The Fraud of Bill Gates, Monsanto and the Vaccine Connection

win-micro-gates25_01[1]This video is just one example of the fraud promoted by Bill Gates, who owns shares in the pharmaceuticals who develop deadly, untested vaccines for his own profit.

In this CNN interview, Gates who is promoting vaccines in third world countries who are susceptible to fraud attempts to ensure the public is fearful of harmless measles and his erroneous figures on polio.

The fraud promoted by Gates that picks polio as an example of vaccine effectiveness, is completely baseless. Polio numbers back in the 1950′s had already declined “before” the vaccine was developed.

Gates relies on fake data, falsely presented as proof that vaccines work, but there is no scientific proof.

Again, we see the corporate influence of billionaires, with too much money, promoting a corrupt system of vaccines. Gates was recently implicated in deadly vaccines sold to Pakistan in his Global Alliance for Vaccination where the polio vaccines killed Pakistan’s children. Deadly Vaccines by Bill Gate’s association with GAVI were sold to Japan, Pakistan and India with deadly consequences. This partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is actually “spreading” polio not curing it with live polio viruses in the vaccines themselves. Our report on this news was released as recent as November 21, 2011.

Another falsehood promoted by Bill Gates in this interview is that kids die of measles, which is an utter lie.

Measles is a common illness and has been for hundreds of years, it is not a mass killer as Bill Gates would have you believe. Billions of people on earth have had the measles and developed a natural immunity to the illness and live normal lives. Fifty years ago there was no vaccine for measles since there was no need for it. Today, pharmaceuticals scramble to create vaccines for nonsensical needs, and they do this for profits -not health reasons.

The types of diseases that Gates and his pharma vaccine makers target,  do not kill people and are actually harmless. Gates squirms in his seat, dragging out made up cases of deaths by polio or measles to intimidate the public with fear, to sell their snake oil vaccines.

Bill Gates and his foundation have joined the ranks of Monsanto and Pharmaceutical Vaccines as their Snake Oil Salesman.


It was common 50 years ago to have measles party’s in homes,  to generate a “natural immunity” not through vaccines but through normal circumstances. This built the child’s immune systems which Bill Gates doesn’t believe is proven scientifically to work. The human body has the ability to develop immunity given that it has the strongest defense against illnesses by nature.

Gates is a washed up tech geek who has no measure of expertise in vaccines, drugs or Monsanto GMO which he is helping to market to the public. However, the public rejects him as would anyone with knowledge and ethics could possibly believe his lies and theories.

Bill Gates is also involved in Monsanto, again he invests in these companies for his own profits and becomes their lackey spokesperson. Gates is actually promoting the corporate take over of the world’s food supply by Monsanto through poisonous GMO seed which will kill off billions of people.

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The Guardian UK

Why Is the Gates Foundation Investing in GMO Giant Monsanto?

Quote: ” The fact is that Cargill is a faceless agri-giant that controls most of the world’s food commodities and Monsanto has been blundering around poor Asian countries for a decade giving itself and the US a lousy name for corporate bullying. Does Gates know it is in danger of being caught up in their reputations, or does the foundation actually share their corporate vision of farming and intend to work with them more in the future?”


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8 Comments on The Fraud of Bill Gates, Monsanto and the Vaccine Connection

  1. I got as far as the claim that measles is harmless and stopped reading, if the peice has something as fundamental as that wrong it can’t be worth reading. Measles killed 2 of my familyand left me with lifetime eyesight problems. It is NOT harmlesss!

  2. Look, Bill is investing money for vaccination and donating. He is doing a good job. Can you or someone else do that No. I think the other pharmaceutical giants feel threat of their business. As far as GMO’s are concerned, Introduction of foreign character in any species will definitely had some impacts. But question is, be close to nature. We should fist stop eating process foods, frozen food, premade foods, Best thing is cook fresh and eat fresh diet, You will get rid of all the diseases. Disease attack when your immune is weak and immune is boosted by the diet you take. Nature has provided Water melons in summer to make up nutrient deficiency, then why do we drink getoride, Add lemon in water+salt and drink, its enough. In winter Citrus provides you immunity against allergies. So why we go for supplements. Answer is in us, we have to change ourselves.

  3. He forgot he wasnt talking with his elite friends. Sometimes the truth does slip out.

    He is a most despicable human being. Plant heirloom seeds to grow as much of your own food as possible and research before you vaccinate. Be informed, not endangered!

  4. Great article, love Microsoft but sad that Gates with his money is misguided and doing great harm. I dream one day of a Naturalist Billionaire

  5. This is a terrible way to reduce population growth… Oh, here, take this toxic drug to kill off the next 7 generations of your DNA. Gates is done, he got abducted by some government controlled experiment and his clone now only answers to the Earth’s destroyers club.

  6. Did anyone notice his answer in the beginning to the question of some of the benefit’s of vaccinations?? He said one of them is “reducing the population growth!!” Did he mean to say that, and why didn’t the interviewer question him on that? VERY TELLING And he didn’t really answer the question about the Autism link…he went right to his argument that anyone who is against vaccinations is killing children!

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