TLB Announces the Launch of Our “Europe Reloaded” Website

Preface by: Roger Landry, Founder of The Liberty Beacon Project

Roger red 1Today with all our modern technology, medical advancements and enlightened souls, we live in a world marred by violence, greed, poverty, and sickness on scales of biblical proportions. TLB recently posted an article stating that only ten out of all the countries on this ever shrinking planet are not in some way involved in a war of some sort (foreign or domestic). We have published many articles showing the rapid deterioration of global health on a scale that most scientists consider out of control. Princeton published a study in 2014 clearly stating that America is no longer governed in a democratic process but is instead ruled by an Oligarchy, and the same can be said for a vast majority of countries on this planet, with a special focus on the European Union. And there are more people, in more countries going hungry, or are displaced from healthy environments, than at any point in modern history. Our technology, medical science and global cooperation are failing on a global scale … and more so every day we are finding out this is NOT a natural evolution, but indeed a choreographed scenario.

So The Liberty Beacon Project being a truly global project, has stepped up along with so many other mindful alternative media sources, to peek in on the wizard behind the curtain and make the truth available to you. What are the two most significant flash points for the creation or exacerbation of a vast majority of what I have stated above … The United States of America and The European Union! This network already has vast resources investigating and reporting on the former, and now we feel the absolute necessity to focus on the latter.

With all the political unrest and warmongering going on in Europe and surrounding territories today via corrupt governance, massive migration and faltering economies, Europe is the flash point for future social, political and military disasters the like of which we have not witnessed since World War Two. Without an informed and properly educated populace … disaster is imminent. We are stepping up to offer the counterpart for our flagship website The Liberty Beacon (focused mainly but not solely on the USA) to Europe in hopes of accomplishing this desperately needed education and truth. Please support this project in any fashion you wish because together the voice of the people constitute the most potentially powerful force on this planet!

I would now like to introduce the Director of the Europe Reloaded project, Pam Barker. Pam is a certified school and university teacher, originally from the UK and now living in France just outside Paris. Pam’s high level of education and outstanding grasp of the trials and tribulations of Europe and the European Union make her eminently qualified to direct this project for TLB. We are both honored and appreciative for her involvement. Please continue reading as she describes the mission, intent and goals of Europe Reloaded.

The vital need for websites such as Europe Reloaded by Project Director: Pam Barker

Pam BarkerA major question to be answered is why is the European Union in such a state of disarray, possibly leading to war, economic collapse and the splintering of Europe itself? But most important is the question, why are so many oblivious to this reality on any but the shallowest of levels?

The general answer is that we know the MSM have long become propaganda tools for our governments, intelligence services and think-tanks. Dr. Udo Ulfkotte’s admission of having been recruited by the CIA and having his editorial agenda at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung set by them has been a matter of public record since 2014.

If the MSM reports on a story relatively truthfully, then we’re only probably getting 10-20% of the full picture with much of the larger context missing. Such is the case with the Brexit reporting where readers are given a plethora of small points, problems and questions rendering them unable to see the bigger picture. Fear-mongering is always used to steer the reader into the ‘right’ path.

Then there are those stories we’re not supposed to know about, such as Fukushima, the collapse of our economies and the petrodollar, flight MH370 that just mysteriously disappeared despite having satellites combing the globe, global Geo-engineering practices, and so on.

Then there are the outright lies and distortion, which usually use Russia as the convenient scapegoat – for its alleged aggression in Syria and ‘sole’ responsibility for the European migrant crisis, for its doping scandals, for the downing of MH17 within 24 hours of it happening on the basis of almost no evidence, for its aggression in Ukraine while the US orchestrated no less than a coup, &etc.

At Europe Reloaded, we’re working firmly against these MSM biases.

Europe Reloaded also contributes value by maintaining a bridging presence between trends in Europe, as well as around the world, and those in North America.

Coming out of North America are frankly some of the best analysts and news sources around, who keep our critical focus firmly on the globalist, Washington-driven agenda. I’m of course thinking of commentators such as Paul Craig Roberts, contributors to Dr. Michel Chossudkovsky’s website Global Research, and writers such as constitutional lawyer John Whitehead, Patrick Wood, and Michael Perkins among others. And that is where I believe our value lies – in using these perspectives, which place individual liberty and the rule of law at the forefront of our criticism.

The issues Europe Reloaded will give especial attention to are :

EU as the quintessential ‘big state’ destroying national sovereignties

US foreign policy and NATO as they relate to Europe

Free Trade agreements that seek to erode sovereignty

Democratic freedoms and free cultural, ideological expression of citizens

The surveillance state and militarized police force

Globalists – their institutions and agendas, such as Soros and Gates, the IMF, the World Bank, the Trilaterial Commission and the Bilderberg group, etc.

The traditional left vs. right political divide as a piece of theater designed to distract and weaken citizen autonomy

The agenda of Europe Reloaded can best be expressed as promoting a belief in the liberty and autonomy of each and every citizen, whose interests should be served by government and not the other way around.

Above all, we aim to give readers information enabling them to make genuinely informed choices, and not be hoodwinked by the specious ways of thinking that our governments, corporations and MSM daily foist on us.

TLB strongly encourages you to make Europe Reloaded a daily stop off for your continued self education and awareness.

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