The Pivot Point Of Our Republic, and White Ashes

White Ashes

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive.

My not publishing for a while was no accident. So much has happened beyond my ken of understanding, so profound in the potential outcome, I was actually at a loss for words. I did not want to overreact, to speculate without reason, and in retrospect I think I was right. What we are now experiencing, too close to reality, is like trying to understand what an elephant looks like in the dark, and it is, in its entirety, very unsettling news. And I’m so sorry to be the one to tell you we have all been well played.

What we now face is the pivot point for our Republic’s actual deconstruction, the complete disintegration of our rule of law, the final and irreversible end-point of our civil liberties and inalienable rights, terminal disconnection of our beloved Constitution, and all of it culminating in an open-border destruction of national sovereignty. So emphatically profound, so blatant and unconcealed, the objective use of innocent children, and its unhampered incursion is not only deeply traitorous to our sheepish populous, but is without a doubt, the mark of pure genius. As our Federal Government refuses to secure these borders, militia men from every state are now converging there out of fear, and it is a primed powder keg for a false flag opportunity, just as designed long, long ago by the Progressive movement that has infiltrated to both sides of the isle. Indeed, it seems we are betrayed by our own so-called government, as civil unrest inside of our borders are manufactured by an overt power far beyond them, and the very same entity who flooded Europe with Middle Eastern Civilizations profoundly different from the societies that have existed there for a thousand years. And the clash, the inevitable clash of civilizations, and the ensuing chaos of blood and war, will be very good for the banking business, who horde their treasures behind neutral borders. They have milked us to the very bone, by the destruction not only of moral fiber, redesigned our collective American mindset, but have stolen our national treasure, and we are poised, positioned, to pit these instilled differences on our American streets, from the inner city to suburbia.

But this complexity is far more convoluted. We, as a nation, are known world wide to be the greatest consumers ever witnessed on our planet, but have also been groomed by media to be the most selfish, ignorant and amoral too, and when sustenance is withheld from an unsustainable welfare state, an economy drained by constant war, and Federal Reserve’s economical dilution of printing unsecured and worthless paper money positioned on our backs as debt, it doesn’t take much of an IQ to see the outcome. The starving throngs will seek the concurrent privileged class for sustenance, and along with mass immigration to help its manifestation, that process… in that process, we will eat each other alive… But not all will be lost, just as the hundreds of promoted wars of the last century prove, the international banking systems will buy what is left for pennies on the dollar, with real gold stolen from our very own vaults, as our Fort Knox has not been audited for more than fifty years… And while we slumbered in front of the black box, those in the know made fortunes in insider trading, trying to gather enough hard assets before the inevitable fall, a fall well designed and orchestrated.

Why would Orthodox Jews be burning the flag of Israel? Why are some Muslims killing Christians, while others are harboring them, protecting them, and at war with factions of religious fanatics? Why do Israelis overwhelmingly have a Russian accent? Is there any connection with our so-called enemies, like Iran, North Korea, North Vietnam, and their not wanting a central bank? Why are we so opposed to a word like Communism, when there has never been a communistic state ever to exist on the planet, just like the word democracy that is used to define us? We have never had a democracy, we are a Republic, based on rule of law…. given to us, if we can keep it….Totalitarianism has always displaced Communism, and thugs democracy, where liberty is oppressed by a ruling class. Why were Catholics and Evangelicals put on the terrorist watch list last year, and not Zionists? And why did it take a Congressional over-site committee to rescind it? Why, with all of the evidence that 9-11 was an inside job, with options put on United and American Airlines three days prior through the roof, and we can not get a Congressional over-site committee to investigate? All good questions that beg answers!

We, The United States of America, Inc., have created untold enemies who are now plotting together to destroy us, and our association with Israel is manifesting Christian crucifixions around the world, and what is happening in Ukraine, is just one more viable excuse to bring us into another cold war with Russia, with the possibility of global conflict, tenable to what may be considered WW3.

Secular Jews have partnered with Evangelical Christians, so said, and in spite of the taboo to discuss this, seemingly control much of this country, from finance to information, and is now in direct conflict with Russia for a multiple of reasons. Russia, in the last decade, has purged itself of what they considered a Jewish Secular Mafia there, and at great cost. In that process the Christian Religion is again in flower, and Orthodoxy has reemerged. Many are now calling Russia a Christian Church State, but the impact of this is not yet understood. You see, this Christian Orthodox facet sees the overt opportunity to be the primary religious power there, and is intolerant of any other denomination gaining a foothold. This has caused the wrath of the powerful banking (secular) Jews of Europe, as they see their influence dwindling not only there, but world wide, with the death of the Petrodollar, and the diminishing of Central Banking domination.

Most everything we manufacture here in America for export has something to do with war. Our constant warring is a lucrative business, and what is called nation building is both the destruction and reconstruction of countries for a black bottom line. The military Industrial Complex has grown to such an extent, become so top heavy and domineering, feared world wide, that powerful countries are banning together with the possibility of making a stand against it, first economically by sanctions, and then the looming threat for war. Now, I do not foresee armed conflict, though that possibility will be used in propaganda on both sides, as fear is the driving force for unreasoned solidarity and social unity. No, it will be far more subtle, a subversion of our founding principles that have been underway since the Federal Reserve gained complete control of our country, and actually bought our government. We will be dismantled, from the inside out, as the ignoble and predisposed masses of Americans will polish their chains with pride, and help them.

Author’s note: If I had a viable answer to this profound dilemma, I would have started this essay with that. At this point, I can find no feasible solution worthy of immediate action. It seems that until the last nail is hammered, and our coffin sealed, will we finally try to struggle out of it. So long as we can collectively exist on the back of our children’s future, little or nothing will be done. It is now the American narrative to sit back and bellyache, with the hope that someone will come up from the ranks to address their grievances, and even the illegal aliens in this country, who descended on Washington unimpeded just a few days ago, know the sounds they made were not heard, either from a practicing golfer, a bought and paid for Congress, or a banking consortium who pulls their strings. But I tell you this, I’m still betting on a semblance of honorable blood that flows in our veins, and the mindset that our founders tried so hard to instill inside of us still exist in a rag-tag group of patriots who get it, and the Liberty movement refuses to die. This is a hope that warms my soul, and yet, it seems, we will have to burn to white ashes first, before the rest will find that standard, as the blood of patriots and tyrants, that I have so longed to stifle with intellect, seems to be imminent.

One other thing, secularism is not a religion; in fact, it emphatically opposes religion. What they do so effectively is pit one religion against another and this is most effective, especially with an in-place propaganda machine taking prominence in the darkened living room of every house, and almost in every room. There we all sit, conditioned to be opened subliminally for every subtle nuance. Can we now say that free will exists, when we are fingered and spied upon for taking up for our founding principles? And the cry for Liberty that our forefathers thought so valuable they bet their lives on, is now replaced with conditioned canned laughter. And just as we laugh on cue, so too are we taught to embrace unbounded egotism, rigid and self-righteous condescension, a lazy, myopic, and convoluted sense of honor and justice, uninspired self relevance, twisted and baseless morals and ethics based on immediate gratification and an inability to grasp anything greater than ourselves… are diseases that only love and individual responsibility can cure.. And through it all, and in spite of it too, we still believe, if questioned about these matters, that we are indeed free, and capable of an original thought. We all play a part in this grand illusion, and as most now look to government for their reason for being, all responsibility for the future will be relinquished. But it is a universal law, it seems, that what you sow you will reap, and finally, when all is said and done, get exactly what we deserve.

I am a Libertarian. I didn’t get that way by osmosis, but by an education based on a standard called self responsibility… And I am inspired by my love of mankind, and the hatred for the chains that bind us all… Give me Liberty, and the death of my enemies, as I will dance on their graves. I will not die for this cause, they will. And this cry, this proclamation, rings in this world with a singular voice, as our Liberty from tyranny is not given by their grace, but by the very nature of our existence as men. This sir, is what binds us as one, as even when one falls, thousands more will stand up. Why? Because there is no power on earth greater than a righteous heart, and nothing can shadow the light of truth. This is the destiny of men, not slavery. Hold fast.

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