“The US Government is at War with it’s OWN PEOPLE”

“The US Government is at War with it’s OWN PEOPLE”

by PamJones | TLB writer/reporter [Published to TLB from Pam’s Blog]


“Would You Rather Be Called a Name or Be Dead?”

“They are at war against us, why are we afraid to admit that? I think a lot of the American people know that. They know that they are in jeopardy and their children are in jeopardy. Forget about the political correctness. Would you rather be called a name, or would you rather be dead?” – Dr. Ben Carson

Ben Carson: Need to stop being so politically correct!

Dr. Ben Carson on the New World Order, Sunday Law, IRS and running for President of USA

Ben Carson on Google
“The Second Amendment is a cornerstone of our Constitution. Without the right to bear arms, Americans would be unable to stand against a tyrannical government or foreign invader. The right of Americans to own and maintain legal arms is paramount, and that right should in no way be violated.”

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2 Comments on “The US Government is at War with it’s OWN PEOPLE”

  1. Every war is a bankers war. There is no government. Its a corporation.
    A president must follow orders from the federal reserve and central bankers. Its too late. The FEMA camps are ready and waiting.
    This will be the next housing boom for gated communities.
    I am sure wall street is betting on this already.

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