The Unsubstantiated Medical-Science Proofs About Vaccines

The Unsubstantiated Medical-Science Proofs About Vaccines

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Allopathic medicine likes to crow about its scientific prowess; they call it “science-based medicine.” Well, that self-proclaimed, and rather dubious accolade, falls flat on its face, and even comes up with either egg or slimy pond scum mud on the faces of all those who salute, promote and mandate neurotoxic vaccines and their malevolent pseudoscience.

The most accurate case in point—actually there are two I will talk about—is the implicit fact that the practice of multi-valent vaccines given to infants as young as 2 months of age (and also at 4 and 6 months) are not, have not, and probably never will be tested for what’s commonly understood and known as “cumulative effects.” Is there some sort of scientific disconnect when it comes to testing vaccines for cumulative effects? I wonder why, as that is the most scientifically logical verification of actually proving one’s self-aggrandizement as “science-based medicine.”

The other case in point is comparative studies: vaccinated versus non-vaccinated children’s health and wellbeing studies, either retrospective or prospective, which the U.S. CDC/FDA and Big Pharma vaccine makers actually refuse to do! That fact, alone, should prevent vaccines from being declared “science-based medicine”! What is science, if not always searching and learning for the facts of how things work, and then sharing found information to make certain others can benefit from the knowledge, especially to prevent harms?

Another poignant example of vaccinology not being “science-based medicine” is the fact of how many adverse events are reported to the CDC’s VAERS reporting system, which seemingly acts like a post-marketing data research system no one takes seriously. Then, there’s the over $3.7 Billion [1] the U.S. HHS HRSA paid to damaged vaccinees and for attorneys’ fees!

The above examples are scientifically-legal, unadulterated examples of supposed “science-based medicine” malpractice, as too much fraud has been ginned up regarding vaccine ‘science’ within Big Pharma [2], including Pharma’s other products [3], and at the U.S. CDC [4].

Let’s add misfeasance, a form of wrongdoing, especially the doing of something lawful in an unlawful way so that the rights of others are infringed. Farlex Free Dictionary, specifically when one promotes oneself and its minions as “science-based medicine” practitioners! Nothing can be – nor is – further from the factual facts! Personally, as a researcher of scientific literature since the late 1970s, I find such obfuscation on the part of all who practice supposed “science-based medicine” an oxymoron!

However, such practice is not cornered only by medicine; it’s rampant in today’s Corporatocracy which dominates law, the media and the memes corporations, businesses and industries create. One such example is the microwave industry about which I research and write.

Below is a chart showing the inordinate number of vaccines U.S. children receive from birth (the horrid Hepatitis B vaccine) up to 18 years of age. The amount of neurotoxins, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals injected into less than 25 pound infants is nothing short of chemical child abuse!

It is my unvarnished opinion members of Congress, HHS, CDC/FDA and Big Pharma must be held accountable for the loss of two generations of children to Autism, not only in the USA but globally! The U.S. erroneous “science-based medicine” is looked up to globally as the ‘gold standard’ and disseminator of ‘science-based vaccine’ information, thereby infecting, affecting and afflicting other health systems and agencies with pseudoscience, especially unproven vaccine data, e.g., NO cumulative effects studies of up to nine multi-valent vaccines given at one time!

2016 CDC Vaccine Schedule Birth to 18 Years of Age

Copied from Sallie O Elkordy Email 6-27-17

Here’s further proof of what I say about multi-valent vaccines.

Each of the vaccines given—say there are 9 vaccines injected at one time—by approved “science-based medicine” is giving a less than 25-pound-infant, 9 diseases to have his/her immature immune system deal with—all at the very same time! That should be considered cruel and unusual medical practice, since medicine’s creed supposedly is “First, do no harm!” Or, does medicine have a Frankenstein-like approach to practicing medicine when it comes to children? Or, is it a “religious belief” system forced on to parents and their children?

Think about that, please. It is totally impossible for anyone to be exposed to and contract 9 different diseases at the same time, and yet that’s what ‘science-based medicine’ is mandating infants’ tiny bodies and immature immune systems deal with and try to overcome, which they call establishing ‘community immunity’—the former “herd immunity”! That should be classified legally as child abuse: subjecting such young infants to that many diseases at one time—making them vaccine virus “shedders” [5], and, undoubtedly, for those infants/children whose body chemistry can’t handle all the toxins, health damages occur.

Such ‘medical practice’ is nothing short of scientific BS, in my opinion! Everyone involved in such ‘science-based-consensus-medicine’ should know better than to pull off such pseudoscience for as long as they have gotten a free ride on that hypothesis, which never has been proven scientifically! Where’s the science? We can’t allow them to get away with such medical-legal-pseudoscience BS any longer!

However, the legal tide seems to be turning, as foreign governments, their courts and health departments are taking another look—almost a jaundiced-look—at vaccine science; assessing it differently; making legal corrections [6]; and finally realizing what vaccines truly are: vested interest pseudoscience, not “science-based medicine,” and what some probably would label “a pig in a poke.”


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[1], Pg. 9

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

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