer” and anti-pig-virus bacteria and anti-staph infection mixed with some insect DNA and maybe some bird flu bacteria mixed up in a GMO egg yolk! Maybe add some bacon for flavoring for all those meat lovers. This is the new age of vaccines, man, they are juiced up with emulsifiers to help deliver the MSG and aspartame and formaldehyde to your heart and brain faster, without leaving that baseball size lump on your arm or your hip, and without putting you into an immediate seizure or coma, because that can wait a week or two so there’s no more lawsuits.

It’s time to activate every American with Obamacare forced vaccination program, because it’s all in the name of National Security, right? According to NSA and the IRS, you will be responsible for paying for your own lab testing of new combo jabs.

It’s time to activate the immune system and shock it into action, because the human body can’t fight this GMO all on it’s own. It needs chemicals to shock it into action. It’s like a car at a drag race, needs a little rocket fuel. Your body needs some crazy dangerous mixture of the world’s most dangerous chemicals to help your body JUMPSTART. Think of your body as a broken down car on the highway, and the CDC and the FDA as the nice government “road service” guy who stops and hooks up his battery to yours and BAM, just like that, you’re up and running! You’ve got immunity to everything they spread!

Brought to you by Big Pharma. Trust in the makers of chemical food to make chemical medicine that keeps you safe from terrorists. Ask your doctor if social media and forced vaccination ROBUST RESPONSE PROGRAM is right for you.


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