The Vaccine-Aware Movement Has 4 Roadblocks To Overcome

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In the vaccine-aware movement, there seems to be four roadblocks that health advocates have not been able to over come. As the vaccine promoters and beneficiaries escalate their efforts, we cannot afford to be ‘politically correct’ nor can we afford to be protective of anyone’s income. Our lives and the lives of our progeny are now at stake!



Audio clip from an interview that former World Bank attorney Karen Hudes did on AIB TalkShoe Radio last October: Four minute audio clip: World Bank attorney Karen Hudes exposes the BAR and state corporations

Government corporations

What form of government do we really have whereas uneducated legislators can literally be lied to and bribed into cranking out corporate-state statutes and rules that harm our children’s health?

  • Is it representative government – NO*
  • Is it government that serves the best interests of the people – NO
  • Is it a network of for-profit corporations [listed on Dun & Bradstreet & using private script – the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE] – YES*
  • Do government corporations like the HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF (headquartered in WASHINGTON DC) hold vaccine patents – YES
  • Is it ever to likely serve the best interest of the public? – NOT until the permanent state of national emergency (whereas We the People were made enemies of the state) is cancelled!


Who writes the corporate statutes that our uneducated legislators pass? Who falsely tells the people that these rules are laws that they are obligated to adhere to? Where are the contracts that the people signed agreeing to adhere to corporate statutes?

  • Do these attorneys represent the best interests of the people, including their clients – NO
  • Do most care that the general population is being harmed and enslaved in this process – NO
  • Since most have a basic understanding of the corporate model, do they investigate and/or expose the fact that the CDC is a for-profit corporation – NO*
  • Do any so-called Constitutional attorneys tell the people that today all forms of government are just corporations and our courts are statutory-maritime? – NO
  • Does this commercial-contractual construct called “government” provide income for attorneys? – YES


Why don’t physicians ask how/why the population did so well for so many years with so few vaccines? Why don’t physicians do what Dr Russell Blaylock did and seek out scientific information that could explain why so many are now refusing vaccines?

  • Do they admit to their patients that they receive bribes for vaccinating them – NO*
  • Do they intentionally avoid distributing the vaccine package inserts – YES*
  • Do they inform their patients that the drug companies have no liability for the harm vaccines may cause both children and adults – NO*
  • Do they inform their patients that they also have no liability for the harm vaccines may cause both children and adults – NO*
  • Have they investigated the FDA and the CDC to discover that both are merely for-profit corporations listed on Dun and Bradstreet – NO*

Non-profit corporations

Why do good people with good energy and ideas submit paperwork to the STATE OF to create a non private corporation? Why don’t they see that very few non-profits achieve their goals and put themselves out of business? Why don’t they see that once they incorporate with the STATE OF they must follow the political agenda and corporate statutes of the STATE OF? Why don’t they see that once incorporated the STATE OF owns their organization and the good people with good energy and ideas become employees of the STATE OF thereby limiting their ability to challenge the system they are trying to change?

  • Do they inform those they seek as members or donors that they are under the control of the STATE OF and the IRS – NO
  • Do they inform those that seek their advice that they have limits as to their ability to challenge the system they are trying to change – NO
  • Do they inform the public that the interests of their own corporation (fiscal health) takes priority over the cause they claim to be advocating for – NO

Non-profit corporations are not likely to come up with real solutions to the vaccine threat as the real solution lies in challenging the authority of the very same STATE OF corporation that holds their charter.

The Vaccination Notice was designed to expose some of these facts to all parties and help overcome the roadblocks that stand in our way. All parties need to be educated as to their role in this destructive agenda. It is time to be bold enough to try a new strategy and flexible enough to learn as we go and to improve the notice as more people apply their creative thinking to this concept. The only ideas cast in stone are dead ones!

  • – Exposed on The Vaccination Notice


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