The Unlikely One World Order Of Black-Ideology (Part One)

Black idealogy

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Every institution, be it a religion, corporation, or government, wants to spread its influence outward, and if its power is strong enough, to ultimately dominate the entire world. If opportunity presents itself, it is human nature to push forward. Seems a simple concept, but one not easily understood, because good people of moral conscience tends to have faith in their fellow man, and think that others have the same mindset, and want what is good for all. This is not true, and though the ideal that coexistence might be created for mutual benefit, in the real world one facet will always seek advancement over the other. Never in the history of mankind has one group coexisted with another for very long, putting the general welfare of another group over their own. Sure, men with mutual interests do unite to fight a common foe, in time of war more often, and too, to create a competitive edge, but if that danger is eradicated, the partnership will soon dissolve, as each will try to absorb the other… On face value, the whole idea of an idealistic coexistence is a farce, as both sides will soon vie for power and control over the other. With Christian Love in your hearts, you oppose others who use your sensitivity to control you. You choose friends who are motivated by vengeance and wrath, and it is a snake that will ultimately turn on you. Look at your own media, and determine if Christian ethics are promoted there, and who controls it? Tyranny laughs at those crying for Liberty.


Find Truth, and defend it.
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No place searched has explained this so-called black-ideology so eloquently, and over the eons emphatically taught, as in Machiavelli’s “The Prince.” It is required reading in every Ivy League school, and for a reason. It was even laid bear in my Catholic University, Loyola New Orleans, presented in Professor Tungate’s “Process and effects of Mass Communications” class. A noteworthy and memorable assemblage of which, at that time, considered the most informative subject forum in the department, and of course, for those less motivated, the hardest. It explained to a tyrannical King, sure-fire and time-tested methods to promote and maintain power over the populous, by unscrupulous tyranny, and hidden under the protective edge of illusion. How to play one side against the other was of primary focus, and rendered by all forms of media without the restrictions of a normal human conscious, or moral compass. Propaganda of the highest order, scientifically sound, it was created for the primary reason and motivation for a King to flourish, to rule, to endure.

And we are, in the Liberty movement, opposed to such tactics, this motility of totalitarian dominance. Of course I do not speak for all Libertarians, but Liberty from tyranny is the main tenant of the movement. We want our Republic based on Constitutional law restored, and some are prepared not only to work for that end, but to risk everything, even our lives, to make it so. It is a powerful affirmation, a Libertarian point of view… You see, if one can find little or nothing to die for, one can find little or nothing to live for, and that in essence is the force behind the most powerful Liberty shibboleth: “Give me Liberty, or give me death.” This precept transcends all we may hold dear in this life, as we weigh our Liberty to have a God-inspired substance. Liberty is not grated by tyrants, not in this world, but won. And every generation must win it for themselves… If they do not, if they become passive, inactive, or lethargically non-responsive, they will quickly lose it. And once gone, only blood will get it back. A tyrant will do anything to stay in power, and this is beyond the ken of moral and ethical people. No chronicled depiction in human history has more validity and proof… No shout ever recorded from the lips of our founding countrymen has more value to a patriot then this singularity: Liberty is bought by the blood of Tyrants and Patriots…

When the curtain falls, as do all empires built by the lust of ignoble men, one side will hunt down the opposition to the last man, be they patriots or tyrants. There is no guarantee. And yet we believe, as a people, that there is a law, a universal law… and it is as gleaming to an artist who finds the golden ratio in everything he so loves. The law of cause and effect guides our minds of reason, of reality, of intellect… and it states that we will all, to the very last man, get our just reward. This goes for all of the worlds created by men, his inspired religions based on fear, his corporations based on greed, his country based on tyranny, and all of it encompassed in a universal law of what you sow, so too will you reap. There seems to be hope in that, hope that it will all turn around by the hand of God, but it is not found in the reality of nature. If you want to survive in this world, you must stand up to the opposition, and if you do not, you will be eaten alive. That sir, is the true law of nature. And know this, there is a repercussion to our actions called “blow-back” and it is a powerful concept for those who want to learn by previous mistakes. Each of us are responsible, not only by what we do, but by what we allow others to do in our name.

Look for part two soon, with a descriptive schematic of our world.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety.” -Benjamin Franklin

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