The Truth About the American Economy

The-demise-of-the-dollar[1]By: Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon

TLB Commentary: We are constantly being told by the mainstream media and our government that the economic picture is brightening and all is on the mend. The unemployment rate is reported to be at a low 7.6% when in reality if all was considered (the government does not) it actually nears 20%. This fraud and so much more we are being told is smoke and mirrors, lies and deceit!

Reality is, the employment prospects available are diminishing rapidly as more companies realize their profit margins will increase dramatically if they move offshore to countries where near slave labor is the norm, requiring ridiculously low wages and no benefits.

RAMFNLclr-032913-sink-hole-_345.jpg_cms[1]The approaching full institution of Obama care is forcing companies to hire part time workers instead of full time, and eliminate many full-time positions to avoid the mandatory and costly medical benefits the program will require, or by default driving even more companies offshore. This is decimating the middle class and lowering the standard of living across the board.

Our government continues to run up deficits so big the average mind 5850287399_obama_economy_2_xlarge[1]cant comprehend them, while millions who have fallen through the cracks, having exhausted their long term unemployment benefits, and are unable to find employment, are no longer counted by a corrupt government as if they had ceased to exist.

Meanwhile the dollar grows weaker by the day further endangering any serious recovery and in fact exacerbating all the problems preventing a smooth and sustainable recovery. With the world loosing faith in the dollar as its reserve currency and its demise in this role all but assured, the future of the dollar and the US economy is exactly the opposite of what the 301490197_magic_dees_answer_1_xlarge[1]government and their lackeys, the MSM shovel down our throats daily.

When you add this all up any serious and decent economist is screaming doom because reality is, the US economy is headed for a cliff and we have no one in the drivers seat who has a clue how to drive, let alone what the bakes do! Or maybe the driver of this bus has a death wish! I can’t help but wonder how much of this is intentional, but that is the subject for another commentary …




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