The Worlds Greatest Swindle …

elite-global[1]By: Zine Larbaoui, TLB Staff and Contributor

We all know that it is money that rules the world. But few know the mechanisms that allow a small group of individuals to dominate the planet. The Federal Reserve seems above suspicion, and yet it is here that the best kept secrets of the power of international bankers resides. This institution, venerable and respectable in appearance, has been fleecing the United States since its inception in 1913.

Over the past two hundred years, while the people gradually freed themselves of the political power of mighty kings and nobles, some large families of world bankers created new dynasties of political control, carefully disguised in the form of international banking groups. Here are some names: Barring, Lazard, Erlanger, Schroder, Seligman, Warburg, Rothschild,  Rockefeller and Morgan. What motivated these individuals was the desire to control the world with money.

301490197_magic_dees_answer_1_xlarge[1]Without realizing it, the people fell under the control of this insidious capitalist power, but whose power far exceeds that of the rulers of the past. This phenomenon, which was first produced in Europe, has expanded in the United States and led to the creation in 1913 of the U.S. Federal Reserve. It is also in 1913 that the income tax racket was created in the USA.

The U.S. Federal Reserve (FED) has virtually nothing to do with the government of the United States. It consists of twelve private banks owned by private commercial banks, controlled by the international banking families. The Federal Reserve creates money from nothing, lends it to the government against usurious interest, and does not pay income tax on income from investments. The more State Deficits are created, the more money the FED lends making the parasites considerable profits. U.S. debt has soared 1,000 billion in 1971 to more than 60 trillion dollars today. Proceeds from the FED therefore jumped 50 times in a quarter century. These banking dynasties, private owners of the Fed know that all governments, whatever their form, monarchical or republican, have to borrow money in emergencies such as wars or economic crises. The Iraq war cost 3,000 billion dollars, and thus benefited the FED immensely. The sub prime crisis deliberately caused by the Fed and Greenspan in 2001 did cost at least $ 5.2 trillion dollars to rescue the two mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, causing the FED to profit greatly.

What few know is that President John Kennedy signed in June 1963 Presidential Decree 11110 EO (Executive Order 11110) which devised a new system to get rid of the Fed, in backing the dollar with silver. 4 billion worth of $ 2 and $ 5 notes were circulated and 10 and 20 dollars bills were printed. A few months later, Kennedy was assassinated and the next day, EO 11110 became void and notes 2 and 5 dollars immediately withdrawn from circulation. We could start a long discussion on the causes of the Kennedy assassination but EO 11110 Decree may have played a role. The Fed can create money out of thin air ever since 1971 when Nixon decided the dollar would no longer be backed by gold.

scheme_d[1]The extravagant deficits of the United States, created by the non-convertibility of the dollar into gold and designed to enrich the owners of the U.S. Federal Reserve are leading the country to certain economic collapse. By extension, the entire world is in economic crisis. The fractional reserve banks principles imply that deficits must be accumulated to repay debts, and thus growth rate becomes an imperative from one year to another, pushing consumption. Today, growth rate is an imaginary statistic used to kick the can further down the road, until the day when masking reality will prove to be impossible, validating the proverbial SHTF.

The group of international bankers created the Federal Reserve to loot the U.S. wealth and enslave the population. President Kennedy deserves our praise for attempting to put the interests of the American people before the banksters. He has paid the ultimate price and was made an example to discourages those who would attempt to restore the sovereignty of the American people. They were wrong as the world citizenry is waking up to this infamy and determined to end this international conspiracy of usury and enslavement one way or another.

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