The Truth Behind Medical Marijuana

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Preface by Lucille Femine, TLB staff:

This article may incite quite a bit of controversy and disapproval; others will agree. I am presenting it here for your information so you can make your own decision. The more data we have, the better able we are to make sane decisions. I was almost convinced that medical marijuana was a good thing and an acceptable alternative to harmful drugs. However, after reading this insightful data by a well-respected health expert, I had to change my view.

The argument presented by some that legalizing marijuana will drop its sales and use, comparing it to prohibition is a myth – Monsanto will make it available to everyone, “enhanced” by chemicals, even in cosmetics and candy bars which many children will ingest every day. Do you want your kids, your grandkids, your friends’ kids to be stoned and stupid every day? Granted, Common Core already has a  head start on that, but why push it further?


By: Winston Kao

Have you heard the media buzz about approving medical marijuana? You see commercials and read articles about little old ladies who consume or smoke marijuana to help with their arthritis or the side effects of their chemo therapy.  You think – “Yes, we should let them be able to ease their pain.  After all, they have to have a prescription from a medical doctor, right?”

WRONG!!!!! This is not the same marijuana that teens and college kids smoked in the 70’s and 80’s.  Definitely not! Today’s marijuana is Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) marijuana that drug dealers will pay 10 times more for. What does that tell you?

Also consider that the laws up for the vote are written in a very vague manner – so that medical marijuana does not need a doctor’s prescription.  Even 12 year old kids can buy it from the local pot shop and get high!  The other night, I saw a lawsuit pending because a zero drug tolerance employer fired an employee for smoking medical marijuana on a smoke break.  The newscaster was discussing violating the person’s rights and discriminating against someone with a medical condition.  The truth is, you don’t need a prescription – all you need is an excuse of pain or nausea to be able to purchase it.

Considering that marijuana represents the next big cash cow for the pharmaceutical industry, you should expect the very best PR (public relations) and marketing that money can buy, such as, university white papers, which consists of created lies, fabricated new compounds and claims; all done with the very best Hollywood can produce.  Remember, the purpose for PR is to manipulate the public to think in a specific manner to forward one’s agenda.

New laws have been written in the utmost vagueness to introduce and legalize marijuana. Of course, the old potheads and hippies are going to support the wonderful advent of legalized marijuana smoking. They are finally justified!

The proponents for legalizing marijuana are touting how good marijuana is. They have sold the public on marijuana products, such as: salad dressings, protein powders, face creams, hair products, and prenatal vitamins, just to name a few!

Unknown to most people, this monster-size PR campaign originated 20+ years ago, starting with fabricated science to prove that hemp protein powder has very little THC (the ingredient in marijuana that produces the high).  This is why hemp oil and hemp powders have been put into so many consumed products – the supposed low THC is negligible.

However, the amount of hemp powder that was tested was about a ½ tsp. per day (about 90 micro-milligrams).  The average person uses a couple of tablespoons for their milkshake.  That is several grams of hemp powder, NOT micro-milligrams. This is why you may have seen YouTube and blog posts stating that consuming hemp oil or hemp protein powder caused them to fail a standard government drug test. It is because it contains sufficient amounts of THC to flunk a drug test!

Then you Genetically Engineer hemp and the PR and marketing boys state that hemp no longer contains THC, but actually contains cannabidoil (CBD), cannibinol or other forms of cannabinoid compounds. This is just to confuse the public. These cannabinoids are simply a drug to dumb down society and leave them in an apathetic ambitionless stupor. They are, at the same time, introducing legislation to eliminate the SAT tests and introducing Common Core into the school curriculum.

GMO, in general, needs to be better understood. Let’s take wheat as an example; a GMO wheat’s genetic make-up will consist of flounder gene (fish), ergot (wheat rust, a fungus), wheat plant, pesticides, herbicides, and the fertilizers used. In other words, this particular wheat can produce its own herbicides, which of course, you ingest.

The sugars, starches, and proteins found in GMOs are called funny proteins, funny sugars, and funny starches. What is so funny about them? They are never before seen compounds that somewhat resemble a sugar, starch, or protein. Obviously, they are NOT the proteins, sugars, and starches that our bodies were genetically engineered to consume. This is why, in less than 5 years, we went from a no issue, no awareness regarding wheat allergies and gluten allergies to hundreds of products that are now gluten and wheat free.

With the history of GMO wheat, what do you think we can predict with the future of marijuana development? Remember, the drug dealers are willing to pay 10 times more for the GMO pot. One can assume that the current GMO marijuana most likely has 10 or more times the strength and serious weirdness when it comes to the proteins, sugars, and starches. This opens the door to numerous side effects like allergies and other unknown symptoms, as well as being carcinogenic (cancer-causing), NOT curing. Not to mention, the increase in car accidents, crime, and destruction of the younger generation’s mental health, growth, and IQ.

A new NIAAA- and NIDA-funded study shows an increased number of marijuana-positive Colorado drivers involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes since Colorado’s legalization of medical marijuana in 2009.  A similar increase was not seen in the 34 states that did not have medical marijuana laws when this study was conducted.  During the same time period, there was no change in the number of alcohol-impaired drivers in fatal motor vehicle crashes in either Colorado or the 34 then non-medical marijuana states.

When it comes time to vote on the legalization of medical marijuana, don’t fall for the propaganda! Remember that your 12 year old child or grandchild will suddenly have a license to purchase a marijuana candy bar at any “pot shop.” Is this what you want for our future generation?  More drugs and more crime?


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  1. First of all, there is, to date, no such thing as GMO marijuana. You’re confusing GMO with hybridization. Pot strains are created and modified by crossbreeding different types to get a desired result. They are not genetically created in the way that Monsanto’s frankenstein creations are. That’s not to say that Monsanto won’t throw its hat into the ring in the near future….but I think its unlikely due to the sheer immensity of the marijuana seed market…there would be no way to monopolize it, and people would be very unlikely to smoke their product.

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