These Tricks Are Played to Get You to Vaccinate Your Child


By TLB Staff Writer: Christina England.

Countries around the world are coming up with more and more elaborate tricks to pressure parents into fully vaccinating their children. Recently we have seen them telling barefaced lies, denying unvaccinated children access to daycare facilities and excluding students from attending their graduation ceremony over a chicken pox scare. To learn more, please continue reading.

Scare Tactics Used in Australia

Over the last few weeks, newspapers in Australia have reported that due to the changes being made to the Public Health Act, parents will be forced to produce an up-to-date vaccine certificate, or a conscientious exemption form countersigned by their doctor, if they want to use day care facilities for their children. Any day care facility failing to comply with these new regulations is likely to incur a fine.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the President of the NSW branch of the Australian Medical Association, Brian Owler, has declared this “a sensible move.” He believes that making parents supply mandatory documentation about their children’s vaccination status will boost vaccination rates. [1]

Jillian Skinner, the NSW Health Minister, told reporters:

“Anyone who has seen a baby with whooping cough or a toddler with measles or has spoken to a parent who has lost a child knows the devastating consequences of failure to vaccinate.”

She is absolutely correct, of course; seeing a child with whooping cough is extremely disturbing. However, is vaccination a cast-iron guarantee that your child will be protected? No, it isn’t, and I can say this with one hundred percent certainty because my own child contracted whooping cough, despite being fully vaccinated at the time.

Currently, in Australia, vaccination is not mandatory. This is explained very clearly in full in a research paper written by Dr. Viera Scheibner, which we will discuss in just a moment. She says that “Parents have a constitutional and legal right to opt for natural immunity, which is achieved by contracting the natural infectious diseases of childhood.”

She states that this right is defined in the New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act of 1999, which stipulates that a child is considered immunized if they were administered a vaccine, developed natural immunity by contracting the alleged ‘vaccine-preventable’ diseases, or if the parents have declared in writing a conscientious objection to the child being vaccinated.

In 2012, Reuters published an article stating that infectious disease specialist David Witt, from the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael, California, reported that his research revealed that the effects of the whooping cough vaccine can wear off over time. He stated, “We have a real belief that the durability (of the vaccine) is not what was imagined.” [2]

In other words, there has never ever been any real evidence that the vaccine was effective long term. Worrying, isn’t it?

Witt’s study can be found at Clinical Infectious Diseases. [3]

While the Australian government has decided that the best way to boost vaccination uptake is to deny unvaccinated children the right to childcare, the UK government has used other dirty tactics to get parents to vaccinate their children.

Scare Tactics Used in the United Kingdom

I am sure that many of you are aware that the UK media recently published a frenzy of reports, highlighting a so-called measles epidemic in Wales. According to newspapers, this epidemic was threatening the lives of two million children residing in the UK. [4]

However, there was never a massive measles epidemic in Wales. The British media had ‘accidentally on purpose’ reported the SUSPECTED cases of measles, as ACTUAL cases of measles and, in fact, the numbers of confirmed cases were negligible. [5]

Mind you, this latest so-called measles epidemic in Wales is nothing new. Here in the UK, we have heard it all before. In fact, there have been regular so-called outbreaks of measles occurring in Wales for several years.

In 2011, the headlines in Wales stated: Parents Urged to Get Children Vaccinated as Measles Spreads. [6]

In 2009, the headlines in Wales stated: More Parents Choosing MMR Jab for Kids During Welsh Measles Outbreak. [7]

In 2008, headlines in Wales read: Measles Outbreak in Wales Worsens. [8]

In 2007, the headlines in Wales stated: Alert Over Measles as Cases on the Increase. [9]

Strangely, however, not one of these reports states whether or not the sick children were vaccinated against measles. The reason that this important factor has been left out of reports is because the public is educated to automatically assume that the children most at risk from contracting measles are in fact those who have not yet been vaccinated.

This is untrue, however, because it has been documented for many years that if your child has been vaccinated against measles, there are no guarantees that they are protected.

The Truth About the Measles Vaccine

A paper written by Peter Aaby et al. for The Journal of Infectious Diseases in 1986, titled Vaccinated Children get Milder Measles Infection: A Community Study from Guinea-Bissau, states that vaccinated children who contracted measles developed a milder form of the disease. In fact, Aaby’s paper states very clearly that vaccinated children are no more protected from the measles than their unvaccinated peers.

In his opening paragraph, Aaby states:

“When vaccinated children develop measles it is usually assumed that seroconversion did not occur because maternal antibodies neutralized the vaccine, because immunoglobulins were administered simultaneously, or because improper handling of the vaccine inactivated it. Numerous cases of ‘vaccine failures’ have been noted in reports from developing countries. It is often claimed that such failures create a lack of confidence in the immunization program. Some investigators have therefore suggested that the age of the child at vaccination be raised to get a higher rate of seroconversion.” [10]

In other words, when a vaccinated child contracts the measles, instead of realizing that the vaccine is ineffective, scientists look for external reasons as to why the vaccination failed. For example, they may look for any environmental factors, which may have contributed.

In this instance, they blame maternal antibodies for seroconversion not occurring and the poor handling of the vaccines. (Seroconversion is the development of detectable specific antibodies specific to, and in response of a particular antigen, such as a virus or a vaccine.) [11]

Aaby continued by stating:

“In an urban area of Guinea-Bissau, where measles has been a major source of child mortality, an immuization program was introduced to control the disease. Nonetheless, measles has continued to cause many deaths, and many children are reported to catch measles after vaccination.”

Dr. Viera Scheibner’s detailed and valuable research supports Aaby’s findings. In her paper A Critique of the 16-Page Australian Pro-Vaccination Booklet Entitled ‘The Science of Immunisation: Questions and Answers,’ in the section titled Effectiveness of Vaccination, [12] she writes:

 “Outbreaks in the fully vaccinated American children continued with increasing frequency and severity. Without disclosing the vaccination status of children in measles epidemics, claiming victory over measles is just empty jabbering.

 Moreover, vaccinated children started developing an especially vicious form of atypical measles. Fulginiti described the occurrence of atypical measles in children given formaldehyde treated, aluminium precipitated measles vaccine, also referred to as “killed” measles.

 He explained the problem as due to the altered immunological host response caused by vaccination.”

Up to this point atypical measles had only occurred in children who had received the ‘killed measles’ vaccine. However, Dr. Scheibner continued by adding:

 “Later on, when live attenuated measles vaccine was introduced, the recipients starting developing atypical measles from it, as well.”

Dr. Scheibner continues by quoting a study, written by Rath and Schmidt, who studied 386 children who had received three doses of the killed measles vaccine. They discovered that when 125 of these children were later exposed to the measles virus, 54 of them developed measles. The authors concluded:

“It is obvious that three injections of killed vaccine had not protected a large percentage of children against measles when exposed within a period of two and a half years after immunization.”

Dr. Scheibner later explains how diseases such as whooping cough and measles can occur in ever-younger children not because the unvaccinated are spreading them, but because babies are born to vaccinated mothers who lack transplacentally transmitted immunity, which normally protects small babies against contracting any infectious disease.

She continues by adding that breastfed babies of vaccinated mothers are three times more likely to catch measles than baby’s breastfed by naturally immune mothers.

Various studies support this. A study titled Waning of Maternal Antibodies Against Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella in Communities With Contrasting Vaccination Coverage by Sandra Waaijenborg et al. published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases agrees. [13] Waajjenborg’s study researches whether using the MMR vaccine “successfully” for twenty years has adversely affected the maternal antibodies passed to infants by their mothers who were vaccinated as children. Her team concluded that:

“Children of mothers vaccinated against measles and possibly rubella have lower concentrations of maternal antibodies and lose protection by maternal antibodies at an earlier age than children of mothers in communities that oppose vaccination. This increases the risk of disease transmission in highly vaccinated populations.”

These studies and papers strongly support that vaccinated children still catch the diseases that they are vaccinated against and that vaccines are not only unsafe, but they are also totally ineffective.

Scare Tactics Used in the US

The US government has become so paranoid that unvaccinated children are a danger to the public that they have gone all-out to segregate them. The most outrageous vaccine segregation that I have ever heard of took place in at a school in Norwin, Pennsylvania, recently.

Nine students who had not received the chicken pox vaccination were informed that they would not be allowed to attend their prom unless they either received the chicken pox vaccination or had a blood test proving their immunity.

The panic came after a fellow student caught the disease. However, the students were later informed that they could attend the prom after all because the event didn’t fall within the time frame specified to avoid contagion and the school had miscalculated the dates. The health department recommended that students should be excluded eight to 21 days post-exposure to a person with chicken pox.

Pupils were informed that it was unclear whether or not they would be allowed to attend their graduation ceremony, which fell within the period spelled out by the health department.

Sadly, there has been no update on this story, so we do not know if they were allowed to attend their graduation or not. [14]


Despite the fact that study after study confirms that vaccinated children are no more protected than their unvaccinated peers, governments from around the world, hand-in-hand with Big Pharma and the medical professionals, keep coming up with more elaborate ways to force parents into vaccinating their children.

I find it very sad that governments are so keen to boost vaccination targets that they are denying parents the ability to earn a livelihood by denying their children’s admittance into day care. This seems to me to be over the top and completely unnecessary. How do governments expect parents to be able to support their family if their children are denied access to day care provisions?

Social play is an essential part of a child’s development and to deny children the right to play with their peers in a safe play environment purely because they are not vaccinated, in my opinion, amounts to little more than child abuse.

How is the Australian government planning to get around parents’ right to opt for natural immunity for their children? Are they planning on changing the law to make vaccination mandatory or will they just make it mandatory for parents who use day care facilities?

Furthermore, to deny students the opportunity of attending their graduation ceremony just because they are not vaccinated with the chicken pox vaccine is totally ridiculous. Graduating from high school is one of the biggest days in a student’s life. It is a once in lifetime occurrence. Once it is gone, it is gone.

It is about time that the governments wised up to the fact the unvaccinated children are the most protected children on the planet and that it is the vaccinated that are most at risk of disease and disability. They need to read the work of Dr. Scheibner and the many other researchers who have spent years studying the subject of vaccination and allow children to develop their own natural immunity.

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