The Truth Shall Set You Free

By Melissa Diegel | TLB Staff Writer & Talk Show Host


I find it implorable that Arizona’s Main Stream Media refuses to print the truth and instead has press from other states covering Arizona such as press from Atlantic City:

Backers to rally at Capitol for children’s health insurance

There is a reason for that. It’s called a media blackout. The media in Arizona was specifically told not to write about certain types of stories or anything that might make the Governor of this fallen state look bad. Especially if it pertains to CPS/ DCS stories. It is Governor Doug Ducey who is directly blocking all transparency about what’s really going on in the system here in Phoenix.

I know personally that reporters and legislators have been gagged by the government because they have told me directly themselves.

The full irony here is that the media themselves was just kicked out of the House of Representatives.

This actually affects their livelihood and continues to put a tightened choke hold on the already restricted freedom of speech for all Arizonan’s and now even those writing for the press.

The restrictions have just gotten tighter for some journalist to even do their job as they may not be able to get in to view, record or even be able to write stories anymore. From now on it is required in Arizona for the media who participates at press conferences to have a fuller background check done on them through the Department of Transportation. Good luck if you have ever been arrested or have any ding on your record, even if it’s for trespassing as you will no longer be able to participate. Now we all know it is not uncommon for reporters to get thrown in jail for crossing the line.

I myself as an advocate, who signed up at the kiosk to speak about improvements a team and I had written about, in regards to the CPS system, (under My First Amendment right) was escorted out by an armed officer, after I was denied the right to speak at a public DCS oversight committee meeting. After which the Government actually erased the video of them escorting me out by an armed officer. Please keep in mind I have no criminal history and have a level one fingerprint clearance card.

The point being that in Arizona there is no freedom of speech anymore, the suppression and the right for us to speak to our government in regards to our grievances has long since been taken away and stripped. Now even the right for the media to be present and record what is happening in the legislative house is being removed. The public should be outraged. The media should be outraged. In truth they should have seen it coming. The Governor has already been controlling them and telling them what they could and could not write in their papers.

Arizona just keeps getting stricter every day. And the media watched it happen. Hiding the truth did not help. Now some of them will loose their jobs.

What is my suggestion? Start printing the truth!!!!

About the author:

Melissa Diegel is the mother of (3) children, two of whom were medically kidnapped. She is a outspoken advocate, the voice for the voiceless and speaks out on humanitarian issues.  She lives in Mesa, Arizona and supports the constitution, family rights and believes in freedom of speech. She is a international radio talk show host on 4 Family Justice  sponsored by the Liberty Beacon Project. She is a published writer and has been a frequent guest on many international radio talk show programs. Currently there are over 21,000 children in the Arizona DCS system, where over 35 children a day are being taken.  Two of those children out of 21 thousand are Melissa’s daughters!

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