Things Are Not Always As They Appear To Be!

Wolf in sheeps clothing

In a scathing article exposing the dark underbelly of the GMO labeling issue, prominent investigative journalist Jon Rappoport talks about how certain trade associations are not what they seem, and in fact are doing the opposite of their stated purpose, that being to protect the natural products market from regulations and legislation that restricts consumer access to safe, healthy natural supplements.

“There is an organization called the Natural Products Association. It’s the largest trade and lobbying group in North America for natural nutritional-supplement companies. You’d think,” says Rappoport, “this group would be squarely in the camp of the anti-GMO movement, if the word “natural” means anything at all.” ( Through his research, Rappoport has uncovered the threads of how this trade association has been overtaken by people whose loyalties rest squarely on the side of those it is attempting to fight.

This article outlines my own concerns that Canadians may face the same sort of underhanded deception with certain organizations purporting to represent the interest of the Canadian populace.  Such organizations have access to all the right information, which clearly indicates that only an outright ban on genetically-modified organisms, and the deadly toxic chemicals (Glyphosate, 2,4,D, etc.) required to produce them, will safeguard the world’s truly natural food supply via genetic drift and the cumulative effects of the poisons in GMO-containing foodstuffs.

In addition, we have watched as thousands of perfectly safe, reliable natural health products have been labeled as “drugs”, due to the definition by Health Canada that anything that is curative is automatically a drug, and therefore subject to regulations. Such ridiculousness has resulted in bans and warnings against ordinary products such as oregano oil and even Hydrogen Peroxide! 

What are Canadian trade associations doing to stop this regulatory hell?  Nothing but “help” supplement companies to adjust their products to comply with the regulations, instead of fighting the regulations that should not be in place at all.  This is why the Canadian Natural Products Alliance ( was formed; to bring real representation to the industry, as opposed to shills of corporate vested interest whose mandate it is to force our health care access into a cookie-cutter model of treatment based solely on pharmaceutical products.  CNPA is a real grassroots organization open to all: the manufacturers who produce these fine supplements; the practitioners of natural medicine who prescribe and promote them; and the consumers who rely upon them for their health and well-being.

Anyone who is interested in fighting the real enemies of natural health products and natural health care is eligible to join, and find welcome in a burgeoning army of people standing up for true health freedom!


Dee Nicolson

Independent Journalist.


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