Tim Kaine, Gardasil Pusher, Wannabe VP, Corrupt To The Core!

VP Select Tim Kaine - Big Pharma Puppet

Birds of a Feather … Well, you know the rest!

By: TLB Staff

For those not aware Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine was one of the earliest state governors to attempt mandating Gardasil for school children back in 2007. To put it another way this man is bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. Merck has long been known to recruit doctors to promote Gardasil, on average they make $4,500 for a lecture and politicians such as Tim Kaine are bought off by pharma lobbyist and former colleagues. According to Dr. Abby Lippman the push from pharma has moms believing they are bad parents if they don’t ensure their vulnerable children get this vaccine, the question is why … and the answer is profit! The fact that this man helped push one of the most dangerous vaccines in existence sickens us. Sadly, there is so much more going on.

UNITED STATES - NOVEMBER 18: Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., talks with reporters outside of the senate luncheons in the Capitol, November 18, 2014. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)
Tim Kaine, D-Va. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

It is a matter of public record that in 2006 Teva Pharmaceuticals gifted Kaine $12,000 to cover his expenses at the Democratic Governors Association meeting. This makes Kaine look like nothing more than a puppet who will eagerly do the bidding of his masters. Proving this point is Kaine’s actual disclosure of several of his barely legal (influence buying) bribes because, it is not seriously frowned upon in his home state of Virginia. CBS News reported an $18,000 Caribbean vacation from James Murray, Jr a Virginia-based tech investor, in 2007 received $5,500 in clothing from Stuart Siegel of S&K Menswear, and of course his gifts from the pharmaceutical industry.

Kaine wants to be the next vice president of the United States but should we the people support this considering he is in cahoots with people who have no morals and want to inject their poisonous vaccines in every young girl, and now our young boys as well. This is a man we should run from not embrace. Running the full gambit from being a pharma puppet to his support of a disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, it is clear the man is a soulless drone of an elitist caste, and wont bring anything good to the future of America.

So why did we write an article flagging Gardasil and Kline’s attempt to mandate it as Governor Perry did in Texas (and then reversed his decision under intense public pressure)? Why do we push back so hard against Gardasil or any HPV vaccine and the shills who promote, or attempt to mandate them. Why do we desperately beat the drum of panic when a governor gives schools or clinics the right to administer this vaccination to your children (as young as 12 years old) without your knowledge or consent as Jerry Brown did in California? Why do we even call these individuals shills in the first place? Here is a short video for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the HPV vaccine issue. It is quite good at bringing you to a basic knowledge level, and once there hopefully your curiosity will drive you to more in-depth research … especially if you have a young daughter or son who may soon be put into a situation of having to receive this vaccination …

Most people forget that back in 1993 Hillary Clinton at a health care conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania delivered a speech claiming drug manufacturers were profiteering at the expense of America’s children. While we agree with this, it is for totally different reasons than any motivations she could possibly have. It is almost comical (in a very tragic way) how people with low or no moral values can twist the truth and use it to further an agenda, while she and her new running mate have no problems taking gobs of cash for the very entities they pretend to push back against.

Take for instance Hillary Clinton’s speeches to push a bill through Congress that gave Health and Human Services (HHS) the power to bypass the established distribution system by buying up stocks of vaccines at cut-rate prices and storing them in a central warehouse. Think about this for a second, they are stock piling these vaccines and will eventually need to get rid of them as they expire. With all you are aware of as to the character of our present governance, and the massive influence exercised by Big Pharma over it, do you think it beneath them to perpetrate false flag outbreaks every few years to accomplish just this end?

Do you want a peak into just how deeply our presidential wannabe is involved with Big Pharma …

Finally we are still wondering how Kaine ever became Hillary’s choice for her vice president given that the Clinton’s raised a lot of  money to support Kaine’s Virginia Gubernatorial race, and then Kaine rather than endorsing Clinton for president, endorsed Obama. This must have been infuriating for Hillary to say the least. Kaine then became the DNC chair, and gutted the democrats making it so there was always the 50/50 split, and there would always have to be a compromise on bills having to do with Big Pharma, Oil & Gas, Wall street, banking, etc. It makes no sense at all that Hillary would pick Kaine given their history … unless a secret deal was struck to keep her from being indicted if she put Kaine on the ticket. This essentially gives Obama his 3rd term.

Yes it would seem a back room deal of some kind was necessitated that pushed these two together (massively influenced by corporate pressure), or did these two ghoulish creatures bond over the idea of the mass crippling our children? All we know is, the more we learn, the more these two in tandem ‘scare the hell out of us’.

We are not sure what else can be said other than – Stand up and make your voice heard or “God help us all!”


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