This 4th Of July: Requiem For Freedoms Long Gone?

This 4th Of July: Requiem For Freedoms Long Gone?

Post by Tyler Durden | Written by Brig Gen (ret) Blaine Holt

Marinate those ribs, ice the beer, and get the fireworks ready so we can revel in the red, white, and blue. Let’s raise our collective glasses today to the bold few who spoke on our behalf more than 200 years ago.

Thomas Jefferson’s inspired words live on: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Can you imagine how electric the atmosphere must have been on that steamy summer day when the Founders, having agreed to the brave separation from the British Crown on July 4, 1776 – committed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to each other as 51 of the 56 signers executed the Declaration of Independence.

The American Constitution is the longest standing governing document in the history of the world. We owe the Founders not just gratitude, but a civic commitment backed by our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to protect and preserve liberty.

Free people in hot pursuit of their happiness are quite an excitable and often unruly lot.

Established old money elites and entrenched academics have long denigrated the power and influence that came from innovation and hard work.

From Woodrow Wilson to Henry Kissinger to the Davos elites, the usurpation of liberty through the attacks on individual freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights are being fired upon citizens at a rapid pace.

The nefarious plot to slowly eat away at liberty has been working for more than 70 years.

Global elitist, Henry Kissinger had the playbook when he said; “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

Since Wilson’s day the elites have worked overtime imagining ways to bridle, We the People. Rather than the ho-hum predictable “good ‘ole boys (and girls) clubs,” or access to capital and opportunity based on your last name, they have leveraged eager and willing accomplices in government bureaucracy to establish what we all know as “the system.”

Professional politicians beholden to big money rarely fear the people or the ballot box.

Voila! – Your 40-year, double-digit term senators and representatives are born.

Payback to the donor class comes in the form of legislation which enriches their bank accounts, subjugating us.

The government boasts how wonderful it will be for us all when we give up our cars and need for oil. Washington’s political class are beyond overjoyed that diesel averaging $6.00 a gallon, while the middle class drowns in $5.00 per gallon.

Fearing the ballot box? Is it rigged?

The Patriot Act, property tax, property rights, censorship, warrantless surveillance, vaccine mandates, money printing, congressional insider trading, et al, etc. and ad nauseum.

The list of liberty-crushing attacks on we the people is infinite.

Remember when our pugilist spirit fought back?

Give me liberty or give me death meant something the first 200 years of our nation.

Perhaps the biggest, most unwieldy monopoly of all is our federal leviathan, I mean government. The Washington cabal works to achieve personal agendas at the expense of the “formerly” free, and you-had-better be brave!

Don’t take my word for it, call your congressman’s office — today, as in right now.

Ask the young staffer answering the phone about where their Congressman falls on monopolies, downsizing the government, and spending less of your tax money on stupid things like gambling pigeons, Russian zombie cats, or the NSA’s unused parking garage.

Yep, all true. Don’t take my word for it, check it out here.

As difficult as this it may seem to break free of the party shackles, we need to summon our inner Houdini just the same.

If we could hear ghosts, our Founders, all the heroic veterans who died for this nation would be screaming for us to wake up.

If the heroes who came before us will not motivate you, then think of our children and grandchildren. America’s posterity deserves to live free in a land of opportunity where anyone regardless of their circumstance can rise and fulfill their dreams.

The alternative is shrivel into a cowardly heap, because we were told by the media, pundits, politicos, and B-class Hollywood starlets that this pursuit of happiness stuff will create a lot of carbon.

It’s so weird that those in the “club” don’t seem to prefer impossible meat and bicycles.

Perhaps that’s unfair; it’s possible that you can find both in their Gulfstream jets, but the windows are tinted.

Mobilize. Organize. Vote.

Independence Day?

Are we celebrating Independence Day? Or, are we celebrating that once, we were independent?

Let’s not lament that once we were free. Let’s celebrate that we will be again.


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