Why Vaccinations Should Not Be Mandatory – A Rebuttal To, Vaccinations: It’s Not YOUR Choice

Baby and Vaccine

TLB Presents a Rebuttal to the article “Vaccinations: It’s Not YOUR Choice” Published on SCARY MOMMY

Preface By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Ignorance can be forgiven … but Self-Imposed Stupidity or Complicity Cannot!

If you are willing to preach to a position or belief, stating it to be a fact, but having made no attempt to ever learn the actual facts, either through education or personal research … you are a danger to those you preach to, and that is a fact.

The garbage being spewed in this published article, denigrating loving, caring and obviously concerned parents on their learned position not to vaccinate their children, is based on false and corrupted propaganda, concerning a topic the author obviously has never taken the time to personally investigate. Stating an emotional opinion is one thing, but she stands on her soapbox and masquerades as a purveyor of the truth and fact, choosing to intentionally influence concerned parents on a topic which can have serious ramifications, including life or death circumstances, for them and their children. This either makes her blatantly and arrogantly ignorant … or … Hmmm how much is Big Pharma paying for this …?

To the Author:

Do you even know what shedding is ? (this alone will blow huge holes in your argument)

Are you aware of the hidden and falsified data by your trusted CDC, or the many vaccine-related dangers, all backed by a large and growing (daily) amount of peer-reviewed science?

Are you aware of foreign countries banning certain vaccines (still administered to Americans) because of extreme harmful or fatal reactions?

Are you aware of the massive, harm perpetrated on all afflicted by this mechanism on a global scale in the last decade alone? The numbers are staggering and hidden from the American public who don’t make it a point to research … but something the parents you denigrate so viciously, obviously did?

The obvious answer to all these questions is a resounding NO … or again  … how big is that paycheck?

I can say without hesitation or doubt, that you have never experienced any vaccine related tragedy or horror, and for that I am grateful … even for one such as yourself, or your article would never have been written.

So for all those who do listen to the baseless lies and blatantly corrupt propaganda you parrot, for all those you do influence, are you willing to suffer their pain or personal nightmare when a catastrophe befalls them … I am seriously willing to bet NOT. So you are either a person of no conscience, or … again that paycheck must be very good to alleviate your weighted down conscience.

I find the sheer lack of compassion or responsibility displayed in this article an affront to concerned and loving parents everywhere. The obvious lack of knowledge and conscience displays unbridled arrogance, and borders on insanity!

I can only hope the author of the concerned article will read this and finally learn something about the subject she so obviously knows little to nothing about, and this wakes her up to her destructive and irresponsible crusading before it is responsible for more unnecessary suffering. Suffering she will never know of, or have to share in …

Foot Note:

From authors blurb …

“About the Author…

Alison is a former PR professional turned work-at-home mother to two boys.”

PR professional… Hmmm … Could TLB have hit the nail on the head … Naw it isn’t good to be that cynical, but …


So I have had my rant and now I will turn the floor over to my esteemed colleague and TLB staff writer Christina England to bring the referenced science to bear in a fashion only she can do.

Please read on …


Referenced Science & Commentary by: Christina England

Rarely do I see an article that makes me as mad as this one.

As I read through the ill-informed garbage written in this short article, my blood began to boil.

Let me explain:

The mother, who calls herself Alison, wrote:

“To vaccinate or not to vaccinate is NOT a personal choice.

A personal choice does not affect hundreds, thousands of people, entire communities. Making a choice to not vaccinate because you are afraid of autism, and saying it’s personal and you’re entitled to that choice, is simply wrong.”

To emphasize her point, she listed several life choices that ‘she says’ parents have the right to choose for their child. She wrote:

“Breastfeeding or not breastfeeding, is a personal choice.

Which school your child goes to, is a personal choice.

Deciding to raise your child gender-free, is a personal choice.

Homeschooling is a personal choice.

Which church/synagogue/temple/mosque you attend, is a personal choice.”

She is absolutely correct of course because all of the above are personal choices.

However, here are a few more personal choices that she forgot to add.

Allowing your child to continually eat junk food, is a personal choice.

Allowing your child to play unsupervised in a public play area, is a personal choice.

Allowing your child to play computer games for many hours on end, is a personal choice.

Allowing your child to watch inappropriate television programs, is a personal choice.

So, what exactly is her point? Oh yes, I remember it is her next sentence:

“Vaccination is NOT a personal choice, and should never be, ever”

My answer to this is as follows:

Why should a child, who has reacted extremely badly to a previous vaccination, be made to have further vaccines?

Why should a Muslim parent, be forced to have their baby vaccinated with a vaccine such as rotavirus, a vaccine known to contain the DNA from pigs? http://www.nvic.org/NVIC-Vaccine-News/May-2010/Vaccine-Safety-Critics-Call-For-RotaTeq-Vaccine-Re.aspx

Why should a Catholic parent be forced to have their baby vaccinated with a vaccine containing aborted fetal tissue? http://www.rtl.org/prolife_issues/LifeNotes/VaccinesAbortion_FetalTissue.html

Why should a child who is severely allergic to peanuts be forced to have continual vaccinations containing peanut oil? http://www.drpalevsky.com/articles_pages/346_Peanut_Oil_in_Vaccines_Since%20the_1960s.asp

Why should a child severely allergic to yeast be forced to have vaccinations containing yeast?

Ian Gromowski was a baby born severely allergic to bakers yeast and given the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth. Hepatitis B vaccine is one of the many vaccinations containing bakers yeast. As a consequence of being given this lethal vaccine, Ian’s tiny body began to swell up like a balloon.

He died an agonizing death after each and every one of his organs shut down, one by one. http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/02/managing-editors-note-below-is-the-story-of-iam-gromowski-a-boy-who-lived-47-days-after-his-hepatitis-b-vaccination-thank.html

Ian’s tiny body swelled to three times the size after receiving the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Vacc 1

Moving on to the Next Section of Alison’s Article

Alison carried on her ill-informed rant, by stating:

“Even if I believe vaccinations are linked to autism (and I do not because it IS NOT, there are PLENTY of studies to prove that), I’ll take autism over death any day. I’ll take that chance with my children. I can work with autism.”

Obviously, she must have missed the countless articles and media reports on CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson revealing that thirteen years ago, the CDC manipulated data, in a desperate attempt to cover up that African American boys vaccinated with the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age, suffered from a higher rate of autism. https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/2014/08/18/whistleblower-cdc-knew-in-2003-of-higher-autism-rate-in-african-american-boys-receiving-mmr-shot-before-36-months/

It appears that she has not read crucial British and Japanese data showing that the autism rates rose and fell in direct proportion to the number of children vaccinated each year. http://childhealthsafety.wordpress.com/2009/06/03/japvaxautism/

Alison wrote that she would “take autism over death any day” because she could work with autism. I would love to see her try to work with a severe case of autism. Here is a video clip of what life is really like caring for a severely autistic child on a daily basis.

Many autistic children have other disorders interweaving with their autism. These are called tapestry disorders. http://www.amazon.com/Reweaving-Autistic-Tapestry-Aspergers-Syndrome/dp/1853027480

Many suffer from ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, OCD, Tics and digestion problems. Many wear diapers their entire life, never speak or communicate. Many self-harm and are incredibly violent. The majority of them suffer from irrational fears from particular colors and sounds, causing them immense terror and anguish in everyday situations.

Contrary to what Alison believes, vaccinations can cause babies to die.

Vacc 2

Stacy died just one week after her first vaccination, leaving her twin sister Lesly behind. https://www.facebook.com/372638272814622/photos/a.380819555329827.86776.372638272814622/492567110821737/?type=1

Vaccine 1

Baby Cameron died just days after receiving multiple vaccinations and then, to add insult to injury, his father was falsely accused of shaken baby syndrome. http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/Vaccines/Sbs.aspx

In March 2011, Neil Z. Miller wrote that in the USA more than 2,000 babies died after receiving pneumococcal and Hib vaccines and yet nothing whatsoever was done. He reported that whilst these vaccines were suspended in Japan after just four deaths, the news of over 2000 deaths in the USA was barely even reported. http://www.naturalnews.com/031820_vaccinations_babies.html#

For even more evidence I urge Alison to read the following work by Dr. Viera Scheibner, to educate herself on the dangers of vaccinations.

Dr. Viera Scheibner articles:

Dr. Viera Scheibner has written hundreds of well-referenced informative articles and papers, based on tens of thousands of pages in the mainstream medical literature (Lancet, NEJM, JAMA, BMJ etc.)

Dr. Viera Scheibner, PhD has written and published two books on the adverse effects of vaccinations:

Vaccination, a Medical Assault on the Immune System (1993, ISBN 0 646 15124 X)

Behavioural Problems in Childhood, the Link to Vaccination (2002, ISBN 0-9578007-0-3)

Additionally she has written numerous articles as well as many concise ‘Rapid Responses’ to articles published by British Medical Journal. Desiree Rover http://www.desireerover.nl/vaccinaties/dr-viera-scheibner-articles/

For extra reading she may wish to read a letter written to the UK government in 1980 from Professor Gordon T. Stewart to Mr. P. Allen, the Secretary to the Committee on Safety of Medicine, accusing them of withholding evidence on the dangers of vaccination from the public.

Page 1 – of his actual letter.


Page 2


Page 3


If Alison still feels that vaccinations are safe, then I urge her to read Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic’s paper titled, “Aluminum and Alzheimer’s Disease: After a Century of Controversy, Is there a Plausible Link?” where she states:

“Thus, vaccine-derived Al (Aluminum) would have a much greater potential to induce neurological damage than that obtained through diet. It is true that vaccines are not administered on a daily basis; however, they are administered frequently during the most critical period of brain development (Table 6) [38, 111, 122]. Further concern about neurotoxicity risks from Al vaccine adjuvants is warranted by the fact that even adults may be susceptible to adverse effects from these compounds [123–128]. In addition, injection of Al hydroxide in amounts relevant to human vaccine exposure, leads to motor neuron death, increase in brain inflammatory markers, impairments in motor function, and decrements in spatial memory in young outbred CD-1 male mice.”
[87, 129].” http://www.j-alz.com/issues/23/vol23-4.html

Alison continued her article by stating that:

“You don’t get to decide that for me. But when you say, I choose not to vaccinate and it is my right! – you are deciding for me, and thousands of other parents and their children. You are exposing your children and mine to diseases that should no longer be here. You are exposing elderly folks and yes, even adults whose childhood vaccinations have weakened (and yes, you can get boosters, go get them now), to these diseases. You are taking away children, parents, and grandparents away from their families. That is your personal choice? No, it is not.”

Here we see a mother repeating the government, medical and pharmaceutical industries mantra. How can an unvaccinated child be a danger to a vaccinated child? If the vaccines worked, which they do not, the vaccinated child would be safe because they would be fully protected. Alison continued her rant by adding:

“Have you seen a five week old in ICU because of whooping cough? Have you seen them hooked up to machines and drips, fighting to live? They wouldn’t even have to be there if their siblings had been vaccinated, and not passed it on to their innocent little brother or sister (and this is a true story told to me by a doctor friend living in Holland).”

There is absolutely no evidence to support whether this baby or any other baby has ever caught whooping cough from an unvaccinated child. However, there is evidence to support the fact that vaccinated children can pass on diseases that they have been vaccinated against. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/04/17/pertussis-vaccine-for-whooping-cough-effects.aspx

There is also evidence to support the fact that unvaccinated children are healthier than their vaccinated peers. http://www.viewbix.com/v/Unvaccinated-Children-Healthier/a75dae69-a6e2-478b-a4ac-708545b36725

Finally, Alison stated:

“Pertussis (whooping cough) can kill. If you survive it, it can damage your lungs, and give you long-term health problems. People used to die from small pox (and still do). There are severe and real repercussions to your ‘personal choice’, on other people. Don’t we have enough freaking diseases in the world which God knows, if we can find vaccinations for, we’ll all be queuing up to get them? Cancer, HIV, various respiratory diseases, Ebola and who knows what else is going to strike us down.”

My final comment to Alison’s article is this:

I would like to inform her that there are currently 395 vaccines waiting for FDA approval and I would urge her to get her tent ready and start queuing up early so that she is first in line. http://www.news-medical.net/news/20100910/395-new-vaccines-being-developed-for-infectious-diseases-PhRMA.aspx

While she is in the queue waiting for her next vaccination, maybe she should consider explaining to us all, how scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, bubonic plague and typhus all disappeared without a vaccine in sight …


Added by TLB, September 17th

CDC Whistleblower Dr. Thompson: “I’ve Stopped Lying” – Willing to Testify on Vaccine Fraud


Once again,  If you are willing to preach to a position or belief, stating it to be a fact, but having made no attempt to ever learn the actual facts, either through education or personal research…you are a danger to those you preach to … this is a fact.

40 Comments on Why Vaccinations Should Not Be Mandatory – A Rebuttal To, Vaccinations: It’s Not YOUR Choice

  1. Damn straight any medical procedure (and this includes vaccines) are the individual person’s decision and if it affects someone else, so be it. We each have the right to personal medical autonomy; not only is that a God given right, but is backed up by the Nuremberg code. Bullshit to any doctor, hospital or anyone else who thinks differently!

  2. Dear family’s I am so sorry for what you guys have gone thru. I would go with u guys on it if I were u. It isn’t because our country has a epidemic it is because. All of these illegal immigrants who are forcing the system to do this. If they tighted up the borders for anyone to come they wouldn’t force this to us. Who don’t have the problem. The immigrants are bring these viruses to our country giving our kids these viruses and we don’t have the vacin to help us fight against what they have are kids will die. Maybe you all with help with the illegal immigrants coming here we wont have to do it. That is what the doing trying to safe whatever Americans are left.im sorry if no one likes the truth but it is what it is.

  3. So…Reading through the article and most of the discussion, I still believe that those that blindly choose to not vaccinate their children against anything are putting their children and the community at risk.

    If you don’t want to give a Hep B vaccine to a child, that’s fine, extremely low risk of them ever catching that. However, the extremely communicable diseases, such as whooping cough (which actually has a fairly high mortality rate compared to the vast majority of diseases) should be vaccinated against. Not only because of the ramifications possible for your child getting it, but because vaccines only work based upon community immunizations, as the limited immunity you get from a vaccine will not stand up to a full viral load.

    However, with that said, being vaccinated, you will not get as sick. Also, those of you arguing that “big pharma” lies about vaccines to make money, the vast majority of vaccine producers only break even or even lose money on vaccines.

    Specifically regarding autism, the link between vaccines and autism has been debunked so many times, and the original doctor who “linked them” in the U.K. actually lost his medical license due to admitting he hand-selected the children for his study as those already showing signs of autism disorder, effectively making his study pointless, and in the years since no one has been able to replicate his “results”.

    To touch base regarding the vaccines the U.S. uses that are banned in other countries: the U.S. does a lot of dumb things where we are years behind other countries, and it isn’t going to get fixed any time soon. The countries that ban these things will do so based off of one or two studies, whereas the U.S. doesn’t seem to move unless it has overwhelming scientific fact – and even then sometimes it doesn’t do anything, just look at climate change and how half of congress (republicans) ignore the facts.

    The incidences of vaccine related reactions is lower than the incidences of the diseases in which they prevent. This is exactly what we call risk versus reward. If you want to insult another nurse for arguing this, then you need to go back and study statistics again, as statistically, it’s smarter to get vaccinated than it isn’t.

    With that said, again, you’re welcome to your own opinion, and you’re welcome to choose to not vaccinate yourself or your child. However, I would simply ask that when your child gets whooping cough, you do the right thing, and either take them immediately to the hospital, or keep them home, as there have actually been reported large outbreaks of whooping cough in Los Angeles recently, where there are higher percentages of parents choosing not to vaccinate.

    Lastly, I ask that you actually research the material yourself, and don’t trust articles like this. When I say research, I mean read peer-reviewed articles yourself, or speak with your doctor. The internet is a hotbed of false information, or information that is skewed to serve a purpose. Peer-reviewed journal articles can be too, but they’re typically less so if they’re in a reputable journal.

  4. “Concerned” should change her name to “Illiterate,” as she can’t even spell “cite” correctly.

    And then, we have a nurse who can’t spell her specialty and thinks that whooping cough will kill you.

    JFC, where do these fools come from?

  5. Great article, but I don’t think scarlet fever is gone. My son had it last year and his dad had it a few times as a kid. It’s just a rash that’s caused by strep.

  6. Choose articles and research from licensed medical professionals, then jump back on the soapbox. The poor babies mentioned in this article have very rare diseases and complications. You are using unfounded sources to scare parents. Not vaccinating your child is neglectful to your family and any family whose baby is too young to be vaccinated and anyone with severe asthma and anyone with a compromised immune system.
    Would you risk driving without buckling your child in? Of course not, that is dangerous and playing with fire, temping fate to hand you a terrible punishment. In fact, it might even be deadly ~much like not protecting your child from preventable, contagious, harmful, and deadly disease.

  7. Christina,
    I am not decidedly pro or against vaccination yet, I’m in my research stage. But I want you to go back and read the study you posted as supporting that unvaccinated children are healthier. When you responded to Tara earlier you gave her a link to support the theory that non-vaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children I think you must have misread the study. All along the study it states the exact opposite. Just wanted to give you a heads up!
    Quoting directly from the Discussion section the study states that:
    “Some parents—and doctors—fear that vaccinated children are protected against specific infections, but that their immune systems reacts less to non-specific diseases and that vaccinated children contract infections such as colds, bronchitis, or gastrointestinal infections more often than unvaccinated children. However, the KiGGS data did not show any notable differences in the numbers of infections. By contrast, in unvaccinated as well as vaccinated subjects, a notable drop in the number of infections was observed with increasing age. Another fear associated with protective vaccinations is that they might possibly promote the development of allergies. The KiGGS data did not show statistically significant differences in the prevalence of atopic disorders in unvaccinated subjects compared with vaccinated subjects.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3057555/
    In this study, vaccinations were basically irrelevant as to the health of the child concerning illnesses.
    I like some of your arguments Christina…just would like to see your sources supporting your side.

  8. Dear Dave

    Many of the of links that I have already provided are articles and sites giving information leading directly to the actual peer reviewed studies but either you cannot be bothered to read them or are unable to read them.

    I can supply 1000’s of peer reviewed studies to prove what I am saying is true and if you read my work on a regular basis you would already know that. You, on the other hand have so far failed to provide readers with one.

    I suggest that in future you read my work here at The Liberty Beacon and read the scientific peer review studies that I provide.


  9. Christina,
    Thanks for the links but those are just blogs and internet news sites again. Internet news sites and blogs are terrible sources to use when making decisions about the health of your children. When I asked for accredited scientific sources I meant an actual peer reviewed study. I’ll understand if you can’t provide one, because it probably doesn’t exist.

  10. Scary Mommy didn’t do her homework. You can not blame the unvaccinated for spreading whooping cough. A recent (2013) study suggests that the current (acellular) whooping cough vaccine doesn’t actually confer “herd immunity” and can create asymptomatic carriers who can unknowingly spread infection to others.


    “Using baboons, the researchers found that recently vaccinated animals continued to carry the infection in their throats. Even though those baboons did not get sick from it, they spread the infection to others that were not vaccinated.

    “When you’re newly vaccinated you are an asymptomatic carrier, which is good for you, but not for the population,” said Tod J. Merkel, the lead author of the study, who is a researcher in the Office of Vaccines Research and Review in the Food and Drug Administration.”

    Furthermore, it’s very likely that a vaccinated person is MORE likely to spread the disease to an unvaccinated infant. Babies are the ones who need protection from whooping cough, since they are the ones who get seriously ill from pertussis. At least an unvaccinated symptomatic person would know to not visit his/her friend’s infant. An vaccinated asymptomatic carrier wouldn’t know to stay away and could easily make this baby sick w/out even knowing it.

  11. Dear Tara,
    Yes, unvaxed children really are healthier than vaccinated children. This may be called anecdotal evidence, but my son was perfectly healthy, hardly ever sick (and when he did come down with something, he kicked it out of his system more quickly than most) until he got the MMR vaccine. He developed an autoimmune disease (that is actually listed on the manufacturer insert as one of the known adverse reactions… and by “known”, I mean it’s one of the ones they’ll actually admit to) that was life threatening and landed him in hospital for 3 days. The disease could have been avoided by not giving him the vaccine, his immune system would have remained undamaged, and he wouldn’t be so easily exhausted all the time as a result of the drugs they had to give him to combat the disease. It’s been almost six months, and he still easily tired, much more so than any of the other children his age. He used to be extremely energetic prior to getting the vaccine.

    I know other children, young adults, and adults who have had limited or no vaccines, and they are far healthier than others I know.

    There is a reason why the CDC wont undertake a study to compare general and specific health of vaccinated children vs. unvaccinated. The results of such a study would be bad for business.

  12. DEAR TARA: Your claim “There isn’t one shred of proof that vaccines cause autism”.”Not one”. You, Tara, need to read Dr.William Thompson’s report and statement re: cover-up from a 2004 CDC study. THIS IS A CDC SCIENTIST coming forward about vaccines causing autism and the CDC’s cover-up. Let’s just start with that one, and I’ll walk you through some others after you have processed the report. Your bogus claim of not one shred of evidence is entertaining, to say the least. Also, I like your reasoning that since the air is polluted, we should have no qualms about injecting ourselves with aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, monkey DNA, aborted fetal cells, dead viruses, live viruses, and cancer cells. Oh ya, lets consolidate all these toxins into a dose and administer it DIRECTLY into the bloodstream, BYPASSING the natural, biological entry of the immune system(nose, mouth, eyes, G.I. system), which should NEVER happen and NEVER promotes health. Ever hear of SV-40?? Look that up also. Its labeled SV-40 because there were 39 previous. Looking forward to your response.

  13. Dear Dave

    These may help.


    An easier version


    As for the diseases that had disappeared before vaccinations, please read work by Dr. Jayne Donegan MBBS DRCOG DCH DFFP MRCGP MFHom GP & Homoeopathic Physician. In particular a paper/article titled Are Childhood Diseases a Good Thing which can be found here http://www.jayne-donegan.co.uk/articles


  14. Thank you for all your comments and kind words.

    Tara wanted and actual study to prove unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children. This one is of the studies that I used when I wrote on the subject for vactruth.

    I think that she and others will find that is an actual study. I hope that this helps http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3057555/ Christina England

  15. So it’s ok to bash another author because her view isn’t the same as yours? So unvaccinated kids are healthier than vaccinated kids, where’s the proof and please not some natural news or anti-vaccine page show me a legitimate study that proves that. Vaccinated or not a person is still at risk for contracting a virus. Viruses have nothing to do with vaccines and they don’t target those who are vaccinated and those who are not. All you Wakefield followers need to wake up and smell the coffee. I don’t dispute people can have reactions to vaccines but it’s no more than a reaction to an antibiotic. Most of you nuts spew this anti vaccine garbage in hopes of scaring the public but yet I bet there are TONS of chemicals you put into your body and the body of your child every day. What about the mass amounts of lead in the air cause breathing in lead doesn’t do any damage right? And lastly there isn’t one shred of proof that vaccines cause autism. Not one. There is scientific proof and several studies available to anyone who wants to read them that shows autism is linked to a genetic mutation while a baby is still in the uterus but i guess it’s ok to disregard that as long as you have someone to blame or something to blame for your autistic child. Did having an autistic child mean there was something wrong? We are all full of imperfections.

  16. “explaining to us all, how scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, bubonic plague and typhus all disappeared without a vaccine” Ummm Bubonic plague killed half of Europe….how does a stat like that help your arguement? The others are treatable with antibiotics but still kill hundreds of thousands of people a year. They absolutely have not disappeared. You criticize the other author for not doing any research but prove in your closing statement that you haven’t done real research yourself. You need to use accreditied scientific sources, sourcing news articles and blog posts doesn’t prove anything.

  17. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I have 2 vaccine damaged grandchildren and have become very educated. Our family wished we would have known the dangers before vaccines were given. I have a 5 year old granddaughter, she has had no vaccines, or Vit K at birth, because of what happened to her brother (Autism). She is perfectly healthy and very bright. I do my best to inform parents, grandparents and pregnant women of the dangers and truths about vaccines. I have printed up a little brochure. If everyone who has a vaccine damaged child in their family would do this, it would make a big difference. Spread the word. The drug companies are evil and hopefully they will get their “just rewards from God” from the harm they have caused.

  18. I’m just wondering when everyone is going to realize that vaccines did not do away with childhood diseases, they never left. It’s because of proper use of antibiotics, better nutrition and hygiene that they no longer claim the lives they once did. Now, we’re manufacturing disease outbreaks because of a soon-to-be-released-new-and-improved vaccine.

    I have personal experience with whooping cough- I’ve had two different friends in two different states try to report diagnosed cases of it to public health officials. One of those friends had to chase the public health nurse down to report it because the nurse was avoiding her. The other friend called the nurse to report the case and the nurse stubbornly denied there were any cases of whooping cough in that state. They didn’t care that my friend was calling to report it.

    I caught whooping cough a few years ago and my oldest child and two of my nephews caught it as well, but their middle brother did not get it. My older nephew (a teen at the time) was fully vaccinated. My younger nephew, an infant, was completely unvaccinated. We were unaware it was whooping cough for quite some time because the doctor who saw my older nephew (the first to get it) didn’t tell my sister what it was. This mad is their pediatrician. He just prescribed antibiotics and sent him on his way. It wasn’t until later when my nephew was seen at another facility that she was told what it was. Of course, when her baby got it, all hell broke loose and the public health authorities tried to intimidate her into vaccinating her baby. Both boys eventually got better and are doing just fine.

    My oldest daughter and I had been vaccinated as children but of my other three children, one had been vaccinated years before (she never got her boosters) and the two little ones are completely unvaccinated but neither they, nor my husband, nor my mom, who is elderly and we lived with her at the time, got whooping cough. Again, like my nephews, both my oldest daughter and I are just fine and we have no lingering health effects from the disease.

    My mom got whooping cough naturally as a child. She also got measles, mumps and rubella and so did all her siblings. They were just normal childhood diseases that everyone caught and then got over, just like chicken pox used to be when I was a child.

    This constant development of new vaccines is a huge money maker for pharmaceutical companies but it’s costing the rest of us our health. Like the authors of the rebuttal article here said- YES, we should have the right to refuse to participate in these get rich quick schemes. Especially since we’re not the ones benefiting from it.

  19. I think that it should be the parents right to vaccinate or not, it is your child so it should be your choice as for having to be vaccinated to go school then think about this way it is not your school so it is not your choice, vaccinate or not, it is not illegal to not vaccinate but choosing that you are more limited to resources and that is your choice so there is no reason to mean and rude to other people that just shows how indecent people can be. If you want teach something they should have a class in school just for manners because they almost do not exist anymore which is sad. Have a wonderful day and chill out no reason to get all butt hurt, everyone has right to there own opinion. Good luck.

  20. Not to be all conspiratorial or anything, but it’s worth noting Allison’s blurb…

    “About the Author…

    Alison is a former PR professional turned work-at-home mother to two boys.”

    PR professional… Just sayin’.

    I used to love Scary Mommy… a little less so at the moment.

  21. PEDIACTICS NURSE is most likely an industry troll. Trolls often declare they are Dr., Chemist, Nurses, PHD’s of some scientific or medical field. They also pose as parents of vaccine injured children who would do it again and would accept autism over a child dying.


    P.S. Are you aware that you incorrectly spelled your own field of nursing?? Thought you might want to know. I’m guessing that you are fully vaccinated, so it’s probably not your fault. Might want to look into how injected mercury crosses the blood brain barrier and the devastating neuro effects it has….oh nevermind. You probably don’t even know what I’m talking about. Have a good one.

  23. Dear PEDIACTICS NURSE: I also am a nurse of 12 years. I have seen PLENTY of vaccine injuries. Are you aware that a vast majority of physicians and nurses have no clue when it comes to what is vaccine injury or death? Are you aware that most med professionals get their info straight from CDC and Pharma companies, who, by the way, are sharing the same bed? Are you aware that pharma companies are legally exempt from liability from the families they injure? Do you wonder why? Are you aware that childhood diseases were 95% eradicated BEFORE vaccines were introduced into our gullible culture?? Are you aware that only around 10% of vaccine injuries are reported? Are you aware of just how many REPORTED deaths there are to date JUST with the Gardisil vaccine alone??Are you aware that vaccine injuries are more commonly shrugged off as coincidence or inconclusive? Why would ANY intelligent licensed medical professional advocate and push for a Hep B vaccine in a newborn when you SHOULD know dang well they are not at risk for Hep B? Do you suspect that newborn will be going out on the streets next Fri night and have some casual sex? Or maybe you are concerned that newborn might try some risky I.V. drug use with a dirty partner? I don’t even want to get worked up about your other vaccines that you think are so wonderful for these kiddos…dont want to get worked up right now. You are suppose to be a trained medical professional who has critical thinking skills. You are suppose to be educating the community, not misinforming them. Shame on you and the other robots in the medical field like you!….WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???

  24. Pediatricnurse: 10%. That is the percentage of infants that will die if they contract pertusis. So you’re spreading misinformation. 10% is not a probably.
    I’d also love to know what illnesses these 20 babies died from. There hasn’t been a measles death in the US in 15 years. Hepatitis is spread, 99% of the time, by an infected mother. These babies were healthy? No underlying autoimmune disorder?
    Where these babies vaccinated or not. Unvaccinated children, while growing, are still rare. Slightly over 90% of the US children’s population is vaccinated.
    I’m calling bullshit on you. You’re full if as much propaganda as the CDC.

  25. pediatricnurse…. just wondering what these vaccine preventable diseases were. 20 in 3 years, that seems a bit high for just 1 nurse to experience. I just had a dear friend’s infant contracted whooping caugh, and although it was traumatic, she lived. The mother is still against giving her children vaccines. we know the risks. we are willing to face them. because having to put my [almost] fully vaxxed son on steroids to help him breath, and suffer with “normal” eczema, asthma and allergies. It’s a weekly battle at times. I don’t feel that is a good trade off for a rarely fatal (in the US) disease. Here’s another crazy idea. Maybe if we stopped going out in public sick, we won’t pass on illness. Here is one more to think about. How about eating a diet consisting mainly on organic fruits and veggies rather than processed, chemical junk. Maybe our immune systems will actually do what they were meant to do.

  26. I hate that everyone assumes that people are I’ll informed because they didn’t come to the same conclusion that YOU have. The truth is, there is two different and equally biased groups out there providing information. Just because you guys have CHOSEN to believe one sides arguments doesn’t make you better informed and safe. “For concerned” as seen her 13 month old nephew die from vaccinations, and while I mourn her loss I feel that you should know I have seen close to 20 infants die from vaccine preventable disease in my 3 years of work. I have never seen one from a vaccine reaction. They are rare and less likely to kill than the disease they prevent. I’m not saying there are zero chances of reaction, so don’t bite my head off. I do know from first hand experience, however, that tetanus, hepititas, and whooping cough WILL very likely kill your infants if they contract it.

  27. Thank you for writing this article. I couldn’t even finish reading Scary Mommy’s ignorant blog post because it was full of so many lies and none of her claims were even backed up with proof. I am tired of ignorant people who clearly do NO research claiming that parents who choose not to vaccinate are ignorant. We are the ones who do countless hours of research on vaccines–not the mindless zombies who choose to follow every word from their doctor as gospel truth. Wake up people! The lives and health of your children are at stake!

  28. Dear “Concerned”: You are clearly not aware that the US is one of the top industrialized nations for infant mortality rates. My 13 month old nephew died right after his one year vaccinations where he received five doses on the same day. He had previously reacted to a vaccine dose with a seizure, yet the parents chose to continue to vaccinate him at the doctor’s recommendation. He died from a seizure in his sleep. This is much more prevalent than you are aware. They could not call it SIDS because he was beyond the normal time frame, so his death was listed as “inconclusive.”

  29. Are you kidding me?! Why not site your research here then and not a link to the same website dumb enough to publish your ill-informed information? You sited a cartoon animation to support your side and individual case studies. Sorry, not the highest level of evidence. Yes side effects happen with EVERY medicine in our medical community. But they are EXTREMELY rare. Death by almost-eradicated communicable diseases should not be an option for your child.

  30. Bravo, Christina! I praise and appreciate you’re due diligence with regards to your research. If only folks would read these provocative pieces of information, it just might help put the puzzle together sooner.

  31. What a great rebuttal!! And full of common sense! I go to a holistic dr who is totally against immunizations. He told me that he treats lots of Amish and there is not 1 case of autism in any of there communities! And they Do NOT immunize! Well, winner winner chicken dinner…there’s your sign!

  32. Thank you for this article, as it summarises all the right, evidence-based answers to the usual soap-box preaching !!! I ‘ve saved it in my favourites and from now on I ‘ll just be copying and pasting the link to anyone who even attempts to start preaching at me !!!

  33. Thank goodness ! Some sense! I agree with everything you’ve written. My 4 children are unvaccinated and all extremely healthy , never had need for antibiotics in their lives! My son is 19 now, at Uni. My 3 girls are 12,16 and 17, all healthy and highly intelligent. I am thankful that I researched vaccines 20 years ago, and made an informed choice.

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