The Treason Documents


by Jeff Wiitala

The Treason Documents

See all the proof… The Congressional Record, The Laws, Treaties, Government Publications, Policy Statements and  Numerous News Articles. The PLOT to Destroy America and create a One World Government.

Click here to access this 642 page document “The Treason Documents”  containing  very important and vital information everyone should know.

More great/pertinent information from Jeff below:

35909857 Congressional Record Conspiracy to Destroy the US 1954

Freedom From War Disarmament 1961 GOV

Our Foreign Policy-State Department Publication 3972

Army Surveillance of Civilians-A Documentary Analysis-Official Congressional Report

9 Comments on The Treason Documents

  1. Everyone read “Scarlet and the Beast: The History of the War between English and French Freemasonry” by John Daniel. “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper. Go from there.

  2. Yes the late william cooper should have credit it is his research…I uploaded it to scribd….I felt it was very Important for the world to see it.I have never taken nor will I seek credit for anything.

  3. tujrkd … Do you see By TLB anywhere on that article? NO so obviously we are taking credit for NOTHING! If you click on the links (authors name & following link) presented you will find the originator of this article and the site it came from … and kindly look before you accuse.

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