There Will Never Be A “Woke” US Military, And Here’s Why…

There Will Never Be A “Woke” US Military, Here’s Why…


The social justice cult never sleeps, they are forever “woke,” and they want to own the US military. They want it so bad they are frothing at the mouth over it. Whether or not they actually get what they want is another matter entirely. The induction of Joe Biden into the White House has opened the door to a new propaganda narrative, and it goes a little something like this:

The military is rife with ‘white supremacists’ and extremists, and it needs to be purged to make way for more diversity…”

One of Biden’s first actions upon entering the Oval Office was to use Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin as a foil to preach the critical race theory gospel and attack the current military framework as “racist”. Austin is black and he was a four-star general in the Army, so clearly there is not much racism holding minorities back in the armed forces. But ultimately this situation is not really about racism…

The language of leftists and globalists can be rather confusing because they never mean exactly what they say. The word “diversity” generally means “more leftists/Marxists”, not more brown people. Leftists are incredibly racist towards any minority person that argues from a conservative or moderate position. The phrase “white supremacist” is usually a hatchet reference to all conservatives. So, to translate their woke gibberish, the goal of the Pentagon under Biden will be to divest the ranks of the military of conservatives and replace them with more regime friendly leftists.

The goal of propaganda is often to create false word associations in the minds of the masses. The mainstream media constantly mentions “white supremacists”, “neo-nazis” and “extremists” within the same articles they mention “conservatives”. Though there is no evidence whatsoever to link the majority of conservatives with race identity groups, the hope within the establishment is that the conservative base in the US can be dismantled through guilt by manufactured association.

Anyone who stands against the social justice mob is labeled “white supremacist”. Therefore, all conservatives are white supremacists, because the social justice cult controls who gets labeled. The social justice cult thus becomes the self anointed arbiters of who gets canceled and who does not. See how that works?

As far as the military is concerned, the obvious intent is to link all conservative views with “extremism and racism”, thereby creating an artificial rationale for removing conservatives from the ranks or denying them the ability to sign up in the first place. The Pentagon is already openly discussing plans to comb through the social media histories of troops in order to root out those with “extremist backgrounds” (conservatives and constitutionalists). In theory, this would only leave devout social justice warriors behind. It is a political and ideological cleansing of the armed forces.

The Cult of Woke is like a hive of parasitic termites that feeds its way through the various pillars of western society until they crumble; once a pillar is hollowed out, they move onto the next one, and the next one until the nation or civilization breaks apart completely. As the nation is destabilized, they then offer their own social model as a solution to the problem. Invariably, their model is one that eliminates all individual freedom and inherent rights in the name of collective “safety” and “equity”. It is totalitarianism posing as compassion.

To be sure, the Department of Defense is fast-tracking the woke agenda. There’s no denying it after the latest promotional campaigns for military recruitment (not to mention the CIA’s bizarre ad campaign). Here is an example below which truly boggles the mind:

Straight white men are noticeably absent from the Pentagon’s new series of commercials, and the people represented are a perfect pie chart of diversity hiring, even though the US is around 70% white and around 96% straight (according to Gallup).

But who are these commercials really made for?  The Army admits they had to search a worldwide roster of soldiers, obtaining only 100 submissions that fit their woke criteria, and then filtered those submissions down to just a handful that met the diversity requirements of the marketing campaign. Some of the commercials are subtle, and some of them are not. The US campaign seems to be mimicking the “Snowflake” ad campaign used by the UK military in 2019 in a bid to attract what they call “Me Me Me Millennials”.

Clearly, the percentage of soldiers that check most or all of the woke boxes is tiny. The commercials are also notably in cartoon form, because SJWs have a hard time absorbing information unless it is animated.

Admittedly, there has been a quiet softening of military standards, including the reduction of boot camp training requirements. This is apparently meant to attract more women to the armed forces outside of the Air Force and Navy, as a majority of females have consistently failed basic physical standards. The US Army had to halt the “gender neutral physical fitness test” this year because women were failing at a rate of over 65% according to the Pentagon (they were failing at a rate closer to 85% according to instructors). The Army is now trying to establish a new “crossfit inspired” training routine in order to increase the success rate of women in boot camp.

Women make up only 15% of active duty personnel among all the branches combined and are far more likely to leave service earlier than men. The data is cut-and-dry: trying to overtly appeal to women is a non-starter, particularly for the Army and the Marines.

US Army training facilities have also recently been forced to remove the traditional “Shark Attack” from the first day of boot camp. The Shark Attack is basically a psychological wake up call, a way to send a message to recruits that they are no longer living in mommy and daddy’s basement and everything they do will now be scrutinized. Army brass felt that this tradition was “too abrasive” and that it needed to be “updated” with a kinder gentler first day program. In other words, the army wants to avoid upsetting people with weak dispositions so that they can increase recruitment stats.

Within conservative and liberty movement circles, there are rising concerns that globalists and leftists within our government are seeking to eliminate the principles of personal strength and merit because these elements are repellent to leftists. There is also the concern that the establishment intends to use a revamped “woke military” to subjugate the American public. While this might be the overall intention, I’m not all that worried, and here are the reasons why…

The Numbers For A Woke Military Don’t Exist

Globalists are very mindful of statistical realities, and they know that the current military dynamic is against them; hence their growing thirst for the wokification of our branches of defense. I want to remind conservatives that this is a good thing. They are trying to force social justice politics into the military because the military is the exact opposite of what they want it to be.

For example, polling in 2016 showed that around 31% to 35% of the US military is Republican, while around 25% to 29% votes Democrat. But what about the remainder? The media often calls the remaining current serving voters “moderates” or “independents”. As it turns out, up to 40% of the military is actually libertarian or constitutionalist leaning according to polls.

The mainstream media tries to hide this fact by only talking about “Republican votes” and “Democrat votes”, but the reality is that the vast majority of the military is conservative oriented, with values based in personal freedom and constitutionalism. That 40% of libertarians and constitutionalists is what the elites are really worried about. This is who they are referring to when they talk about “extremists” in the military.

And what about the 25% to 29% of Democrats? That is the extent of the left’s hold within the general ranks of the military, and it is improbable that most of these democrats are hard leftists. Further studies also show that the majority of veterans leaving the military identify overwhelmingly as Republican, conservative or “independent”, not as Democrat or leftist.

This is probably why the latest social justice recruitment commercials by the Army are getting ratioed into oblivion by soldiers and the public alike. In response, the Army YouTube page has shut down comments. Last I checked, the new LGBTQ and feminist inspired “Emma: The Calling” Army video had only 700 up-votes and over 33,000 down-votes. This is an epic fail. Where are all the hardcore social justice warriors just itching to join the military and “get some”? They don’t exist. The establishment is trying to appeal to a phantom demographic.

The fact is, the only place you will find a preponderance of woke lunatics in the military is among the brass and sometimes in the officer corps; the leadership within the pentagon has been carefully groomed to create a leftist/globalist consolidation, and this has been going on for decades. Generals are for the most part politicians, not warriors (SPECIAL NOTE: Never trust retired generals or retired CIA agents, even if they claim to be on the side of liberty).

While military leadership might go woke, this does not mean the rest of the military will, nor does it mean that troops will follow unconstitutional orders from such people.

Leftists Don’t Want To Join Because They Cannot Cope With Meritocracy

Not all of us are made for the military. To be clear, the military serves one basic purpose: It is a machine for killing people. The job of the military is to train the most efficient killers possible for the effective defense of the nation. It is not the job of the military to focus on “inclusion” or “intersectionality”. Anyone that says anything different is delusional or has an agenda.

There are people that are born with the psychological traits and physical traits needed to fight effectively, and there are a whole lot of people out there who will never hack it. Finding the people with the right traits is something that the US military has mastered. This is undeniable.

I also think that in our modern era of helicopter parents and equity training and participation trophies, the newest generation of Zoomers has been conditioned to be incredibly narcissistic as well as weak in mind and spirit, and the military is one of the last options left for these people to break that conditioning and become real adults instead of overgrown children. If you want to erase Woke cultism from our society, just send all these kids to boot camp and they will be cured of their snowflake tendencies in a matter of months.

There are, of course, constitutional concerns for military structure. America was never supposed to have a standing army in the first place; we were supposed to have local militias made up of every able bodied male citizen in a community. That said, I’ll be the first to admit that even within a militia system, a warrior class is going to develop naturally. There will always be people who are set apart from everyone else in this regard.

Another concern is the problem of leadership. As noted, today’s military leadership and American political leadership are not to be trusted, and for most warriors the question will always be this:

Will I be sent to fight and possibly die for a just cause, or a corrupt cause?”

Under the current establishment, war is indeed a racket, and most warriors will long for a real fight, a fight that is honorable. My personal conflict with the military is not the institution so much as the people in charge. I cannot fight for corrupt people.

However, for leftists that avidly supported Barack Obama during his massive expansion of wars in the Middle East, the conflict is not about principles of leadership. No, their conflict is with the core values that make the military what it is. Trying to remove the merit based model from the US military will be extremely difficult. Social justice ideology and military standards of achievement are mutually exclusive: they cannot coexist in the same space. So, in order for the military to go full-on puritan, the establishment would have to remove all the elements that make the military effective. They would have to destroy the military in order to “diversify” it.

And maybe this is the ultimate goal. Maybe the globalists WANT to undermine the foundation of the US military with the intent to make America weak and easier to conquer. But then again, wherever there is a void, the physics of civilization seeks to fill it.

The Establishment Is Unwittingly Creating A Counter-Military

One positive outcome from the long running wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is that hundreds of thousands of veterans with extensive combat experience have come back home over the past 20 years, and most of them are conservatives. They are also very wary of the political dynamics in Washington DC. They know exactly what is going on in this country. Beyond this, any attempt to force social justice propaganda on the current serving is going to alienate more than 60% of soldiers. And while they are not legally allowed to speak out politically, they will not necessarily follow the Woke cult blindly and turn against their own.

The establishment is now faced with a massive conundrum: by pressing their agenda within the military, they are by default creating a separate and opposing military, one that could erase them from existence. Who would you put your money on? An army of limp-wristed, diversity obsessed progressives with velvet glove training? Or an army of battle hardened conservatives who walked through the pyre and came out the other side?

Even if the objective is to debase the US military until it breaks apart, this does not mean America will go undefended. We would reorganize, perhaps as an unofficial militia system outside of federal control. In the end, a woke military cannot survive nor would it thrive …

…it would only inspire the revitalization of a liberty-minded and free military force that would act as a counterpoint to the globalist agenda.



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