They Injected Us With Programmable Electronic Nanotechnologies, Not ‘mRNA Lipids’

ER Editor: A two-fer Karen Kingston post. She sets up the situation by noting how the deceptive phrase ‘mRNA lipids’ was historically used to push the vaccines on us instead of being upfront about what is really in them: nanotechnology, containing graphene oxide, that REPROGRAMS our cells to produce certain non-human genetic material.

The second piece is a partial post (paywall), revealing that a leaked Pfizer documents attests to the fact that its ‘vaccines’ do indeed contain programmable electronic nanotech devices and graphene oxide.

Somehow somewhere Dr. Robert Malone seems to be yet again implicated. Dr. Paul Alexander is on the warpath over Malone and his mRNA injections, and so is Dr. Peter Breggin, who’s getting sued by $25 MILLION by Malone. See

Could This Man Have Saved the World?


We remind readers that we recently published a piece by Freddie Ponton showing how the ‘raw material’ of the ‘vaccines’ was made exclusively in the US (perhaps Canada, too), and then shipped to the EU for ‘fill and finish’ procedures. See

NATO’s Trojan Horse Behind Europe’s COVID-19 Response – Part 1: Vaccinating Europe With a Military Experimental Biodefense Countermeasure


mRNA ‘Vaccines’ Contain Nanotechnology Formulated with Graphene Oxide

In my recent interview with Stew Peters, I review the confidential Pfizer research and development trade secret document for the invention of Pfizer’s mRNA spike proteins.

Global citizens were told that the vaccines contained ‘mRNA lipids’ because no one of sound mind would agree to be injected with electromagnetic nanotechnology devices.

Even Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines, often boasts how he invented the cationic liposome nanotechnology. Cationic liposomes are electronic nanotechnologies which are now dubbed as one of the ‘lipid nanoparticles’ in the COVID-19 mRNA ‘vaccines.’

Per Dr. Malone, his cationic liposome invention are nanotechnologies that host a positive electronic charge in order to penetrate cell walls.

Once inside the cell, the mRNA gene-editing nanoparticles reprogram the cell with siRNA and sgRNA in order to express non-human genetic-material, such as the multi-species mRNA SARS-CoV-2 gain-of-function spike proteins.

The suite of programmable mRNA nanotechnologies are falsely referred to as lipids, cholesterol, and phospholipids in order to deceive global citizens.

Why are experts denying that the mRNA injections contain nanotechnology?

I am confused as to why many experts who are supporting the recall of the vaccines still deny that nanotechnology is in the COVID-19 mRNA injections when;

1. Pfizer and Moderna openly promote that the ‘vaccines’ contain mRNA nanoparticle technologies that host electronic fields with the cationic ‘lipids’ on their websites.

Without these lipid nanoparticles (cationic nanoparticle technology) there could be no Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine.” – PFIZER

  1. The patents for the COVID-19 mRNA lipid nanoparticles found on Moderna’s website state that the ‘vaccines’ contain fully-programmable, self-assembling, nanoparticles comprised of RNA and graphene oxide based molecules such as hydrogel.

  1. La Quinta Columna and other scientists from around the world have confirmed that self-assembling nanotechnology and graphene oxide are in the COVID-19 injections.

So why do most experts still NOT believe that graphene oxide is in Pfizer’s mRNA injections?

I’ve been told it’s because there is no concrete evidence from Pfizer proving graphene oxide is in the shots. Well, there is now.

In my recent interview with Stew Peters, I review the confidential Pfizer research and development trade secret document for the invention of Pfizer’s mRNA spike proteins.

The Kingston Report. TRUTH WINS.



ER: Peter Halligan also picks up on this paywall-protected article — Karen Kingston is reporting that Pfizer admits its shots are formulated with graphene oxide


Pfizer Trade Secret: COVID-19 mRNA Injections are Formulated with Graphene Oxide

Pfizer knew that no one would agree to being injected with electronic nanotechnology devices, so they lied to us. Pfizer’s document states that their COVID-19 mRNA ‘vaccines’ contain graphene oxide.

To say that I was shocked to find this CONFIDENTIAL lab document was released from Pfizer’s Groton Connecticut Discovery Sciences Research and Development lab is the understatement of my 25 year+ career.

I’ve been told experts won’t believe there is nanotechnology or graphene oxide in the mRNA injections because there is no concrete evidence from Pfizer proving graphene oxide is in the shots. Well, now there is.

This internal document is evidence that Pfizer’s mRNA ‘vaccines’ are programmable electronic nanotech devices that are made with graphene oxide.

Graphene oxide is in the COVID-19 mRNA Injections.

I had several hit pieces written about me when I first made this claim during an interview with Stew Peters in July of 2021;

“I’m as confident that there is graphene oxide in these shots as I am in gravity.” – Karen Kingston, Stew Peters Interview, July 28, 2021

Pfizer’s confidential document from their clinical research lab is my vindication against REUTERS and Verifact for accusing me and my research of lacking credibility.

Pfizer Lab Document Discloses Graphene Oxide as COVID-19 mRNA “Vaccine” Ingredient



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