TLB discusses The GMO DARK ACT, House Bill HR 4432 with Zen Honeycutt, Founder of Moms Across America

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TLB: When over 90% of the American population polled consistently state the desire to have the GMO content of the food we eat labeled, and a representative government not only ignores us, but attempts to pass laws taking this choice out of our realm via legal tyranny, one must conclude said government no longer serves We The People, but instead serves their true masters, the corporate entities that own them!

These political criminals not only wish to rob you of your voice and vote … this bill will also make it legal to label GMO foods as … NATURAL … REALLY !!! … ???

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The Liberty Beacon Special: TLB discusses “Deny Americans the Right-to-Know Act (DARK Act)”, House Bill HR 4332 with Zen Honeycutt, Founder of MOMS ACROSS AMERICA

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ZenBy: Zen Honeycutt, Founder of Moms Across America

To the readers of the Liberty Beacon Project

Our children, our citizens, our soil, water air and wildlife are being poisoned.

The DARK ACT, House Bill HR 4432 wants to hide, not only the GMOs and pesticides in our food, they want to protect the profits of the entire chemical farming system.

After World War II, the chemical companies needed a new market for the chemicals, so they declared war on bugs and insects. They created a market for chemical farming. Most of America does not understand that genetically modified organisms or GMOs were invented simply to be able to resist toxic chemicals and allow chemical companies to sell more chemicals. If they can spray our food crops with a weed killer and kill every weed in the field while our food continues to grow, they have effectively eliminated the need to pay farm workers a wage while increasing the demand for their toxic chemicals.

Most of our farmers are now enslaved to a chemical farming system which is destroying the soil, polluting our planet, contaminating our children and very likely slowly killing millions of American people.

Our farmers are dying too, male farmers are 4 x more likely to commit suicide to their male counterparts in other careers, and researchers indicate that depression from exposure to pesticides is connected. Glyphosate (in Roundup, the most widely used herbicide in the world) is an antibiotic which destroys gut bacteria. The gut bacteria is the only place in the body that makes Tryptophan, Seratonin and Melatonin. Without these hormones the body cannot balance and prevent depression, bi polar or acts of violence. Glyhosate has been found in urine, tap water, air, rain and breast milk.

The majority of our farmers trusted the chemical companies and no longer trust their own ingenuity to farm as has been done for thousands of years, without toxic chemicals. The result is that they are growing million of acres of GMO food crops: soy, corn, sugar beets, cotton seed, canola, Hawaiian papaya and some squash, which are in 85% of our processed food and there has been an increased use of pesticides/herbicides of up to 26% per year.

These foreign proteins and the related toxic chemicals have been connected to allergies, auto immune issues, asthma, autism, Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Parkinson’s, diabetes, obesity and many more skyrocketing illnesses in America. The chemical companies deny the connection to health problems of course, because they profit from the system. Many of them, Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Syngenta, all make the chemicals they put on the food crops and the drugs, like GMO insulin, allergy, digestive, and depression medication, that make us “better” when we get sick. It is a perfect profit circle for them. So they don’t want you to know that there are GMOs in the food. Because then you might wonder what they are and how they are made. Then you might not buy their GMO food products. This would mean a loss of demand and profits for their GMO seeds and the chemicals needed to grow them.

The profit increase of about 6 major chemical companies is coming at the cost of the health of billions of people. We have faith in our farmers that they CAN farm without toxic chemicals, but we need every citizen support the shift away from chemical farming and take action.

Savvy informed Americans say “We’re NOT Buying it!!” and work to Label GMOs, eradicate GMOs and chemical farming from our food industry. Protect state rights and join us at the DC Rally Dec 10 in Washington DC . Do not allow the federal bill HR 4332 to eliminate the current GMO labeling laws passed and future laws from being passed to label GMO food.

Do whatever it takes to be there. OCA is paying for free buses. Click here to get on the bus!

stop attack on states rights

OCA: Rally for States’ Rights to Label GMOs!

The battle for the right to know if your food contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs) could come to a screeching halt with the signing of one bill in Congress.

TLB recommends you visit Zen at her great website Moms Across America

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