Time for the BAR to shape up or stand down!



By AL Whitney


“Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information and religions destroy spirituality” is a quotation that has been credited to medical hypnosis expert Michael Ellner.

  • Doctors are falsely taught that vaccines are good
  • Dentists are falsely taught that fluoride is beneficial
  • Professors are falsely taught that oil comes from dead dinosaurs
  • Lawyers are falsely taught that we have a legitimate government and legal system

Just because someone went to law school and holds a BAR card, does not mean they are experts in the law. Did you know there is a difference between what is “legal” and what is “lawful”? In fact, having a BAR card generally means its holder has been trained in the implementation of a deceptive and corrupt system. Here is what former World Bank attorney Karen Hudes said about the BAR: (2 min.)

Recently a BAR attorney was a guest on an internet radio show, whereas he voiced his misleading opinion regarding the STATE OF CALIFORNIA’s new public health law SB 277, banning all exemptions for day care and school vaccination requirements but medical ones.  Those who heard him and follow his recommendations will unnecessarily be inflicting vaccinations on thousands (if not more) of innocent children. While there will likely be other BAR “Esquires” who agree with his opinion, his misleading statements MUST be challenged/corrected.

The BAR attorney explained that state statutes consist of terms that are legal in nature (not what most of us would understand) and terms that are commonly recognized in our dictionaries. On this point he was absolutely correct, which is why all of my consultants own legal dictionaries and know where to locate the most commonly used definitions in each state’s statutory codes.

Here is an audio clip from his interview: Audio Player

He discussed what he thought was meant by the term “governing authority”, but passed over the most important term in the first sentence of the SB 277, which is “person as a pupil”. The BAR attorney falsely left the impression that this term meant the sons and daughters of California mothers and fathers.

While I am not going to presume to know why he committed this oversight, it is critically important that the record is set straight.

According to official statutory code in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, here are the definitions of a “person”


12.5.  The Legislature hereby declares its intent that the terms “man” or “men” where appropriate shall be deemed “person” or “persons” and any references to the terms “man” or “men” in sections of this code be changed to “person” or “persons” when such code sections are being amended for any purpose. This act is declaratory and not amendatory of existing law.

17.  “Person” includes any person, firm, association, organization, partnership, limited liability company, business trust, corporation, or company.

Rules for non-living legal constructs (fictions) cannot be applied to living humans . . . unless we are fooled into consenting. One of my law consultants refers to this practice as a crime against humanity known as “personage”, which is committed every day by BAR attorneys.

Common sense tells us the rules established for businesses and corporations cannot be applied to the care of our living progeny (sons and daughters).

This statute – like all other statutes – are written for corporations (including government corporations) and how they are to engage in commerce. They only apply to us if we agree to contract with them and consent to their terms. If we don’t figure this out, their rules, regulations and statutes are only going to get tighter around our necks. Trying to force unwarranted dangerous pharmaceutical products into our sons and daughters could be followed by much worse.

Here is an idea for the educated parents in California who are aware of the dangers of vaccines and seek to protect their sons and daughters. Be advised, BAR attorneys will oppose this strategy as it will expose their crime of “personage” and could cost them their BAR cards. This crime has gone on long enough. It is time we put an end to it.

Sample letter:

Superintendent Barney Bloohoo
Bellington School District
35 Valley View Drive
Bellington, California (no zip)

Dear Mr. Bloohoo:

The vaccination requirements the STATE OF CALIFORNIA has adopted for schools do not apply to my progeny (property) Jimmy Doe. Per CALIFORNIA’s statutory law SB 277, they only apply to “persons as pupils”.

According to the STATE OF CALIFORNIA’s statutory definitions:
17.   “Person” includes any person, firm, association, organization, partnership, limited liability company, business trust, corporation, or company.

As Jimmy is a flesh and blood human boy, he does not fit this description. Requirements for “firms, associations, organizations, partnerships, limited liability companies, business trusts, corporations, or companies” (none are living beings – all are merely artificial legal constructs) cannot be imposed on small flesh and blood boys such as Jimmy.

Please place this lawful notice of exclusion [not exemption] in Jimmy’s records.

Should you mistakenly elect to prohibit Jimmy from attending your school (costing you approximately $10,000 per year), please provide me with a signed letter stating your decision so I won’t be falsely charged with failing to comply with the STATE OF CALIFORNIA’s compulsory school statutes.

This letter can be used to prevent any unlawful punitive actions against you.


Sally Doe, mother of Jimmy Doe
125 Canon Road
Sunset, California (no zip)

If I were to send this letter, I’d make two originals (one for me), have my signature notarized and send it certified registered mail with a return receipt.


Hear radio show on this topic of Aug 1, 2015

Who Owns our Children

LAWFULLY YOURS – The People’s Empowerment Guide to our Corporate-commercial Legal System

NOTE: Here is my history/experience regarding our legal system:

Over my lifetime I’ve had encounters with dozens of lawyers. Some were good friends, some I hired professionally, and others I worked closely with on advocacy efforts. While nearly all of my professional engagements with attorneys were disappointing to say the least, I paid close attention and learned a lot along the way. In 2009 when I discovered the corporate (UCC) nature of our government and legal system, the picture became much clearer. From that point forward I have been doing extensive research, gotten info from Judges & attorneys, and have been working with other enlightened men and women. Together we have come up with strategies for describing and dealing with our corporate-commercial legal system, which is built on the law of contracts also known as the Uniform Commercial Code. Bottom line . . . the UNITED STATES is not a sovereign government, it is a huge corporation doing business and making money for its owners. Until we recognize this FACT and respond accordingly, we will continue to be victimized by this very dangerous commercial enterprise.

By AL Whitney © copyround 2015
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  1. Good start – but article does not go deep enough or expose the nature of the BAR as the absolute enemy within this nation! The BAR is the enemy within the Republic. It was that which foisted foreign rules and codes from the DISTRICT of Columbia on the people of the 50 Free and Independent states and over-throwing the common law! The BAR is a FRANCHISE of the CROWN Corp of London and ran from the Middles Inns of Court in London! It’s role is to attorn the rights and property of Americans back to the State and itself (attorn – to turn away from another)! aka Profiteering and treason! Think of the BAR as on land pirates operating with a letter of Marque and Reprisal to operate on Enemys of the State (all Americans since March 9th 1933). It is a self elected monopoly that was never sanctioned under the Organic Constitutions or by any vote of the people! In most cases it is my understanding that their organizations Franchise has expired in each Federal Overlay STATE (not physical states but Buck act STATES)! Its better described as a criminal cartel practicing as a closed union shop that has monopolized the law in our courts and what people assume to be a public office of this nation! The truth is – that the BAR agents have arranged for all organic public offices in this nation to be privatized! IE – their are no LAWFUL public offices in local, state or national Government! Everything has been privatized for benefit of those that work to overthrow this nation in to a One World Order! This is the mission of the BAR! The following exposes this plot of the BAR in 1950! https://www.scribd.com/doc/141905213/81st-Congress-REPORT-ON-NATIONAL-LAWYERS-GUILD-THE-BULWARK-OF-THE-COMMUNIST-PARTY-NWO Further – all BAR agents are operating in violation of the standing 13th Amendment to the Organic Constitution that banned anyone in a public office with an affiliation to any foreign power! http://www.barefootsworld.net/real13th.html http://www.kairosiea.org/the-original-still-standing–13t-amendment.html

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