The Truth About Pope Francis And The Nazi Bush Crime Cabal: The Inquisition Is Back And AMERICA Is The Next Jesuit Holocaust


By Mary Carmel (TLB)

The Inquisition Is Back And AMERICA Is The Next Jesuit Holocaust, Possibly End Game For Humanity.

With almost everyone on the planet at war, and we prepare ourselves to fight against the Jade Helm 15 False Flag events to disarm and “relocate” the American citizens for “retraining”, I cannot understand the populace that does not heed the red flags, past and present.

I have been posting articles and as much information, with our well appreciated friends at TLB, and we have really tried to reach the American that people do not know the danger they are in.  There are even the daily trolls from other countries that call Americans “stupid”, to have not seen this coming, and to put up with such tyranny is unacceptable, as they proclaim. Do people out there realize what the American Psyop was really like? Do they know what it was like to watch NYC, the Pentagon, and yes the White House presumably under attack , on a TV screen and not knowing  what was real and what was fiction as the events unfolded? I say not!

The shock of 9/11 changed our world, changed humanity’s destiny around the globe, and people are always calling us the “Stupid Americans” because the US presstitutes owned and threatened by the Vatican, Zionist, Bush Cabal that occupied US Inc. a long time ago fill our heads with a complete blackout of real events. We are thankful for our knowledge of history, research, and the alternative media that has really helped us join together as a nation searching for the truth in order to seek justice for all involved. Then there is the unending fear of terrorism within our borders, and yes, the guilt we hold for the people that were killed in the Middle East, a result of a treasonous government, attacking it’s own people, sending our military to war, only to come back with a lifetime of PTSD and illness from the chemicals they were exposed to over there. The death toll from this keeps rising here in NYC as well as abroad, and countless numbers of these veterans, live among the homeless after the economic crash under GW Bush. Obama seems to be filling his shoes just fine…perhaps surpassing him.


In our defense, as I still have the freedom to write at this hour in history (and could pay the ultimate price for it, our freedom of speech so shattered into a memory), please try to remember that these same forces, were at work on your respective countries in the past as well as now, just like us. I would like to thank other Western countries, that know this propaganda and confusion for sending their support, you know the people of the US stand with you as we do with all of humanity that has been attacked by this unthinkable machine of horrors. I cannot describe how I weep for the people of the Middle East that have lost so many… Palestine, to Libya, to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, the whole region left destabilized and  beyond broken.


How many more lives does it take before we take the REAL culprits out? The time keeps ticking, and no, we will not wake EVERYONE up, but please remember we are in this together, and cut us some slack, as we did for you during Hitler and Stalin, the propaganda machine that took so many lives, not just in Germany, but everywhere in Europe, mostly Russia… 66 million and counting. Remember the allied forces and Americans that blindly went into these wars to fight for what all soldiers around the globe thought was freedom and liberty, only to find out with the age of the internet, that we were set up. It was in vain, as we learned the intricate plan of the elite to eventually bring all of us to our knees. Humanity itself is under attack, and this time it is for keeps, endgame. WWIII is upon us and it is imperative that we stay united, despite what you see out there amidst the sea of misinformation, as well as past events we had no control over.


I have written of the Jesuits, the Zionists, the Bush Crime Cabal, the Monarchs, and all those involved in these crimes that still operate today. If you want to get to the very root of this, you have to understand the danger of Pope Francis, and his hope of ushering in the New World Order (not to mention the tools and allies he has to work with)! Please take the time to see who this man REALLY is. He is the first Jesuit pope in history, know what this means and that he has taken the Jesuit extreme oath… If you  are out there fighting for freedom, it has to start there. It is time for mankind to take out the growing cancer that will eliminate all of us!  I have often explained to people the chain of command that I see, when these perpetrators of evil carry out their mission. History has shown us that the Vatican calls the shots, the corporations and Zionists finance it through the taxpayers, the politicians legislate it, while they and the press read the scripted lies and deception, day in a day out. I think it is time for us as a whole to call for THEIR endgame! We are in overtime and on the clock.




See videos and links below that I have provided. Your answers are here. It will not be the easy thing to do, but at last. it will be the right thing. I have said it before, they have the bases loaded, and we have one shot to nail this out of the ball park. If you prefer football, we need need a hail Mary straight into the end zone, yesterday! Stay alert, we can do it, or at least give it all we have! Stay safe and carry on. With love… MC


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Please share the petition….If America will the rest of the dominos… MC (TLB)


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